sacher torte


We’re going to discover the secrets of a worldwide famous cake the sacher torte a they follow me so I can show you how to do it for subtlety I need butter vanilla egg yolks egg white dark chocolate 60% mm flour white flour sugar salt icing sugar.

Let’s start melting the chocolate and water to my V it is very important for the chocolate it not go above 55 degrees otherwise were mixed with whipped butter the butter might melt.


  • 1 cup (180g) bchocolate discs
  • 8 tablespoons (120g) unsalted butteR
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
  • 8 large eggs
  • 3/5 cup (150g) sugar
  • 1/7 teaspoon salt.
  • 1 cup (120g)  Cake Flour

Chocolate Glaze

  • 1 cup (180g) CHOCOLATE DISCSsuch as Belcolade
  • 1 cup (200g) sugar
  • 1/2 cup (120 g) boiling water

Whilst the chocolates melting was started whipping the butter we enter to our vanilla butter the sugar and start whipping now we had salt and very slowly the egg yolk this mix of butter salt icing sugar and egg yolk and vanilla must be whipped for about eight minutes this dog the weapon of button yokes together is very important.

Because we are emulsifying to facts if it is not whipped properly the sacher torte to make whipped cream? won’t develop during the cooking time were resolved top very heavy is beautiful a 2/10 animates all the air that we’re incorporating will stay inside during cooking and the sacher torte cake will result softer.

Now we are going to mix up chocolate melted at 55 degrees with a compounded button york’. now let’s go with the egg white with sugar.

sacher torte

when the wind whipping act white it is very important to whip it without any sugar first and when white starts growing then you slowly and sugar because if you had sugar at the beginning immediately the egg white will be heavier and it will consequently be more difficult with it as you can see the aunt want is out 100% wept.

Because we need to develop in the oven if we’re with why to the maximum which would rise in the oven but it will collapse well as equipment to 70% well away to have this 2530 personnel to develop and the cake was the rise and would be soft now we’re going to mix have a whipped egg white and the butter and chocolate mix.

Firstly we’re going to put half about 50% of the egg white to the mix let’s stir it properly.let’s add the other 50�lower let’s turn to later complete our mix now we are going to call our mix in the greased cake sized approximately 20 22 centimeters of diameter. now we are going to bake a sacher torte cake. at 170 degrees in a preheated oven for about a 30 40 minutes for the filling in for the frosting you will need change and a 33 / of 35 percent fat cream and 60�RK chocolate about the base is now cooked and cooled.

We only need to take it out of the mold cut it in half fill it blends it with our apricot jam and in Vienna glaze it with our ganache not sure you know. it’s glazed it with our Jam nowhere depends on how you want em so if you want it softer you put more Jam.

If you want to hit her slightly drier you’ll put less lets the place at the second layer let’s put a thin glaze of apricot changes that I thought he

sacher torte

Conferred or do because so they’re to have a ganache without resort to much glossy. it’s ready for the frosting now we’re ready for frosting let’s make our ganache let’s pour the cream in a saucepan and take it to the boil and of the cream is boiling turn the heat off and pour the chocolate.

Okay no cats ready that’s now let’s pour ganache a ganache on the’s now put to the soffit or tear the frigate +4 de letter the ganache ascent and then you will see an incredible process now it is extremely glossy during this 20 minutes it will turn to mask glossy and our sacher torte cake is ready to be eaten his messiah daughter reserved with half whipped and sweetened cream heritage served in Vienna or the soccer hotel bound am tea.

Sacher Torte (individual chocolate cake):

sacher torte is all about the marriage between apricot chocolate cake and a rich chocolate ganache was first created in Austria almost two hundred years ago it’s since been exported it’s become famous all over the world such a classic in patisserie but you can still actually go to hotel sacra in Vienna where it was first created and enjoy a slice of the real McCoy in their amazing coffee house.

If you’re ever in Vienna you must go and try a slice today I’m going to show you how to make these gorgeous little mini versions they don’t need to be kept in the fridge so they’re perfect for bringing to friends events parties they also make the most wonderful little dessert served with some unsweetened whipped cream like Sacher Torte.

