paw patrol cake
paw patrol cake

Paw Patrol Cake:

We’re going to be making a paw patrol cake today I’ve got this cake shaped like a dog food bowl and hiding inside is a paw let’s get started on this cake tutorial to make the paw patrol cake. we’re going to be using three eighth inch round vanilla cakes the link to that will be in the description box if you need a really good delicious recipe we’re also going to be using four different colors of fondant I’ve got blue red white and yellow we’re going to be using some chocolate prepared cake pop mix this is just chocolate paw patrol to make a whipped cream. crumbs mixed with a little bit of buttercream we need some edible. spray which is silver color this is just like gel paste but in like an aerosol form we’re gonna use it to color.

The shield we’re going to be using some chocolate dry cereal which looks like you know little kibble for a little for little pups. that they might be eating now for the pup paw prints I’ve got some of these larger M&Ms and then some corresponding smaller ones you’re gonna need one large and four smaller for each of the paw prints and then for sky there wasn’t a large pink one so I’ve just got a melting chocolate melting wafer. there now we’re also going to need some nice sky blue buttercream and then some vanilla buttercream I’ll also put the link to that in the description box now what I have down here is a paw patrol cake.

Cutter set I’ll put the link to that in the description box if you’re interested in getting your own set or you could print the logo off from the internet and then just cut out the different pieces and then use that as a tracer so I have two of my baked cakes. here and I’ve leveled off both of them so the top is nice and flat this is a six centimeter or about a 2 inch round cutter and I’ve got it in the center of this paw patrol cake.that’s attached to the bottom I’m just pressing it in about halfway through and I’m going to do the same thing on the other side afterward but with my paring knife. I’m just going to dig in here and I’m going to go around and I want to get out like a little basically like a half-circle here with this if you don’t have a sharp knife you could use a spoon to dig that out just going to want to make sure that it’s all got all those little scraps.

Out of there now repeat that on the other one over here because the is gonna be the bottom and this is going to be the top of the center of the pad of the paw. that’s going to be hiding in the center so I was digging that out again with my sharp knife like that and then we’re going to take our cakepop mixture and what I’m gonna do is fill the hole with two half spheres so I’m just working the dough here and then I’m going to try to mound it and I’m just going to pack it into here until it fills this hole just like that and that’s probably almost perfect for that

paw patrol cake

amount. you don’t want it to be too overflow because we’re gonna go back to the other one and fill it up as well so I’m just going to fill the second hole up and then we’re going to get the buttercream and I will attach the two so our next step is to take our vanilla buttercream now with these layers in between you don’t want to have a very much buttercream the reason is is because you don’t want them to kind of like highlight at one point like when we get closer to the pause there will be a little bit extra buttercream but down in these main ones here you just want enough buttercream here that is just going to have the paw patrol cake.

Stick together so I’m going to just put that boat that much on and now what I’m trying to do is line up my two holes by flipping over my paw patrol cake. and if you put them both in the center they should line up no problem so now we’re going to cut out from here the first line of pause so I have a larger cutter now this is about 11 centimeters in size I’m just going to press it down into the paw patrol cake.

Here too just giving it a little twist to help it kind of get through those layers now I’m going to use my sharp knife again and I’m just going to cut around that area and I’m going to pull out so it’s kind of like a trough or just like a little circle that we’re going to build in here so I’m going on the inside of it of the circle that I laid with the cutter and then on the outside as well and then I’m just going to peel it all out pick it out and then we’re going to fill it up with some more of the paw patrol cake.

Pop mixture so I’m just gonna get this out here now you want to obviously clean that out a bit like this just picking it out and you can lay it down they get it out of the way that will even help fill in any gaps that you might have around your like the cake pop mister stuff so I’m just taking my cake pop mixture I’m just gonna roll it into like little like small little worms you can make these circles. this like is fatter as in diameter as you want to and then I’m just going to press it maintaining the circular shape though into this hole here so I’m just gonna figure finish this up and then we’re gonna get more buttercream so what we’re going to do next is the third and final layer.

