raspberry milkshake


Raspberry Milkshake Recipe

This is very yummy raspberry milkshake. that’s right oh yeah come here I put one and a half cups of water almost 2 cups of water almost 2 cups of water like one in three quarters.

raspberry milkshake


  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 7 oz Fresh Raspberries
  • 2.6 cups Vanilla Ice Cream


  • Blender


  • Add the resberries,milk and ice cream in the blender and blend it.
  • blend it until smooth and serve it.

raspberry milkshake

Right what’s that brown stuff at the bar oh that’s time hold on a second then that’s three tablespoons of honey uh-huh that I put honey that’s it my ears can’t pop it.

I am going to blend well you’re gonna blend that in that what about the raspberries. I’m not yet oh yes I gotta put the raspberries.

I’m sorry in the resident you forgot no priest I know I forgot but I got the raspberry tea nerds all right you’re the raspberry

boom going in there very vicious look at that green tea onto that plane Michael can you please sorry Oh No okay thanks.

Here we go oh I don’t think it’s plugged in no it’s not okay guys okay  let’s roll all that I talk about my future you think it’s like frozen enough.

I don’t think so Michael I think it needs more frozen ice put more ice so a lot of ice guys right Bob ice it up just water the honey that I put in I see like a food.

raspberry milkshake

So everybody can see Sam in a different it looks that frozen look that’s what I was looking for I got it it’s

so hey hey I know it’s supposed to this is raspberries with water and I go pee a little bit of honey let me put a straw but

you know how does the truth of the leeches it is let me get a straw it looks so good.

Oh my bag of straws ears as you can see got all different colors oh yeah cuz I love me a straw and I decorate my stuff like

that well it looks like a margarita taste it huh I love it because the raspberry was so fresh and then you can taste though a little

bit of sweetness from the honey but very very light and that’s sitting it’s cold and it’s icy and it sucks you

know what I’m saying sharply like it’s a beautiful


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