Protein Ice Cream
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All right so today we’re doing everyone’s favorite before bed ice cream it’s gonna be a protein ice cream and for me, this is the hardest thing to get over or like.

Protein Ice Cream

I thought I couldn’t have a sweet tooth on a diet I thought I couldn’t you know go to bed feeling satisfied anymore.

But you can and this is how you do it all right so first I started off with a scoop of my favorite protein used whatever protein you want to make it taste.

However differently you want I used cookies-and-cream casein protein that’s one serving so 34 grams of that I’m using two servings of the Hershey’s cocoa powder.

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Protein Ice Cream

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So that’s 10 grams of that and this right here is where the magic happens this is Anthon gum that’s what’s really gonna make it expand and give you that a Wendy’s frosty kinda feeling.

And I’m a big fan of ground cinnamon myself so that’s a must for me and I’m gonna just add a little sweet and there you go with an artificial sweetener of your choice.

You know we’re just trying to stick with the zero-calorie options here all right so now you’ve got all the dry ingredients in the bowl. ” CrazyShakes

I kind of like to mix it up get it all looking chocolatey and then just pour it in your blender for the liquid of choice we’re using cashew milk really just for the servings really low-calorie for 240 milliliters.

Protein Ice Cream

So we’re using about a cup here all right so I just filled the blender up with ice I’m using a ninja and started off on a slow speed then move up to medium and then the high speed.

I so let that go for a little while and I’m going to just kind of open it up and move it around push the top layer down into the blades make sure it’s all getting mixed up real nice all right.

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Protein Ice Cream

So you’ll see me go back for some more ice here to kind of get more ice in it when it’s already more than half the size of the blender which is already a lot.

But I’m a freak of I totally gone for some time and I’m gonna put in some Hershey’s sugar-free syrup you could put in whatever you want.


I’m just a real big fan of chocolate all right I just popped it up again I’m gonna give it a good stir and go ahead and blend it up one more time so not gonna be as easy as going to the Dairy Queen drive-through and picking up a blizzard.

Protein Ice Cream

But it’s gonna be a lot better for you a lot healthier a lot lower-calorie and that’s what we’re going for when dieting calories and the calories out all right so it’s all done here.

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And I’m just gonna take out the blade scoop out all the extra goodness and get to enjoy it all right so that’s all done I mean you could really see the volume.


Protein Ice Cream

It is the entire blender and I’m about to sit down and just smash the entire thing all right and that’ll do the nightly shake that I do just about every night before.

I go to bed I’ll go ahead and put a calorie count on the screen for you guys for the exact amount of calories and thanks for watching you


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