vanilla cake

Vanilla Cake:

I’m going to make my favorite vanilla cake recipe here for you step by step so many of you asked me about it it is on my blog at how to cake. it calm but I’m gonna do it here alive well not quite live but in person well not quite in person but in a video for you that you can watch as many times as you want if you want the full breakdown of ingredients tools and step by step instructions on how to make this vanilla cake.

Just head to my blog at how to cake it calm or click the link in the description below let’s get started making a vanilla to make whipped cream I’m gonna give you a few important tips first of all baking is a science.


  • 3 and 2/4 cups cake flour
  • 2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/5 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3 cups (450g) granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cups (350g) unsalted butter
  • 2 Tablespoon  vanilla extract 
  • 1/2 cups (360ml) buttermilk

Vanilla Buttercream

  • 1/4 cup (85ml) whole milk or heavy cream
  • 1/2 cups (350g) unsalted butter
  • 7 cups (750g) confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/9 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoons  vanilla extract

So always remember to measure your ingredients that’s tip number one my second tip is to make sure that your butter eggs and milk are at room temperature before you start making your cake better if you’re curious as to why check out my blog on how to kick it calm where I go through all my tips and tricks and any insider information that you need in the cake. community let’s get started the first thing you’ll need to do is take the bowl of your electric mixer.

vanilla cake
vanilla cake

And add your butter sugar and vanilla interval now you need to fit your bowl with a paddle attachment a lot of you asked me if you can use a hand mixer if you are using a hand mixer my tip to you would be to make a lesser portion of this batter as you really want to take you time and move your hand mixer around your bowl and get all those ingredients blended together nicely especially your butter and sugar get your bowl and your paddle attachment set up on your mixer and have it ready to go.

I’m gonna get my other ingredients ready starting with my eggs they look eggcellent in this bowl I’ve pre-shift admire our and now i’m going to add my baking powder and my salt and i like to just use a whisk to get it well blended throughout the flour now we’re going to set our mixer on medium-high speed to beat the butter and sugar and vanilla all together until light and fluffy.

This takes about five to eight minutes to use a rubber spatula and scrape it all down and off the sides of your bowls, it’s time to add our eggs add your eggs at the lowest speed. which is stir and I like to add two eggs at a time and then halfway through stop scrape down my bowl again? I just want to mix your eggs until they’re incorporated you never want to overeat the eggs into the batter now we’re going to add the rest of our eggs.two at a

vanilla cake
vanilla cake

Time once again our eggs are nicely incorporated I’m going to scrape down the bowl once again now it’s time to alternate my dry ingredients with my wet ingredient which in this case is whole fat milk I always begin and end with dry and I add my dry ingredients in four parts and my wet in three the reason you start with dry is that if I were to add this milk to this sort of fat-based mixture it would just slosh around it’s kind of like trying to add oil to water.

I’m going to start by turning my mixer on to stir mode adding my first portion of flour let it absorb a bit into the batter and then add my first portion of milk now I’m going to add my second portion of flour. and my second portion of milk remembers to let each ingredient absorb for about twenty seconds into the batter or until it’s not fully visible on top now I’m going to add my third portion of flour and my final portion of milk and finally my last portion of flour my batter is looking great.

I’m going to use my rubber spatula one more time to scrape down the paddle and the sides of the bowl once you’ve scraped down your bowl and paddle completely turn your mixer back on to medium speed and beat your batter for 30 seconds to get it all nice and together Oh guys you have got to smell this I should bottle this as a scent tell me you wouldn’t buy a hat I can’t get perfume.

vanilla cake

I always like to bake in professional baking pans I never use non-stick pans I really think that’s a false promise so what I do is line these with parchment paper if you want to bake pans like this you can shop for them below there’s a link in the description this is how I line a pan I take the pen I lay it on some parchment paper.

And then I use a pretty pencil to trace around the pan I fold my parchment paper right at the end of that circle and then I cut off the piece that I’m going to cut with a knife and you can see or can you see the circle drawn in my parchment guys this is how how’d it get you start this is our curtain welcome back it’s Tuesday I’ll you don’t like my ideas my producers.

Laughing fine I like to just fold the circle onto itself in half just cut all along the half circle you can see the pencil line right through the parchment and there you have it and now and then you have this gorgeous when’s lunch I also don’t grease the inside of my pans because I let my vanilla cake.

vanilla cake
vanilla cake

Cool completely in their pen and as you’ll see later it really just isn’t necessary so I don’t grease my pan okay ready once again I have made a 6-pound portion of my vanilla cake.

Batter which I’m going to divide between two 9-inch pans I just press down with my friend rubber spatula and make sure it’s sort of evenly distributed in each pen and don’t leave any on the rubber spatula I like him but he can’t have my gig better I saw that Jocelyn another handy trick is to take a knife and run it through your batter.

I just do like a grid and then bang your pans onto your table and this is to remove air the air will rise up it will also do that in the oven but give it a head start there you go time to make these gorgeous vanilla cakes at 350 degrees for about an hour always test them at the end with a toothpick or a cake tester inserted in the middle and when it comes out clean your cake.

