Today we’re going to make stollen which is a German Christmas bread and this is what it looks like this bread is an instantly recognizable one because it has that snowy white coating of powdered sugar and two because it has this hump that runs the entire length of the bread. and it is buttery rich it’s full of candied and dried fruit almonds lots of spices really good so um the night before we actually make our dough we need to do a couple of things first we need to make a sponge which is kind of a fancy name for a little bit of bread dough so you will in a bowl you will need 1/2 a cup 70 grams of all-purpose flour or you may know that is playing flour to that I’m just going to add a little bit of yeast I’m using an eighth of a teaspoon of instant yeast. you can use either the SAF red or gold for this and that yeast that professionals.

use and it’s it gives really good to make whipped cream? and to what I like about it is you don’t need to dissolve it first in a liquid now can you use active dry yes you can you need to use both 30% more than instant yeast in this case. so just use a little more than an eighth of a teaspoon and then to that I’m going to add some water I’m going to add a quarter of a cup – a tablespoon which is 50 grams so I haven’t said but if you have a scale please use it it’s just way more accurate so what I’m going to do is just stir these together it’s kind of a really easy stollen bread


Dough you just want to make sure that all the flour is moistened. I’m going to get my hands in there okay pretty easy just make sure all the bird all the flowers moistened and then take a this will rise so you know give it some room put it in a bowl. and then we’re gonna cover it with plastic wrap and we’re gonna let this sit at room temperature overnight sold somewhere between say 12 up to 16 hours. and it will rise.

And become spongy hence hence its name and with this we’re gonna add this tomorrow to our dough and it’s going to add extra flavor to our bread so that’s why you do a sponge or a starter so besides that the other thing you might as well do some of our stuff ahead of time is we’re gonna have a really nice spice mixture so what I have here is 1/2 a teaspoon of ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of ground cardamom half a teaspoon of ground allspice half a teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg and then just an eighth of or 1/4 of a teaspoon of ground cloves.that is our spice mixture so I’m just going to put this in a bowl cover it I mean you could do this days in advance but there’s a lot of steps to a stollen it’s not difficult but there’s just a lot of steps so I try to do some things ahead of time so that we got that and then we have a wonderful fruit and nut mixture so um I just have a container here you just have a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap so what I have is one cup which split 130 grams of dark raisins I’m using dark now you could use golden


Raisins use some currants you could use a combination of all those I’ll leave that up to you and then for our candied fruit I’m using the third of a cup 45 grams of the candied lemon peel and 1/3 of a cup of 45 grams of the candied orange kind of looked the same but they taste different essentially that’s you know orange and lemon peel and sugar syrup and then I’m adding the half a cup 55 grams of slivered almonds I did toast these so you can do that either on in a frying pan on the stove.

Or you could put it them into a 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is 180 degrees Celsius oven for you know maybe about 8 minutes just until you start to smell the almonds and then just mix that together and then I’m going to add about two tablespoons. 20 grams of rum you could use the dark or I don’t have any dark so I’m using light today and I’m gonna mix this together no you want to cover it and refrigerate it at least overnight but I find the longer you let this sit the better it tastes the raisins get softer and so I do this like a week two weeks three weeks and just put it into the refrigerator. so that’s what we have to do at least the night before and then when we come back we will start our stolen dough so it’s been more than 12 hours so we are now ready to make the dough for our stollen first let’s look at our sponge as you can see it did rise and it is in fact spongy so I take that out and just put it right in our mixing bowl again if you have a scale so much easier to weigh your ingredients with the scale but I’ll get both first you will need one and a half cups plus one tablespoon. which is 205 grams of all-purpose flour we’re just going to dump everything into our mixing bowl and then we have our spice mixture which we did yesterday you need two tablespoons thirty grams of


Granulated white sugar you need three and 3/4 teaspoons 11 grams. now I’m using SAF Gold instant yeast there’s actually read and then there’s the gold the reason I’m using the gold is that this dough has a lot of butter and the gold is good for that and then I’m putting in one and a quarter teaspoons five grams of kosher salt. and one in 3/4 teaspoons five grams of dry malt dye aesthetic powder we use this professional use this in bread dough’s because it breaks down the starch. so their sugar for the yeast to feed on really if you can’t find it there isn’t a good substitute that I know of for it so you can just leave it out because there is a little sugar in the dough and then we have the zest of both a lemon and an orange the zest is the outer skin. I just use one of these graders you could just use like the box grater as well put that in there and then you will need a Nathe of a cop 30 grams of just milk is cold.

You want all the ingredients cold because we this dough has a long mixing time it’s like kind of like a brioche you got to mix it a long time so which warms up your dough so it’s better to use cold ingredients and then I’m using one small egg which is 30 both 30 grams okay now that’s that and then butter we do need better for this you will need 12 tablespoons which is 160 grams of unsalted butter have your butter cool now you could use I’m just putting this parchment paper you could just use wax paper or plastic wrap and we’re going to pound this we want it pliable but still cold now I know people are going to say why don’t you just leave out the butter you don’t want to change the chemical composition of your butter so that’s why we’re doing it this way so just have your rolling.


