Pregnancy Cake:

Hello everybody this is Lisa and in this video, I’d like to show you how I did this pregnant cake it’s quite easy I’m going to show you step-by-step how I did it and how I did the decoration and everything so just keep on watching first I started off with just making a simple pound cake. so um if you have any recipes you’d like to just go for on some usual occasions just take this one for me it’s just a very normal pound cake sponge cake kind of thing so nothing special and I also prepared myself some Swiss meringue.

Buttercream so that’s what you see in the boats in the down corner okay to bake my pound cake. in I used stainless steel bowls a smaller one and a bigger one I used this one for that the bigger one and pretty sure weight and does a few different sizes of that kind of baking pans so maybe you just go ahead and Googler who might be trying to find something similar on Amazon.

I know that he and Germany we can buy stainless steel bowls from Ikea that are very similar to these ones that I’m using and they are dear for baking and so maybe you just check out your local IKEA and see if you can find any kind of stuff like this yeah okay you can see that I just what do you say I just split my pregnant cake.


In two with a serrated knife and now I’m just filling it with a little bit of raspberry jam and the Swiss Italian no Swiss meringue buttercream this way okay so I just filled it very simple now I’m going to cover the whole thing in a little thin layer of the buttercream. so I’m just really not trying to be perfect about covering the whole pregnancy cake. how to make whipped cream? so I’m just trying to get everything on a leaf even and nice in a thin layer as you can see I’m just using a little palette knife kind of thing if you have just a regular butter knife okay to get a nice round shape. I’m going to take some plastic thing I don’t know and I’m just going to okay my buttercream.

I’m going to cool it again the refrigerator for about an hour or even longer now you can see how solid the whole cake. is and how easily I can take it off my platter and put it on a nicer one so I can serve as a cake in a whole piece and not just the three pieces single. oh man I hope you get what I’m saying this step I’m doing right here the one way I’m cutting the pieces it’s very unnecessary I try took let’s just say boobs.

I tried to cut a piece of the boobs and so they come together a bit more closer instead of being so far apart so I can push it more onto the belly and now this is a stupid stupid explanation but here you can see what I was trying to do because I wanted them to be more close I instead of just separated but this step was very unnecessary as you can see I’m taking back the pieces.

I just cut off and I’m trying to fill the hole in the middle I just cut so I don’t do that mistake yeah after I filled the hole again with all the cake pieces. I just cut off I’m going to apply a bit more of my buttercream to just smooth everything out between the three pieces of the cake and then I’m going to chill the whole cake again yes you know that’s a lot of chilling but I promise you it’s worth it because everything is much more solid and stable when you’re going to work with it afterwards so just smooth everything out put it back in the refrigerator for about I don’t


know 30 minutes. or less just so that everything is nice and cool then we can work with it very easily okay if it goes into the cooling now 55 minutes NIC 45 minutes later there you go I started to roll out a bit of fondant with some cornstarch so that nothing is going to stick to my table the fondant and this is delicious pregnancy cake.

I’m going to use this I don’t know I’m pretty sure it’s sold around the world but it’s some moussaka Chino that’s what it’s called here in Germany and Europe. I guess but I’m just using the fondant you prefer that’s my choice my kind of choice I’m just I just colored it first in some kind of ivory color from its I think it was Wilton.

I guess I just colored it in ivory so it looks a bit like skin like flesh and now I’m just going to apply this long strip of fondant on the top of the boobs so it looks like the skin of the lady so half of the boobs and just I’m letting it I’m sorry it’s very hard for me I’m not used to speaking English like this so I just applied it on the top half of the books. and I was trying to let it run a bit as you can see right now we’re going to take care of the what’s the name of it in English the ruffles yeah the reference of the of the t-shirt ladies bearing so those ones are going to be applied on top of the flesh kind of fondant and that’s two layers of fondant already.

