pokemon cake

Pokemon cake:

Hey guys it’s ro welcome to another nerdy nummies I got so many requests from you to make a Pikachu cake so that is exactly what we’re going to be doing today the cake that we’re gonna be making is a pineapple cake recipe it is delicious and the decorations and design are really simple and cute so if you love Pokemon or any of your friends or your siblings loved Pokemon cake.

This may be the perfect dessert creation for you or for them maybe for our birthday party or if you’d like to celebrate the dude detective Pikachu movie whatever your fancy this is the perfect cake for you. all right now let’s get started in front of me are all of the delicious ingredients to make the pineapple cake.

I will be posting all the ingredients and the measurements in the description so if you’d like to follow along and use this recipe you may the first thing that we’re gonna do is whisk together the dry ingredients. we have a bunch of flour and a little bit of salt that’s it so just pour it in bloop and whisk together till well combined after that’s which I’m just gonna now using an electric stand mixer mix together your butter and shortening here we go scoop in the butter.

I like to keep the butter at room temperature so that it’s easy to cream together where’s the shortening and sugar get in here at medium speed get it going all right I ‘ma scrape down the sides now add all of your sugar and mix it up again to cream together the butter and sugar once you’ve cream together the butter and sugar add your eggs. I’m adding eight eggs the whole egg the yolk and the egg white and you may be wondering why are you adding so many eggs and it’s because we’re making three small six-inch round cakes and as the eggs are mixing you can add your pineapple extract now we’ve got our wet

ingredients our dry ingredients and our crushed pineapple we’re gonna add the crushed pineapple. last so set this off to the side over here now add your dry ingredients to your wet I’m gonna add in halves so that I don’t get a big dust cloud that poof’s up oh oh we’re spilling a little bit oopsies .oopsies alright we’re gonna mix in half and then the other half oops let me get that sister over there we go while the batter is mixing you can add the second half of the flower don’t forget to scrape down the sides in between and give it another mix I am flying through this recipe because I love it so much I want a slice of this Pokemon cake.

The last ingredient to add to our batter is the crushed pineapple and this we’re just gonna fold in with a spatula so just scoop it in there oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about and again using a spatula just gently fold in the crushed pineapple so you’re gonna scoop under underneath all the batter pull over and turn scoop under over and turn under over and turn and just keep doing it till 12 corporated we fold it in because you don’t want double crushed pineapple and we want to keep the air the lightness of the batter.

This is a thicker batter you could basically make pineapple loaves of bread so you don’t want to lose any of that air oh right that is ready look at that batter oh the bowls a little messy but the batter is ready we’re gonna pour the batter evenly between these three pans in front of me.

I have round six-inch pans they are greased and lined with a piece of parchment paper at the bottom so that when you pop the cake out after they’ve baked it will not stick a little piece of parchment at the bottom is a pro tip will never stick it’s so wonderful also these are the pans from my baking line there is my absolute favorite I’ll put a link down below if you’re interested in getting these. I like them because I designed them with a bigger lip so they’re easy to put in the oven and take out oh right I’m just gonna be using an eyeballing technique and dividing the batter evenly all the right scoop for you and back again


using a spatula. I’m just gonna smooth out the batter on the top helps it rise and bake a little bit more evenly and then I’m gonna heat the oven to 325 degrees pop these in and bake for 30 minutes you can bake all of these cakes. at the same time so pop them in together our cakes have baked and I’ve given them plenty of time to cool I also leveled each one of them you can use a sharp cutting knife or a cake leveler whatever you have handy and then in front of me I have some buttercream icing in a piping bag that I have dyed yellow and a little round cake plate.

This is the time where you want to pick whatever you want to serve your cake on so if you just want to save it on a regular plate or a cake plate or like a cake a fancy cake stand whatever you’d like to display your cake come on choose now and that will be this and then lastly in front of me I have a turntable to make the icing a little bit easier all right so just place your cake plate down and then I’m gonna put just a dab of icing right in the middle of it so you can pipe this onto your plate or cake stand.