So now I have a 8 centimeter wide diameter cutter and I’m pressing it in about half way actually not even halfway because we’re going to cut out a little bit of a divot out of the top and I’m just going around again I’m gonna cut out that this up and then we’re gonna get more buttercream so what we’re going to do next is the third and final layer so now I have a 8 centimeter wide diameter cutter and I’m pressing it in about half way actually not even halfway because we’re going to cut out a little bit of a divot out of the top and I’m just going around again I’m gonna cut out that little like circle area I’m gonna cut this out and pull out all the scraps.

So just like we did before with this previous layer in the second one so it’s kind of hard you got to keep track of when we’re working on the top of the cake the bottom of the cake so this is the what you would consider the bottom of the final layer. and so I’m just going to put my little piece of the final I guess you would call them the toe part here into there like that press that in try to keep it into that circular shape get some more to fill that fine a little bit there just rolling it with my hands making sure that it’s going in there there we go like that press that down as much as you can while maintaining that round shape and then we’re going to go over to our stacked cakes. here and in the center I’m just going to pipe some buttercream like this and then around the outside as well it’s just easier to do it for this one.

Now this is the layer that’s gonna have a little bit more buttercream than the other layer did and then I’m just going to make this cake and again flip it over top and keep it in a place like that so there we go we’ve got it stacked and our little paw print is hiding inside so now that our cake is stacked we are going to take a sharp serrated knife and I’m coming in about a half-inch from the side here and I’m just going to carve down to slope the sides so I’m just going to work on each section here and I’m gonna go all the way down like to the second layer here but I’m not gonna carve anything on that third layer. and I’m just going to work slowly taking off these sides sloping the side of the cake so I’m gonna go around and do this until I get that shape of the dog bowl so I’ve got the paw patrol cake.

Carved and now I have the largest circle that I could find in my cutter set you just want one that’s going to complement the width with which you find your top so I’m just going to press this down probably I’m gonna start at like a quarter of an inch only and you want to be aware of the fact that there’s that little toe at the top of this layer underneath here that we had before so what we’re doing here is just kind of carving out a really small recess area where the little tiny like cereal is gonna go to make it look like the actual dog food is inside so just carving this out again with a sharp knife taking this section out if you end up hitting like a little bit of the chocolate it’s not the end of the world but just try to avoid that we’ll see if I avoided that let’s see oh good so then you can just kind of carve it around take out a little bit more and then to finish off this section of the paw patrol cake. we’re going to cover the entire thing in this nice bright blue buttercream so we’re going to get covering this entirely all over the paw patrol cake.

paw patrol cake

So I’m moving on to my fondant work now so I’ve rolled out a piece of the white fondant I’m gonna take the largest cutter that’s in the kit and I’m going to cut out the is kind of like the outside of the shield that holds everything together like that and then I’m going to cut the bone out I like to do everything that needs white at the beginning because I do find that they’re sometimes transferred from like the mat and from your finger sometimes so I’m just cutting out all these little pieces so these guys are gonna need to pop out and pick them out like. that now you want to set everything aside just to dry for a little bit and over here.

I have a shield that’s already dried and I’m just going to spray it with my silver and it takes a little bit of time to dry as well you just want to coat it with this spray like this and then just leave that to dry and leave these pieces to harden so I’ve got my yellow fondant laid out here and the yellow fondant gets used with the larger letter colors cutters each of the cutters come in two different sizes for the letters so you just want to cut out these ones with the yellow here and then moving to the blue down here is the smaller version of the letter colors.

So I’m just cutting those ones. out and you also with the blue you want to cut out this little paw patrol bone here so I’m just going to press it down and it’s going to imprint that word patrol there and we can cut it out with an Exacto. then over here on the red we’re going to cut out the red with the shield so I’m just going to tidy up my edges here and then we’ll be back with some water and a act as the glue and I’m just going to put it on the back of that red shield here and then I’m just going to put it on top of that silver piece and then the yellow pieces go down first and I’m gonna put that P up there like that and then the blue goes on after that like that slide that guy in place and you can see up here that I’ve got some already completed.

