tokyo banana cake
tokyo banana cake

Tokyo Banana Cake

HOW TO MAKE TOKYO BANANA cake banana (~100gr) Use a fork to mash the banana 1 egg york 125ml whole milk. (sweetened) Add mashed banana 10gr corn starch Depend on the sweetness of the banana, you can add in 10gr sugar or skip this 🙂 Usually, I don’t add sugar, because milk and banana also have their own sweet 😀 Mix well Run the batter through the strainer. a few times to make sure everything is evenly mixed.


The more banana you get the better the taste is The remaining banana, you can throw away if you want a smooth and light color custard But.. I enjoy this so I add all of this into the batter ^^ My custard will have a darker color and doesn’t look smooth like another bakery 😀

This is optional You can skip this 😀 The taste still good 1/2 tsp vanilla extract/vanilla essence cook on medium heat stirring constantly to avoid burning the custard it becomes thicker and thicker When the custard thickens as showed, lift the pan out of the heat and continue stirring with remaining heat.

If you didn’t add the leftover banana, the custard will be smooth and have light color as the filling of choux pastry 5gr unsalted butter Add when the custard still hot to melt the butter My custard has a darker color and not smooth because I use all the remaining banana after sifted Cover with plastic wrap. and put into the fridge to chill 3 eggs Separate the egg whites and the egg yolks into 2 bowls

tokyo banana cake

55gr all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp baking powder. You can skip baking powder if you know how to mix the cake batter without breaking the air bubbles which make the Tokyo banana cake fluffy as a cloud I recommend to use baking powder for the beginers ^^ 25gr vegetable oil 35gr whole milk (sweetened) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract/ vanilla essence. Add dry ingredients The batter is thick and sticky 3 egg whites a pinch of salt Beat at low speed -> until appearing bubbles Egg whites, beaters, the bowl should be clean, do not let egg york, liquid or anything else it won’t firm stiff peak when beating 1/4 tsp cream of tartar or lemon juice Beat on medium speed ->

Until the bubbles become smaller and fluffy as soap bubbles 60gr powder sugar Beat on medium speed Add sugar little by little After adding all of the sugar Turn on high speed and beat until stiff peaks form The peak is stiff, fluffy, glossy (and the bowl can be held upside down over your head) Look like ocean waves ^^ Divine egg whites into 3 portions Mix each portion to the egg york batter.

At this stage, you can stir freely as you want The key is to soften the egg york batter The batter becomes softer and fluffier Add the second portion and mix well Fold from the bottom to the top Add the remaining and mix well Use a spatula and folding technique to mix well Scrape down the sides and fold Everything is well combined but still keep fluffy Square

tokyo banana cake
tokyo banana cake

pan – 22 x22 cm Line the pan with parchment paper Spread evenly over every corner of the pan Circular movement on the surface Tap the pan on a table or counter to flatten the surface Preheat the oven to 170 of about 10-15 minutes And then put the pan into the oven Bake the cake in the oven with “2 heat and no fan” mode Time: 15-20 minutes After 5 minutes 10′ 15.’

The cake is golden brown and spring back after you press it. Take it out of the pan Remove parchment paper so that the steam at the bottom of the Tokyo banana cake will be released and keep your cake dry and Luffy The entire cake is soft and fluffy and doesn’t separate into 2 layers which is thick and other is fluffy Let it cool completely Trim the cake with a serrated knife Divine into 4 square pieces slice into 2 layers You have 8 pieces like this. 1-1,5 cm height Line the plastic wrap on the working surface.

You can use parchment paper to wrap the cake Spread banana custard Slightly fold the cake, don’t need to hold tight Cover with plastic wrap and roll it Twist hard to form the tokyo banana cake into banana shape 😀 Finally, you get 8 bananas from just 1 banana ^^ Put into the fridge to set It will be taste better when cool The sponge cake is soft and still keep moist The filling has natural taste of banana

tokyo banana cake


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