Whatever you got and place your first round circle cake right in the middle that’s gonna help it stays in place and it smells so good stuff like banana bread this is like pineapple bread and the whole delicious I’m drooling so I better hurry up and decorate his cake. all right now we’re gonna ice and stack the cakes the first thing that I’m gonna do is pipe an outline all the way around the Pokemon cake.

I use this technique a lot I really love this it’s basically piping a little fence and then you fill it in with icing I do a zigzag motion now nobody really sees this part of the Pokemon cake. they’re only gonna see it when you cut into the

Pokemon Cake Toppers

Pokemon Cakes

and get a really pretty slice so I try to make it look cute using an offset spatula put some gentle pressure on the top I use this area of the spatula right where the bend is gently spin the turntable around and look how flat that gets also don’t worry if excess frosting comes off the side because we’re gonna ice the entire cake yellow place the second cake on top.

let’s make sure it’s even yeah yeah that looks good then ice again same technique all the way around fill it in using a zigzag motion and smooth it out the last layer of cake goes on top but instead of placing this way you’re gonna flip the cake upside down just like that boom I like to do this.

Because it causes fewer crumbs and it’s really really flat now we’re gonna cover the entire cake with icing. I’m gonna start on the top using the same method as before I pipe around to fill it in I’m gonna smooth it out a little bit and then I’m gonna ice the sides do I use the sides of the cake.

I like to use a piping bag it’s the easiest way that I’ve gotten icing to evenly spread and stick on to a cake before when I was just starting to bake I used to scoop icing and like stick it on the side scoop stick and it just took forever and never looked even and it just like it was just a mess so this is the fastest and easiest technique that I found.

If you don’t have a fancy piping bag you can use any type of Ziploc or sandwich bag that you have at home in your kitchen start at the bottom and just keep working your way up this part. doesn’t need to look perfect because we’re gonna smooth it out with our spatula so don’t worry too much about that I also won’t worry about getting frosting on the plate because with a wet paper towel you can just wipe it up, this recipe is not a dry cake recipe it’s not very crummy.

So I’m not doing a crumb coat when I’m making a recipe that’s a little drier I like to do a crumb coat let it chill and then I would put another coat on but this one is so it’s so soft and as you can see barely any crumbs it is delicious it’s delicious and moist and I don’t know why people have a problem with that word moist is a great thing wouldn’t you want a moist cake a moist chocolate cake what do you want a dry cake if anyone should have a problem with a word it would be dry we’ve got all the icing on the cake.

Now again using a large offset spatula I’m putting gentle pressure on the side and it’s up flat pressed up

against the cake. like this, it’s at a bit of an angle like so and then gently spin all the way around I’m applying very very very gentle pressure because it’s very easy to take the icing off of a cake.


it’s harder to put it back on and still look even so just keep spinning around until it’s as smooth as you’d like the sides are looking pretty smooth and as you can see on the top we have this lip of icing what you do is take your spatula and pull the icing towards you and if you have excess you can just wipe it off towards you once you get your cake.

To be as smooth as you’d like you can either leave it out at room temperature or pop it in the refrigerator to chill one of the reasons I love covering a cake and decorating using icing versus covering it with fondant is that this is the final look and all your little fondant pieces which you can make in advance you just stick to the icing. and the icing itself is tacky enough right now while it’s fresh before it’s chilled or it’s set to just stick your little decorations like little eyeballs right on to the cake. and when you’re making a cute character cake like.

We are the fondant shapes are really simple like circles for the cheeks circles for the eyes and longer I don’t know if you would call these triangles too big surfboards just really basic shapes the only thing when you’re making bigger decoration fondant pieces is you’re gonna want to make these in advance because you want to let them sit out to harden and dry if you make these fresh like right now and we’re gonna stick them in the cake they would droop over like dough so you want to make these in advance I made these yesterday and I just let them sit out overnight and then they’re nice and firm and you can just pop them onto a cake. it makes it really really easy this is also a really cute cake.


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