Yazoo Milkshake

Yazoo Milkshake

Yazoo milkshake is delicious and yummy. vanilla now as you could say I’ve tried this twice before but never at it much because I’m used to the Madonna and chocolate ones and which a lot of the most my especially the Chocolates always been top favorite.

And also lotted of ones that’s been out there they’re not even strobing camera on how you sort the choc eyes know the truth but yeah today I’m gonna be doing this one another one.

Yazoo Milkshake

Yeah did you see the cool of it looks a bit like what we’d say yeah looks similar to a the banana one if you look in the bowl but Bernard a few more yellow got a week on it I’ve got a basically a voice.

Yazoo Milkshake

I think yeah if you want to go on their own sort of self-service before I think on the other guys ooh yeah you go on Facebook on Yasu I think Instagram thanks for what I should not the Armand if I spoke in Twitter Noah as well starting to check me as well but if you want to know about the product of yah so you just go on Facebook because they would twist it needs to be okay you want someone like me now shake.

It first or shaggy would add the yazoo milkshake you just in case it might be not go in the bottle here we go now this Yahoo there oh yeah by my for drink it call away AJ’s watching his blow like blowing it or not yeah.

I suppose you can either white quickly here what’s needed and blues we found a color but I like this hit my favorite drink yeah alright blows with my favorite color ever since so wasn’t born oxidize don’t have any I will then be birth d5 toes yeah got ya got me 35 birth he forgot me 36 month on this year on September the 2nd yeah.

Yazoo Milkshake

I was locked on where I wear blue clothes and I mean if he look Randy room well we all gonna set me off month least me like bedroom it’s in the old room I still use it Casey to do some remember to shave shave in the air this blue blue darker blow before body ready painted it could be years back blue blue bed yeah blue net around no reason to do a milk.

So if you’re not doing a whole bedroom with you are we know probably does some darlin I don’t know maybe cool ever thought we Lord mean any gain you feasting most to be videos. before we sit around yeah and the old days me mom’s age by the way yeah place to sleep in this room had a lot of memories in this bedroom.

If you don’t make now if you know yeah but some good memories are playing the video games and yeah yeah I’ll speak about yes actually that one the Valentine’s Day.

I support that’s right I slot its milk chai alright this 1000 Sally six our tent because I don’t know what better much as it usually do but I don’t mind it .because I like or basically turned up in an urban area there’s some Vanilla’s I like and some I don’t but I like better ice –cream wars without the cheap vanilla ice cream but yeah I’ll give up a breeze I don’t more drink Navy noon so y’all give us six heads head nice and sweet though for the way is not sweet enough a milk job no clues yet watch that wraps it was to die


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