So I was trying to be very smart about it and not apply layers and layers and layers on top of each pregnancy cake. other as you can see in a moment later I just rolled out a long piece of my phone and again which I colored in in pink from just working just a working color now I’m going to use this kind of cutting tool you could just easily use the normal kind of butter knife. or sharp knife and just cut long strips instead of those wiggly lines because it will it would work just as well for but it helps make the roughest look more roughly I really hope you try you get what I’m trying to say but um okay so I just cut my my ruffle II.


lines and now I’m going to use this kind of tool to thin out the edges so it yeah it looks like more roughly and not just so flat um this tool and this whole technique gives it a lot more volume so um yeah it just looks a bit more roughly I’m going to do that with the other strip as well and then we’re going to apply those two on top of the boobs to apply the fun and reference. we just we just made I’m just going to use some store-bought sugar glue which I bought on Amazon.

So I guess you can find them that you if you don’t have some special sort of sugar glue you just can take some tap water just regular water down a bit on sort of fun and gets a bit tacky and sticky and then just apply the fondant. on top of that will work just fine okay now second coat of my sugar glue and the second layer of the of the ruffles we just made to play that on top of each other now we’re done with that next step for me is to formed little food that’s shining through the fabric and the belly.

I guess yeah I just used a bit of my leftover ivory colored fondant but just use any kind of fun and it’s just so that it looks like um the little feet of the food of the after baby. is poking against the belly wire can you see it can you say it that way I guess yeah so I just fought that with my hands I don’t think special I think the shape of the feet food. is quite easy so just try your best to farm it in your hand between your fingers father toes I just draw a teeny tiny part of the fondant between my fingers my thumb and my index finger is it the next thing I guess huh.

I’m an applied that straight to my cool buttercream. is where it sticks right on so it’s very easy to apply okay and next step for me was to take the pink phone and again I wrote that out again with some cornstarch so nothing sticks sticking phone and it’s just a nightmare for me so I’m very cautious about that now for the very funds I don’t know how to say it can you say structure. I’m not sure but um to make it look extra pretty and give it some depth and detail.

I just used this kind of rolling pin I’m pretty sure welcome and shook a flag, for example, do something like this so just maybe look on Amazon. again as well maybe you can find something like this but it just gave everything a bit more detail and depth and yeah so that’s what I did here now I’m just going to cut my pink fondant strip and now rectangular kind of shape like you’d like yourself and just apply that straight to the buttercream it just sticks. right on there so again that’s very easy smooth it on but don’t press too hard so the nice can you say that way.

I’m not sure mmm yeah so just apply it and press it on lightly and then for the next step for the fabric fondant that’s laying very loosely on top of the belly I just used some white fondant so no color added to that wrote that out again oh no we’re going to cover the boobs. first so as you saw I just rolled out a very rectangular kind of shape now I’m just going to cut the excess off first with a very clean and sanitized kitchen scissor just regular scissors but watch out so it’s very clean I just used those pair of scissors only for my fondant pregnancy cake.

So it’s squeaky clean I yeah just be mindful about that okay the rest of the excess fondant as you can see right here I’m just using my little blade tool I think you can say it that way but you see just a sharp – a kind of thing to cut the excess off and don’t mind the rough edges we have here now that’s going to get covered with some very nice rose border anyway so never mind about that it’s gonna be pretty afterward.

I promise you okay now it’s the belly part just roll out your white fondant again with some cornstarch again roll that out and roll quite a big piece of it out so you have a lot of excesses yeah so that it looks very flowy and roughly. yeah, I don’t know how to explain it work but as you can see I overlapped quite a bit of the fun and on top of the pink one and just want the pink and the whites don’t stick together so what you can manipulate it however you want it and make it look very fabric.

A very flowy the axis of the rest of the fondant and on the bottom pattern around the belly pad I just used pizza were to take everything off and the connecting part to the boob I’ve just used blade tool again so yeah there you go take that off and don’t mind dolls those edges too we’re going to cover them again. and make them look pretty so don’t worry about that okay for the other half of the belly since the belly has two sides right here as you can see I just did the exact same thing so just roll out a bit of the white fondant again and yeah watch so that you have enough of the overlapping fondant on top of the belly with the pink fondant right.

