Sainsburys Birthday Cakes
Sainsburys Birthday Cakes

Sainsbury’s Birthday Cakes

Hi guys are starting to make a wedding cake. today and I stepped into Sainsburys Birthday cakes. and I found this box of beautiful edible flowers and other Oh why don’t I make an edible flower wedding cake so, I’m going to show you how to make one the bottom tier is a lovely refreshing lemon and coconut cake.

Sainsbury’s Celebration Cakes

Now the recipe I’ve got the Sainsburys Birthday cake on a cake stand and I’m just going to slice the top to get a even top. I’m going to put some buttercream now there is a really nice buttercream recipe on the channel.

So I’m going to put some of this on top and then goes in another layer of lemon and coconut cake. I’m going to put some more butter green on top just smooth it out so that all the blue cake. is seared in there I’m going to get a little buttercream on my palette knife and then just start on one side and start filling the gap very small movements.

And I’m just going to use one of these scrapers and I’m going to start from one side and just even it out with a gentle hand. I’m just moving the table around and I’m scraping it off I’m just going to add a bit of more icing.

Sainsburys Birthday Cakes

Sainsbury’s Birthday Cakes

Where you can see that there’s not enough cream and then use the scraper again and one last time just going to turn it around just move it inside get the edge a bit smoother. I need it to look homemade made with love so I don’t want to get exact smooth finish. I just wanted to look a bit rustic so this is now going to go in the fridge to chill for an hour or so, at least so that we get the buttercream nice and set and then you can work a bit more on second tier.


I’ve got an 8-inch cake board and I have made four really thin layers off to use for dispatch you Andrew geek and I have got the same bowl of buttercream just a tiny bit on top and the fourth layer of the Sainsburys Birthday Cakes. just put some butter green on top and then on the sides as well once again use the magic scraper and just get it all nice and smooth and then again on the top. I’m going to get this into the fridge as well and move on to the next still back to tier number one quickly. I’ve got a really nice serving plate and I’m going to place the cake.

Sainsburys Birthday Cakes

Which is now really nicely set on it and I have got a really beautifully mustardy yellow color royal icing in a piping bag here. and I’m going to make a nice pattern on it. so let’s do this moving on to the next year. I’m just going to add a bit of the same yellow as we’ve added to our first year and I’m just going to take little blobs and just put them on the base layer and once I’ve done that I’m going to use a scraper again. and just run it through the Sainsburys Celebration Cakes and once again I’m just going to finish the top this tier is ready to go on top of our first year and if you are making this for a wedding.

Which is in a few days then you need to put dowels in which will give it some support but because I’m taking it to the wedding. Today I’m just going to put it straight on to the cake. so I’m just going to drop it we’ve got the final layer which is a beautiful blueberry and almond cake. and I’ve got four pieces around six inch size so that it’s a bit smaller than now second tier and I’m just going to mix this yellow icing into the butter icing just swirling it around so it’s not completely mix place it on top. as evenly as possible and our final layer of the cake.

I’m just making a barbecue skewer and gonna cut it into two and just put them in here so that it doesn’t fall and you don’t have to be scared just hide it with some icing that is going to go on top of our second tier so I’ll bring the cake back in got that multitasking engine and I’m going to pray and drop it in the middle now they’re lovely and fun bit so, so I’ve got some mixed colored flowers I’m just going to place them randomly and cover the top of the cake.

so I’m going to take a tiny bit of my leftover buttercream and I’m going to cover the silver bit because I don’t want to shining through cover the cream with all the beautiful flowers. now and I’m just going to do like a waterfall kind of effect so I’m going to start with lots of flowers and then go down to a few moving on to the bottom tier. I’m going to take some flowers and where you can see this pattern I’m going to fill them with glass I’m here is your edible flowers wedding cake with three different cake tiers I think that looks really good so do give this a go and it doesn’t have to be a wedding cake it could be a barbecue cave.



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