So I’m just going to put those ones on into place now when you’ve got the water on you’ve got a couple of minutes while you can still move it around if you don’t like where you’ve placed it so that’s kind of nice and forgiving briefly now with the bone and put the bone on the bottom here and just attach that down there like that and then the blue part which has patrol written on it we’re gonna put that there and we’ve got our logo all ready for the paw patrol all we need to do now is put the logo on the paw patrol cake.

paw_ patrol_cake
Paw Patrol Cake

And we need to put the little paw prints so we’re going to put the logo on the front and I’ve just put a little bit of fresh buttercream on there so it sticks a little bit better and I’m just going to line up the logo I’ve marked it just really lightly in order so before I can line it up straight there now with a little a bit of additional buttercream I’m just gonna put it on the back of this little mm they’re just going to help to stick kind of the paw in there I’m just going to put the paw prints all around here. you need one of the big ones and then four of the little ones that are going to go around and then the final thing that I need to do is put the little cereal pieces on the top to fill the little divot that we cut out and then while.

I am finishing this off I’ve got another one on the go of course and I am going to put it into like I’m gonna cut it open in order for you guys to see the awesome paw that is hiding in the center of this cake so there you go, everybody, how to make this cute paw patrol cake if you like the idea of hiding different little images inside the paw patrol cake. like I did here with the paw make sure you do stick around for lots of our fun cake and cupcake and cookie recipes.

Paw Patrol Cake Chase 3D.

I’ve had a go at making chase and paw patrol into a 3d cake so I’ve started by printing off a picture of Chase that I want to the size that I want him to be or roughly to the size it’s a bit bigger than a fast so he’s printed on two sheets I’ve taken a kick drum this one’s 15 inches I’ve written it on so I could remember and I’ve also got a cake douse this is a PM a whole lot of paw patrol cake.dowel that I’ve got and I’ve drilled the hole into my cake board it’s the same size as my dowel so that will just slot into there I’ve got a slightly smaller board that I will just put underneath so that should hopefully stop our cake dial going too far down I need a smaller disc.

That’s gonna be about the width of his neck and again a hole in the middle that’s the same as that paw patrol cake dowel now he’s gonna need extra support so I’ve got these large bubble straws and now we’re gonna glue it all together with a glue gun and I’m putting some more glue into the hole and I’m gonna push that dowel into there and give it a minute or two to set sure it’s all stuck firmly together and now to make sure that my paw patrol cake. doesn’t come into contact with any of that glue or bits of the board I’ve got another small board I’ve cut another hole, in turn, I’m just gonna slip that over there just to cover the join because we don’t want any bits of blue in the paw patrol cake.

For mine, I’ve done a Victoria sponge I’ve got a five-inch one that’s about three inches tall I’ve done a seven inch one and another seven-inch one you can find the basic sponge cake recipe in the description box below the video, and if you haven’t already and divide your kicks into layers. I’m just gonna cut each of mine in half and I’m gonna mark roughly where I want them to go so I’ve stacked them all together with a small one on the top and I’m just poking through a thin paw patrol cake.

paw_ patrol_cake
paw patrol cake

dowel just so that I get a mark that runs through them all and I’ve got another piece of cake dowel it’s the same size as the one we’ve already put through our boards and we’re now gonna put a hole in each of our paw patrol cake.using the guide line or the mark that we’ve made from using that fin dowel and we’re gonna put the cream that little bottom board and we’ll start sliding our kicks onto that so you’ll see the hole is closer to the front of the cake than it is to the back or to the middle I’m going to put a bit of buttercream now between each tier I’m not adding too much but room to mine I’m keeping it quite thin because I don’t want it to bulge out so keep doing it till it’s stuck tight enough check it against your template and I’m holding the template against these now just so I can get in the tilt on his back and we’ll trim that off just make sure you’ve got a sharp knife for trimming the paw patrol cake.

