pregnant cake

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pregnant cake:

Ok today we’re going to do a tutorial on a baby bump or pregnant cake so what I have done here is I’ve got two six-inch pudding shapes for the boobs and what I’ve done is I’ve made a normal ten-inch round cake. and cut it in half so we can put a bit of buttercream and jam in the middle and I just shaped it round to get the kind of definition of the belly. So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take some buttercream and we’re just going to place the buttercream… a little bit on the board just where we want it to stick, it just gives the cake somewhere to stick onto. As you can see as well I actually cut the tops off the pudding bowl-shaped cakes so that it’s a nicer finish. We’ll push them together and what I am going to do as well, I’m going to pop the buttercream here because we are going to buttercream everywhere but I’ve cut a notch out there out of this one, just a little notch to make sure they fit in together. Ok and then we’ll take and we’re going to exactly the same nowhere. It’s only just to glue it on, you don’t need a lot. Then what I’ve done I’ve just run the palette knife to give it a rougher edge. There’s our pregnant cake already on,make whipped cream. now what I’m going to do is going to take our top off and put it there for now and I’m just going to get some jam and I’m just going to place a little jam, you don’t want too much, you don’t want this cake, the bump to be too big. I’m just going to place some jam all around the cake. What I’ll do is pause the video whilst I am jamming up and then I’ll get back to you ready to do the next stage. So here what I’ve done is I’ve just put some buttercream on, I didn’t put a load on because it’s cut and it’s quite delicate. I’m just going to place our top on our icing and I’m just going to go and pause the video so I can go and wash my hands. So we’ve got our top on now and all I’m going to do is I’m going to start icing. I’m going to start with the big one first. I’m just going to do what we normally do, I’m just going to crumb coat the pregnant cake. Just carry on buttercream as you go along. Making sure we dip in the hot water because the hot water helps the buttercream spread as well. Ok, so what Danielle has got it here is some black icing and some blue icing, a blue/green color, and some white icing that she’s just going to kneed to make it a bit more pliable and then we can start covering our pregnant cake. Much like before we need to work the icing before we go too far. At the moment our cake is in the fridge with our butter icing hardened up nicely. So shortly we can take it out of the fridge and once our icing is ready we can start laying it on the cake. So what Danielle is doing now is just rolling out some icing and this is going to be for afoot but it’s basically an imprint on the tummy. So

this is like underneath the icing, you’ll see shortly in a moment. She’s rolled this quite a bit thicker than you would do normal icing for covering a cake, you’ll see that it’s probably 3/4 of a cm thick maybe and that will enable us to get a nice imprint in the fondant that covers it. Like we’ve got some feet cupcakes here, they’re a little bit to small to go on our pregnant cake but we’ll have a go at doing this freehand so what we are going to do is we’ve got our roll of fondant, we’re just going to see how we go here, make it big enough to look like afoot. We’ll make it a little bigger than that, so we’ll try again, we’ll just go freehand, we’ll just see what happens. We only need one foot here. If you’re not confident here then you can buy cutters or you can try it on paper first. So all we’re looking for, to begin with, is the foot part and then what we’ll do is, and you can see how thick it is, it’s probably nearer a cm thick. Now we can do our little toes. So we need like on this cupcake we’ve got the toes gradually getting bigger, so we can create little dots, little balls of fondant. In fact, what we’ll probably do is just cut the fondant out and I’ll tear and shape these by hand. Now obviously bear in mind they need to be fairly thick to get a nice imprint. But we can’t do them to big because otherwise, they’ll be out of proportion. So I’m just gradually going to create little balls of fondant that are getting bigger and bigger. Each one doesn’t need to be massively bigger, just a little bit each time. I’ll show you these balls in a moment, all I’m doing is just tearing these off, I’m just rolling and molding with my hand. Ok so, before we go too far we’ll try these on the pregnant cake. but what you can see here is if I was to lay them outright you can see we’ve got five balls of fondant and we’ll shape those as we put them on on the pregnant cake. So now we can put this away and we’re ready to get our cake out and put the footprint or put the foot on the cake. Ok, so we’re now ready to put our foot on the pregnant cake. We’re going to position it urm about here I think. We’ve to go that roughly in position. Then we can start putting the toes in a place like so, making sure we get the toes in the right order obviously. And then we’ve got the last one in the end and so as you can see there what you end up with and now when we put the fondant over the top we can press the fondant in place and it will give us our imprint. So we’ll get ready with that now. Danielle is just rolling out our fondant now and this is to go over the top of the cake. It’s got to be fairly long this one because we’re draping over the whole of our carved 10 inch cake and then the smaller rounds of pregnant cake. The last thing you want to do is leave it short and have to take it off and have to bin that bit of fondant and start again because you can see there is over a kilo of fondant here for example. It takes a while to color it all up and stuff so it’s worth making sure you’ve got plenty of fondants. any excess can always be saved for later or in this case we’ve got some fondant to use for a rose that we have to make to out on top or a flower to put on top which we’ll show you shortly. Ok so it looks like now we’ve got enough fondant so we can now lift the fondant with our rolling pin and what we’ll probably do here is start from the back, ok we’re going to start from the front, we’re just going roll that on top and we’re just going to leave enough to be able to drape is what we’ll do here. So you see we’ve left plenty around the edges and Danielle is just carefully working that out. So she’s just working around the edges like normal, just tapering in the middle a little bit where we’re going to put our bow and then working around where the foot is to get our indent. so you can see where we’re beginning to get our indent and what we can do is nearer the end is we can come round with a little tool and get the indents a little more. We’ll concentrate on getting them, the majority of the fondant in place first and cut around the outsides to get rid of the excess, and then we can get our fondant, our pleats in place. So you can see that Danielle is just carefully cutting around and removing the excess, we’re going to do that around the outside. Being sure to leave plenty. We can see there that we’re getting our body shape there. So once were there just bits of cake we’re beginning to get more like our themed pregnant lady cake. Continue working with our hands and the knife to bring the fondant into the edge of the base of the cake making sure we’ve got the definition right. Just doing little bits at a time here. If you make a mistake it’s going to be very hard to correct so it’s far easier to take your time. So I’m going to cut the excess off at the bottom, I’m smoothing the edge here so Danielle is going to do whilst I get rid of this. So we’re just making sure that we’ve got, we’re trying to get our toes defined here like so. We know that we can use the tool, we’ll see how we go. What we’re doing here is creating a ruffle effect with a strip of fondant. And to do that we’ll start off with a bit of fondant and turn it on its side like this and we can create our ruffles just by bringing the fondant together and then once we bring it to the cake we’ll stretch it out a little bit so this piece is going to go on the opposite side of the pregnant cake. I’ll show you in a second, so we’re going to bring this around this other side and then we’ll meet in the middle with these. So we’ll just get this roughly right here and now we can just trim off with the knife, just tailor that in a bit diagonally, like so. I’m going to trim off this excess at the bottom and we’ll just infill here so we can probably just ruffle this one here in a moment. And then what we’ll do is put a piece in the middle here and have that going down onto the edge of the board. So what we’ve done here