Traditionally is they’re nice and simple to make let me show you how firstly make a French meringue by whisking egg whites on low speed until they’re very thick and foamy then sprinkle in your sugar about a third at a time and whisk for a minute or so before sprinkling in the next third once your sugar is all added you can turn the speed up to high and keep whisking until it forms these firm peaks then whisk together your butter and

sacher torte

Powdered sugar until smooth like this and then add in your egg yolks a couple at a time whisking well between each addition once the yolks are all incorporated start drizzling in your melted chocolate.

You need to make sure this feels just barely warm to touch before you start pouring it in and lastly you just need to fold in your flour. and your French meringue so you’re going to do this by firstly folding in about a third of your meringue and once that’s more or less incorporated but really quite roughly as you can see then you want to sprinkle in a couple of spoons of flour and then fold that in in the same way and then you just want to keep repeating.

So adding about a third of the meringue and then a couple of spoons of flour until you get to the stage where it’s all combined. but it’s still nice and full of volume like this and then pour it into a baking tin lined with a piece of baking paper spread it out firstly and then level it out trying to get it as flat and as level as you can and then it goes straight into the oven to bake with the door wedged slightly open for the first 15 minutes.

you can see here I’m using a spatula for this we can then crack on with the sugar syrup by staring together sugar and water over a medium heat once the sugars dissolved allow it to boil for one minute before removing from the heat and once it’s cool you can then add in some Kirsch secure don’t be tempted to leave this out you won’t be able to taste alcohol.

But it subtly imparts the most wonderful sophisticated flavor and really brings your sackers up a notch once your sponge is completely cool remove it from the tin by flipping it upside down you can then carefully peel off the paper and using a round cookie cutter,

We’re going to cut out little rounds you can make these any size you like I like this size as I find it perfect for one person for a dessert or a sacher torte cake you can get 12 sackers out of this size sponge nice and comfortably but by all means you could use a smaller cutter.

If you’d like to make them into petit fours or a larger cutter if you’d like them to be larger just bear in mind that the quantity of ganache glaze. and syrup may need to be adjusted slightly than using a pastry brush dip it into your syrup and brush the tops and sides of each disc of the sponge so once each one is nicely coated we can crack on with the apricot layer so stir your apricot jam with a little water over the heat then allow it to boil for one

sacher torte

Minute before straining it and stirring it whilst it cools to keep it nice and smooth and free of lumps once it’s just slightly warm to touch a nice and smooth brush it over the top and sides of each sacker be generous as you want a nice thick layer.

But also be sure to smooth it out slightly with your brush so that you get a nice smooth finish when you coat them with ganache so once they’re all coated you can go back over them and coat them with a little more if you like and then leave them to rest for at least half an hour or.

So before we finish them off so once you’re ready to finish them off make a quick chocolate ganache by finely chopping your chocolate bringing your cream to the stage just before it boils and pouring it over the chocolate you’ll find a separate video linked below where I go into detail about chocolate ganache but you then just need to take a small whisk and start binding the two together by making small circular motions.

If you want these suckers to be really outstanding I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using the best quality chocolate and the best quality apricot jam you possibly can so once it’s completely smooth and homogeneous then you want to pour it straight away over your little sackers then just tap your cooling rack a few times against the counter and leave them for a few minutes before transferring them to a plate or I like to transfer them onto these little disks of gold card and for the very last step just pipe a little s on to each one in melted chocolate you.

sacher torte


Sacher Torte Austrian chocolate cake recipe:

Melt 120 g of dark chocolate with butter and milk

separating the whites from the yolk

Mix 3 yolks with 40 g of sugar

pour the egg mixture into the chocolate mass

beat 3 squirrels

add 40 grams of sugar to the protein mixture

mix with chocolate mass

Mix 75 g of flour with 30 g of cocoa powder

sift into chocolate dough

bake in the oven at 180 degrees, 30-35 minutes

we divide into 2 equal parts

100 gr apricot jam

grease the crumpets

preparing the cream

150 ml heavy cream

30 ml water

30 g sugar

150 gr dark chocolate

melt over low heat until smooth

add 100 g of butter

cool in cold water to 30 degrees

cover the cake with the resulting cream

leave in the refrigerator for 15 minutes

garnish with whipped cream without sugar and freeze-dried raspberries

sacher torte


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