Pin and just bang yeah a little noisy that’s pretty good I do a good way to tell if your butter is pliable enough is just take it and kind of run it over the side of your counter if it breaks and it’s probably still too cold but that looks pretty good. [Applause] Okay so that’s our butter so I’m just gonna comment and if you remember we did do our fruit mixture we’re not going to add that right now we’re gonna add that at the end of our mixing so I didn’t forget about it so now you want to use your dough hook for this like I said we’re gonna probably mix this for at least 20 minutes so our mixers gonna get a workout for the first part we’re going to mix for four minutes on the first speed of your mixer and that’s just going to get everything all mixed together.okay so that has been four minutes and as you can see everything’s all just mixed together.

So I’m just gonna give that a quick scrape down and then what we’re gonna do now is increase our mixer speed to number two the second speed and we want a really strong dough here so we’re gonna mix this I would say between 15 and 20 minutes you want a really nice smooth and elastic dough that cleans the bowl but at the end after 15 minutes.

I am going to show you a test to see so you can see if your dough is actually fully um needed so second speed for 15 minutes okay so it’s been 15 16 minutes you can see it has cleaned the bowl and it is smooth and elastic but I’m gonna show you what is called the windowpane test so just take like a and just kind of twist like that don’t yank it take a small like Fistful of dough and then what we’re gonna do is gently go around the edges pull the dough and what we’re looking for is it to be like pretty where we can stretch it and almost see through it but it doesn’t rip that have art to do but do this gently don’t do yank your dough.

I’m pretty good if you find it tearing its probably not enough strength to your dough so beat it in another minute or two mine’s ripping a little I’m not seeing if you can see I can pull it pretty good but there are some rips. I’m gonna be deferred like maybe another minute or so and then check it again so one we want a really strong it’s called intensive development so just a little longer.

Okay so let’s check it feels a little I mean just feel the dough it feels pretty strong but we will just do one better be safe than sorry Hey yeah it feels a lot stronger this time just gently pull your dough, yeah it’s looking you see I’m pretty thin it’s like pull it, yeah I’m fine with that okay.

So now oh I almost forgot we need to add our fruit and nut mixture so don’t want to forget that so now all we have to do I’m going to mix this I’m just gonna help it out a little bit you could just knead it by hand I’m just gonna put the mixer on the first speed and just you know maybe beat it for a minute or so till all that fruit and nut is mixed in okay I got a bit left on the bottom some reasons but I’m gonna do that by hand it’s really as you saw it’s not you if you have a good mixer in it just takes a while but it’s not difficult so just kind of make sure all those reasons are mixed in and then you will need a large bowl we are going to prove our dough.

Okay so that looks good now I’m going to take the temperature of my dough I’m at both 73 Fahrenheit you want your dough to be somewhere between 73 and 76 that’s the optimal temperature that’s 20 23 24 C so put a little oil in there in my bowl and just kind of just a very thin coating it’s not that we really need it because this is such a buttery dough it won’t stick.and then I’m gonna put it in there and cover it with plastic wrap now we’re gonna let this proof for if you’re if your dough is that that desired temperature of 73 to 76 Fahrenheit 2324 C then let it proof for one hour now if your rooms are a little cold if you will probably have to let your dough proof a little longer conversely. if it’s warmer than that then you know a shorter time if one thing if your kitchen is quite cold one trick that I do is with the turned-off oven but put your dough in there and turn the oven light. on and that’ll really warm it up and it’s kind of a like a proofing box.

So we’re gonna let this sit for an hour and then we’ll come back and pre-shape our dough so our dough has been proofing for an hour so we are ready to appreciate now this dough does not rise a lot it’s not like a regular bread dough that you know doubles in size so if you don’t get a lot of rises. that is normal for this type so now we’re gonna get two loaves out of this so we’re gonna divide it in half don’t rip your door your dough when you’re cutting it you know use a knife or a bench scraper and if you have a scale it’s about two or four hundred and thirty grams per loaf you can eyeball it or use your scale and then we’re gonna pre-shape these into around so let’s take one just on a very lightly floured surface have it down and then what I like to do is just grab the corners kind of put it into the center like that press down flip it over and then we want to get some tension on this so what I do is I take and I


kind of pull it back along so you don’t want much flour on your surface just pull it back a nice round shape or you can just kind of move it around like that and put a little flour down there for my board and just do the same thing for the second. one okay so now every time we work the dough we want to let it rest so I’m going to cover that with my plastic wrap just let it sit again at room temperature for about thirty minutes and then when we come back we will shape our stollen.