There so you can very really manipulate it however you want and it looks nice and flowy and fabric II and the rest of the fun and the excess one just cut that up again with the cutting tool kind of thing okay the bottle for the for the boob part I I told you about I’m just going to use this rose rope silicon more yeah I think you can say it that way I just bought that on I think eBay Amazon I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure you can find similar ones to those easily nowadays/

Okay to use those you just dab a bit of your contacts into the mode so nothing sticks especially when you get them first they’re very sticky and don’t release easily so be mindful about that and depth some cornstarch on that tap the rest of the corn starch out again and then you just press on press in your phone and into the mode.and then you just cut off the excess I just use the little palette knife a plastic one and then you’re going to Rio you’re saying yeah you just throw it out just try to yeah as you consider you.this is delicious and moist pregnancy cake recipe.

Weren’t here try to get it out as gentle as possible if you have have problems with that like I do a nice trick is that you put the whole mode with the phone and in it into your refrigerator again them so that everything firms up nicely and it doesn’t deform so easily maybe that’s helpful for you I should have done that but as you can see it’s not that bad.

So yeah for the connecting part where both boobies meet I just used a different kind of silicon mode with Rose again press that into the mold again with some cornstarch and threw that out again as you can see it’s very easy glue that between the boobs yeah right here and now almost done there you go okay another connecting part with the boobs and the belly apply some sugar glue again or just some plain tap water as I said before and to cover that nicely and make it look nice and neat I just rolled out the pink fondant again in a very long and yeah and it’s not thin but um like a ribbon shape kind of yeah you can see what I mean by here but watching the video.

I guess I just cut that nicely so everything looks very tidy there you go and now I just applied that on the connecting parts of the three parts of my cake and that made everything look quite done and ready and finished and neat and polished so okay there you go very nice cut the excess off again of course on the other side as well and then the last part for me was.

Because I felt like something was missing some depth and some just detail I just used some ivory colored sugar pass and applied those between every one of the roses we just applied with the rose butter there you go and there was it after that I was done finally it’s not that hard if I say so myself it’s not that hard but um it looked very nice.

I was very can you say satisfied happy with the results yeah um the thing was most of my pregnancy cake. and videos is that um yeah about ninety percent of my cakes from the vid video I just baked for the video so after the video I just cut them right up one book was for my neighbors yeah they looked surprised to let’s just say that and the other one was for my parents and the belly one was for my husband and friends there you go that’s the finished result.


pregnancy cake

with pinky touch:

I’m going to be decorating this pretty pink baby belly pregnancy cake now I’ve made quite a few of these in the past they are quite popular but I never get tired of making them they’re so much fun because I get to add my own personal style to it and design a dress even if it is just for a pregnant cake. so I hope you guys enjoyed the video let’s get into it so to begin as you can see I have three different cakes here.

I have a ten-inch round and I have two five-inch rounds now I had to get a little bit creative because I don’t actually have ball pants so I just used my set of stainless steel bowls and I greased them really well and lined them with parchment paper so they pop right out so we’re just going to start by leveling off this pregnancy cake. and then we’re going to layer them so we can fill them with lots of icing do so before we fill our layers we need to attach our pregnancy cake. to our cake board using a little bit of icing and for this pregnancy cake.

I’m using a 19 by 13-inch cake board and once I’m finished that we’re going to be filling our layers with vanilla buttercream. now I’m going to take my serrated knife and we’re going to cut off all this caramelization and we’re going to shape our tops to make them nice and rounded all right so i finished filling my layers and trimming off all the caramelization and it’s almost time for our crumb coat first i’m going to take this little area right here we have kind of a little hole and I don’t want to fill that with all icing so we’re going to take some of our cake.

Scraps and fill up this little hole so we can do our crumb coat all right I got this looking nice and smooth so I’m gonna get it off to chill for a little bit and when we get back we’re gonna color some fondant. and I hope you guys are enjoying this recipe if you are don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons so the pink I’m going for today is just going to be a very light pink.



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