vanilla icecream
vanilla icecream

Vanilla Ice Cream


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hello I’m at home and it’s really sunny outside and I think the sunny weather is going to hold this time which means one thing but it’s time to eat ice cream and why wait for the ice cream van when you can make your own so this week’s video.

I’m going to show you how I make simple vanilla ice cream in order to make rich vanilla ice cream you need firstly to make rich vanilla custard and to do that you need to start with some sugar and some egg yolks in this bowl.

I have 150 grams of caster sugar and to that I’m going to add egg yolks from for large free-range eggs and then I’m going to whisk them together until they’ve gone really nice and pale and a little bit floppy all right that’s lovely and pale now.

So I can put that to one side and now it’s time to get the cream and the milk together so into a saucepan you need to put 570 grams or milliliters of whole milk and 270 grams of double cream right vanilla ice cream isn’t vanilla ice cream without vanilla the magic ingredients.


So I am going to use this a vanilla pod a magical vanilla pod if you don’t have one of these you can use vanilla extract you just need to add it in at the end of cooking but I’m going to use one of these.

Because it’s so much better and I just need to split this open and scrape the seeds out with a knife so once all your seeds are in there you can also bug in the pods that’s going to make it even more vanilla oh and the last ingredient is a good pinch of salt and now it’s time to heat it up on a medium to low heat until it almost comes to the boil.

So every now and then give this a stir because you don’t want to catch on the bottom it should take a few minutes but you don’t want to overdo this now what you’re looking for is for this mixture to start bubbling you don’t want it to be a rolling boil.


Because that will scald the milk but just little bubbles beginning to appear and then it’s time right that almost came to the boil.

So now I need to add this cream mixture to my egg yolk and sugar mixture but in order to stop my egg yolks from scrambling and there’s piping hot liquid.

I’m going to do that one more time so that I bring both liquids to a similar temperature so now this is ready to go back in the pan I’m going to stir this continually over a low heat for about five minutes and it will start to thicken up a little bit and once it’s coating the back of a spoon it’s ready alright my custards been on the heat for about four or five minutes.

Now and I’ve been stirring it continuously and it’s gone really nice and thick it’s got about the consistency of double cream though now I’m just going to sieve it into a container and cool it down great my vanilla custard is ready but it’s piping hot so not much good for anything at the moment.


So I’m going to leave it to cool down to room temperature for about half an hour and then I’m going to put it in the fridge to chill overnight this is going to help all the flavors mingle together and also it’s going to mean that churning is a lot easier from cold liquid and by the magic of YouTube.

Here’s am I made yesterday and now it’s time to churn now there’s a lot of ice cream machines on the market and you might have one that you freeze first and then take out and whizz up the best thing to do is to check your manufacturer’s instructions for the best way to use your own machine.

If you don’t have a machine don’t panic there is something you can do you’d put your custard straight into the freezer after its chilled overnight and then freeze it for about three or four hours taking out every half an hour and giving it a good whisk to break up the ice crystals but I’m really lucky.

Because I have this fancy-pants machine which freezes it and churns at the same time meaning I don’t have to do any but I’m going to put my custard straight into the bucket and once all your custards in you just need to put it in your machine and I’m going to set mine for about 45 minutes and let it do its thing and it’s ready let’s have a look it’s gone really thick and really smooth and it looks delicious so if you can’t wait you can eat this now but I’m going to put all of it into a topper wet and whack it in the freezer mmm that is delicious.


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