So we’re now ready to shape our stolen just lightly flour and take you so the bottom top is the bottom bottom is top and then what we want to do is form this into an oval shape. that’s boat critical Oh 20 centimeters like so and then take the top part of your dough and take it into the center like that kind of a bell shape I guess seal that and then we’re going to starting at the top here go take it over roll it presses it and we’re going to do that five times so it’s two three four and five rolls it to seal it and then we want to form it into owed us like eight to nine-inch 20:23 three centimeter rectangle kind of what kind of taper dance so kind of a unique shape here for the stollen so both like that and then you will need like a really thin rolling pin actually Rick just went to the hardware store and got a wooden dowel that’s about 5/8 5/8 of an inch which is Bo one and a half centimeter and if not you could probably just use the end of our of a wooden spoon.

I do that too so what we’re gonna do is about one inch. in two and a half centimeters we’re gonna press that down almost to the bottom of the dough and we’re like makeup trench pretty wide couple of you know probably close to a couple of inches five centimeters like so press right down to the end and some people like to have some marzipan in this and they’re stollen.

Personally I don’t really like that find too sweet but if you want to what you can do is take about you know 50 grams of marzipan roll it into a long rope and then just put it right in here if you want to do that I’m not today so you have that and then just kind of in the rest of the dough. Bowl right in the center just put a little trough-like so and then what we’re gonna do is lift this and put this have this thick edge into this other little trough-like so I know it’s a little complicated there is biblical reference symbolisms.

Why we do it in this shape they say because we do cover this when it’s finished baking with lots of powdered sugar is supposed to represent the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and the hump is supposed to represent the hump of the camel that the wise men rode into to see baby Jesus so that’s what some say but so then once you do the ridge just going to kind of press that down.

Because if it all worked so well when this rises and bakes you would like to have that Ridge right down the center sometimes it doesn’t work exactly but kind of press that down so it is so there we have it now I’m just going to move this to bake. sheet lined with parchment paper and then I’m going to cover it with plastic wrap and let it proof for about an hour again at room temperature and then about 15-20 minutes somewhere around there before that before the end of the hour prepay pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit which is 190 degrees Celsius so that’s it and then when we come back we will bake them off to bake our stolen everyone’s oven is a little different.

I would say the baking time is vote twenty-five to thirty minutes you want the turn of beautiful golden brown and you want them cook through I would rotate your baking sheet front to back about halfway through baking for even baking so somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes okay so our stollen is now baked beautiful golden brown Sonia and put your baking sheet on a wire rack now we are not finished stollen needs to be coated in two types of sugar first granulated. white sugar and then powdered sugar so and we have to do the granulated white sugar while the stollen is still quite warm so what you want to do is just on a baking sheet or even on a plate put about a cup 200 grams of granulated white sugar and then in a saucepan plug. my burner in you will need to put in a small saucepan six tablespoons about 85 grams of I’m using unsalted butter here and I’m just gonna melt my butter okay so our butter is melted take that off the heat and then you will need a pastry brush I’m wearing latex gloves you don’t have to it’s a little messy.

So let’s clean up now some people like to melt the butter and put it in a bowl and then they just take the whole stollen.and put it in the melted butter because I’m only doing two I’m not like in a bakery I’m just going to take a pastry brush and brush the whole stollen top-bottom sides. in melted butter now the melted butter one I mean that way the sugar will stick to this stollen but to it does provide flavor and moisture to our bread quite a few reasons why we do this you can use clarified butter as well as jitan if you want to do that instead of just plain melted butter okay be generous okay and then I’m just going to dip it in the sugar and then code it you may think oh this is a lot of sugar but remember.

We didn’t this is like sweet bread and we didn’t use much sugar in our dough just a couple of tablespoons you know 30 grams so you won’t find the bread overly sweet even though it’s kind of you may think it’s going to be okay so that’s good and then I’m just gonna rid of the excess and I’m going to do the same thing for the other bread. and then put it on a wire rack like I’ve done here and then we’re gonna let them cool completely before we dust the outside with the powdered sugar so now our stolen is cooled down so what we’re gonna do is now we’re going to dust it with some powdered sugars so I’ve just got a baking sheet lined with parchment and then put your powdered sugar and strainer and again be generous one side the other side okay and after you store this for like a day or two you will find that the sugar kind of almost forms like a really nice sugary crust and so once you’ve done this you can stollen freezes really well just I’d find a wrap it in foil then either put it in a freezer bag or an airtight container it stores very well and sometimes you will have to dust it again before serving with some more powdered sugar normally. I like to store these at least a day or so before cutting into them but today we will slice it right away still good so couple sizes here still a little fragile lot of powdered sugar oh so it doesn’t that look gorgeous see the spices have colored the bread a really nice light brown and then you can see all the fruit so let’s try a bit it’s a very flavorful bread it’s rich it’s buttery its soft very moist and you’ve got all those spices and then you’ve got you to know all the fruit. and the citrus zest a wonderful I mean it really is a nice flavorful bread really any time of year this is perfect great to give as a gift so try this one and until next time I’m Stephanie Jaworski of joy baking calm.


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