Spiderman Cake:

I’m gonna be showing you how I made this spider-man cake so let’s get right into it I’m starting out with two 8-inch spiderman cake. that I’ve cut in half and leveled and I’m gonna be stacking those up with some Swiss meringue buttercream in the middle I’m using my small offset spatula to make sure my buttercream is nice and even and once my spiderman cake is all stacked up I’m going to be applying a thin layer on my buttercream.

All around the outside for a crumb coat, this is just going to ensure that none of the crumbs get into my final ice. and they’re not going to show up underneath my fondant and make my spiderman cake.make a whipped cream look all lumpy and bumpy once it’s all covered I’m gonna pop that into the fridge for about 25 to 30 minutes when you can touch your finger to the buttercream. and none of it comes off it’s ready for the final ice I’m gonna really pile on the icing and make sure there is a thick coat all around my spiderman cake. and then using my bench paper I’m going to be going around the sides just smoothing them out and then taking my small offset spatula and all that buttercream that built up along the edge I’m just gonna drag that into the middle my spiderman cake is gonna go back in the fridge and then in the meantime I’m going to start on my fondant I’m using this dark blue fondant and then we rolling that out onto my cornstarch surface to about an eighth of an inch thick. I’m gonna pick that up with my fondant roller and drape it over my spiderman cake.

And then just using my hands and my fondant smoother I’m gonna push all that air out from beneath the top of my spiderman cake.and then just work my way down the sides pulling out the skirts and smoothing it down until I reach the bottom I went over my spiderman cake.one more time with my fondant smoother and then with my pizza cutter I just took off all the excess that had built up around the bottom I have a six inch tear to go on top of this spiderman cake so it’s gonna need some support so I’m taking some wooden dowels and spacing them evenly on my bottom layer and then I’m gonna be using a edible food marker to just mark where they’re flush with the spiderman cake.

And then cutting those to size and putting them back in place I’m adding a little schmear of buttercream to help my top layer stick and then I’m just using a little cake lifter and putting my top tier right on there next I’m gonna roll out some black fondant really thin and then I have this little template of a skyline that I made for myself I will link the one that I used below you don’t have to do that you can just make it up as you go but I’m going to cut that out using my exacto knife once I’ve cleaned up the edges I’m going to brush the back of that with some shortening I’m going to place that right against my spiderman cake you can see that it doesn’t go all the way around I just added some more later so I just stopped there for this video for the cobwebs on top of my cake I am melting down some marshmallows.

I learned this technique from Ilan de over at how to cake.it so I’m just gonna link the video that I watched below so you can check that out if you wanted to I’m placing my marshmallows into the microwave for 30 second intervals until they’re completely melted and then just using my hands while the marshmallows are still warm not scalding hot just warm I’m gonna grab big hunks like you can see and then just wrap them and stretch them out around my spiderman cake.

Until the whole thing was covered.for my spidey face I again had another template and I will link the one that I use below so I rolled out some red fondant and then cut out his head using my exacto knife I want his head to set a little bit so I’m going to put that aside and then I cut out to the eye part of the stencil and rolled out some black fondant and then cut that out and then I trimmed it down one more time for the white part of his eye and cut that out with some white fondant I put the white on top of the black I just attached it using some shortening and then I put those aside for the webbing on spider-man’s face I just started to paint it on I thought that rolling out really thin snakes of black Hornet will just take too much time.

I don’t have the steadiest hand so this definitely wasn’t perfect he can just do your best I looked at my picture. and then I used some black food coloring gel that I diluted with just a little bit of food great alcohol you don’t want it to be too runny and then with my fine tip paintbrush I just kind of followed along and made it look the best.

I could when I was done I let that dry and then I attached my eyes using some shortening and I pressed that face right against my spiderman cake. because the marshmallow is sticky I didn’t need to add anything else but if your marshmallow dries before you get to this step just attach their face using some water or some sure for the lights of my skyline I rolled out some yellow fondant really thin and then I cut that into long strips.

And then cut those down into little squares and I just attached them wherever I thought they should go using some water I wanted to add some comic book style action graphics so I did have this template but I ended up free handing a lot of it I just used a bunch of different colors and then cut out the background bits and then I just free handed the letters but you could stick to the template whatever you feel most comfortable way once I had placed the letters on top.

I just let those sit for a second and then I rolled out some more of my colors and using a toothpick or a piece of spaghetti I place that down and then put my action graphic on top of that and then cut out a little border of the other color so that it acts as a seal and your toothpick or piece of spaghetti is in there really good and you can place that into your cake and it’s not going to go anywhere after they completely dried I put them into my cake wherever I thought they looked good and this was the end result guys I hope you liked this video I’m really excited with a new spider-man movie so I wanted to make this cake in celebrations.I’m getting in here and they are afternoon the NACA about a little kick in the base they recommend eating anybody sponge cake and chocolate sponge cake on a holiday but anyway indeed they are a tablespoon of medium and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. over a couple a could recommend an add a couple a velar and say in the day they the lake don’t know finicky coca Brenda tablespoon a cold room isn’t a tablespoon of my, in the end, the legacy of fertility then I did a liquid total car the likely add a teaspoon of baking powder room cultists Poland epic with the banking small dangerous your thought it ended in a night on the mix say that Karim be cocoa powder per share in the spiderman cake.


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