is created a bit of ruffle around the edge and the next bit now we’ve got to do is the black ribbon to put across here. Just cut a strip of ribbon, a string of fondant for our ribbon. Now what we’re going to do with that is tuck the ends in, we’ll cut those into place in a moment like so. We’ll just place a little bit of water to hold this in place. And then we’re going to have two strips of ribbon and then a little rose on top of that as we’ll see in a moment. So we’ll cut, cut a piece about this big, maybe about there or something and then we’ll half that like so. and then we’ll lay those on the pregnant cake on the cake slightly off to the right or just coming out of the middle maybe, like so. It might be better just off a little bit. So then what we’ll do here is adjust that a little bit like so and then we’ll have our flower going on top.

Then we come to stick this on, we’ll just ruffle this and then we can place a rose on top there, so we’ll stick that in place. And we’ll get our ruffle in the end there, so we just want a bit water to hold it in place. So to make this rose we’re just using some balls of fondant and a little polythene envelope.

So we’ve got six little balls and one longer bit. This just a piece of polythene that we’ve taken and cut open, for the longer piece we just push it down and spread it out and we create a nice rounded bit with the ball and create the petals for the flower. Just use the edge of the thumb to create the petal effect.

Then what we do with the long piece roll it and that’s, it’s the center of the flower, and the first piece back round and start the next piece just slightly offset from that and wrap that around. You just carry on doing that to build the flower.

Until you’ve got the rose and with the edges of these you just bring these down a bit, you just make it a bit more natural. Chop the end off and depending on how big that is we can see if that’s enough. Here we’ve got our flower in place.

So here we’ve got our roses in place, our three roses and now what Danielle is working on is a badge to go on the bottom of the dress so she’s got a round of fondant cut with a round cutter and we’re going to that’s what’s going to have the message on it. What we’ve got here is an edible black pen and a rounded circle of fondant that we’ve cut out with a cutter and we’ve used a pen to write on the fondant, we’re going to place that on that onto our pregnant cake. So I’m just going to get a bit of water,

we’re just going to place that where we want it. We don’t need to much, so then we can place that at a slight angle like so. We’ll have it at the other angle actually, like that. And what we’ve done here is rolled out a black strip of fondant and we’re just wetting around the outside, and then we’re going around the outside with the fondant and sticking that in a place like so. And that gives quite a nice effect there. There is the finished baby bump cake with our footprint and our little rose flowers there.


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