Is done now I’m going to remove my cakes from my pans using a straight pallet knife and what you do is you just run this palette knife all along the edge between the vanilla cake. and the pan and as you can see just a little shimmy and your vanilla cake.

Comes out nice and easily remove your parchment paper and now we can begin to level this vanilla cake so I’m going to level off the top of the cake so it’s nice and flat and there’s no crust if you want some more step-by-step instructions on how to level a vanilla cake.

Like I do there’s a link in the description below my cakes are leveled now there’s a difference between a vanilla cake and a white cake a white cake requires baking with shortening which I am NOT a fan of and it also requires you only using egg whites so this is my preference it’s not that white but it is delicious.

Vanilla Cake

I’m ready to fill and crumb coat my vanilla cake I’ve got one recipe of my favorite Italian meringue buttercream right here as well as the all-important simple syrup in this gorgeous simple syrup bottle this bottle is amazing because it’s literally like a shower for your cakes it’s just a way to lock in moisture in your vanilla cake.

Let it absorb you can get both my recipe for buttercream and this simple syrup bottle at how to cake it calm there’s a link in the description below I like to bring it right to the edge a little over because that buttercream that’s over the edge will just contribute to our crumb coat alien number two I don’t know why we’re doing this is making me so happy okay top layer and there you go time to crumb coat to crumb coat this cake.

I like using a straight spatula so just press all the way around use up all the extra buttercream first and if you do need more take a little from your book make sure you cover it entirely especially right down at the bottom and then ice the top of your vanilla cake. as well same method pressing down that’s a brown coat place your vanilla cake.

vanilla cake
vanilla cake

In your fridge for about half an hour or until when you touch the buttercream it doesn’t come off on your hands it’s nice and chilled oh no juice in my crops I don’t want crops in the video I should really endorse crocks I might be one of the only people willing to do this my cake is crumb coated nice and chilled.

What I’m gonna do now is ice this baby put some buttercream on top and spread it around with my offset spatula the same way that I filled the cake and then with my straight spatula I’m going to ice the sides add buttercream all the way around as you go and work your way up so I like to think about it as covering the bottom in the middle then the top and when you have buttercream all the way around your cake.

I like to use a metal bench scraper to ice my cakes especially round cakes I find it really helpful and really easy I measured my cake and my vanilla cake. is five and a half inches tall so this bench scraper is six inches tall you want your bench scraper to be just a tiny bit taller than your cake.

Vanilla Cake

So you’ll notice as you scrape all the excess buttercream comes to the top so we’re going to take care that a little bit now we’re going to use our spatula flat and pull off the excess it’s really important to ice your cake smooth before covering it in rolled fondant it’s a myth that fondant hides everything this is not true if there’s any pockets or dips or your cake is crooked fondant will only accentuate that so we’re gonna put this vanilla cake.

In the fridge to chill I’m leaving time for fondant my favorite part of decorating a cake now I can move on to decorating I’m going to move this lovely vanilla cake. onto this stand because it goes with the kin community our cake community colors as you can see use the spatula to help you make sure your vanilla cake.

Is centered if you can and then you want to just drop it and pull the spatula out as fast as you can and you can see it did lift the fondant that is to be expected so now what I like to do is take my sharp knife and just press that fondant down gently there you have it oh and it’s actually quite centered I’m very proud of myself if it isn’t using your flat hand as quickly as you can or a fondant smoother and just push your vanilla cake.

vanilla cake
vanilla cake

Very gently parry time for some decoration using some dyed gum paste I have cut out the letters kin community and now I’m going to glue them onto my cake I’m just going to brush on a little clear corn syrup as my glue sometimes, I use clear corn syrup sometimes I use piping gel all my letters have a little bit of glue on them now so I’m going to stick them to this gorgeous cake.

Vanilla Cake

Chad how does it look it looks good I’m excited Justin I’m part of kin community you’re blocking set your own channel check this is not your show out of here guess what guys now the cake is part of kin community the cake is part of the vanilla cake.

Community oh oh yes and I’m part of kin community you’re right what would I do without miss Jocelyn my kin community gum paste cake topper that I made we just place this right into the middle of our vanilla cake.

See how it’s like a leaf like a tree like a community I’m gonna add a few of these leaves to the base of my cake just here and there you know bring it up a notch there you have it guys you know what time it is oh wait I need to add my kidney hmm this cake is so delicious.

I wish I could share it with all the Kin community creators big shout out to fellow Torontonian laurdiy Rosanna pansino and Reardon of how to cook that and Hannah Hart and all of you others out there who are equally amazing I really wish I could give you a slice of this cake but, I’ll just eat it for you and let you know how it is hmm it’s really good really let me try together please subscribe to this channel go to my website how to kick it comm and join the mailing list because you will get my videos before they even hit YouTube how elite is that welcome to the cake community.


vanilla cake
vanilla cake


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