Down now if your cake breaks too much you can put it in the freezer for a little bit to firm it up however mine doesn’t fit in the freezer because it’s just a little bit tall like this for mine so I have a look at where his legs go and we’re gonna trim thighs and then down the middle put a line down the center of the body at the front a little V just out with that bit there. and then we need to start shaping so that it looks like he’s got two front legs I’m gonna take a little bit off either side leave the bottom bits quite large for his chunky feet now mine’s not quite in proportion to the actual one keep looking back at your picture to get

paw_ patrol_cake
paw patrol cake

The shape that you want him to be I mean mines not entirely accurate but it’s close enough for what I need so that’s mine so now it’s cut I’m gonna cover the whole thing in a white chocolate ganache you can use dark chocolate on the chocolate ganache if you prefer I’ve just gone for white chocolate on this one again the recipe for this I will put in the description box below the video and you want to try and get it as smooth as you can cuz the lumps and bumps will show through your fondant and now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to place our straws in around the neck or around where the neck will be so can you see I’m just sticking them just either side of that main large dowel. and then you’re gonna trim them down so the same height is the surface of your paw patrol cake.

paw_ patrol_ cake
paw patrol cake

Make sure all four dowels are the same height otherwise, this little disc one sits flat on them so we’re gonna push that on there, and then what I’m gonna do is just add a little bit more of the white chocolate ganache up to there now for mine I’ve got the brown fondant which is actually chocolate flavored I’m just gonna lighten it a little bit in color so I’m adding some white fondant to this as well and I’m just gonna fill in the gap in there just give it a good push in place just so that one won’t icing. him none of that bit peeps through I match and start with this jacket so we want a blue I’ve just dyed this royal blue I’m gonna roll it out since it’s long enough to wrap around the body and I’m just gonna cut a straight edge on the bottom and we’ll try and wrap this around the body making sure you can still see some of his bomb.

At the back cut a line down the middle at the front I’m just gonna try and press it in a little bit just trim around where the top of his leg would go and I’m just going to trim the other bit of the front as well so it meets with the seam we’ve just cooked just keep smoothing it down as you go and then we’ll trim around the neck and now what we want to do is cut out a curve at the top of each leg I’m gonna do the same on the other one next we’re gonna move on to that Brown that we’ve mixed just cut mine into two pieces I’m trying to cut a little bit of a curve at the top that will hopefully fit against the jacket now if you don’t get a perfect seam. don’t panic too much because we will be covering the seam up later so it doesn’t need to cover its feet we’ll cut that off just above the feet and do the same with the other one my blue doesn’t quite go far enough down so I’ve just cut a small rectangle piece that we’re gonna push in place there I’m just try and smooth it into the seam a little bit more without the finger or a modeling tool next.

I’ve died like a honey gold fondant now have to add quite a bit of this and I’ve just taken a few small pieces that we’re gonna roll into sausage shapes and put the front of each foot so you want three on each foot and I’ll give those a minute to dry. while we add some Brown around the bun so again roll a long thin sheet a few brown fondant and place that around the back of him try and get it to line up as much as you can with the seam and the bottom of his jacket and then we can trim around the rest and you will see through now anywhere where I haven’t got a nice neat layer of ganache you’ll see the bumps through so back to some honey gold that we’ve dyed we’re gonna roll it thin and you just want one edge there’s a little bit jaggedy so it looks like fur I did try mine a few different ways throughout thepaw patrol cake.

paw_patrol _cake
paw patrol cake

And then I kept reciting I didn’t like them so I’m trying to smooth it back in with the modeling tool and then push into the tours a little bit so you get a bit more definition and then just trim that around the bottom on the front part I haven’t cut the top in advance and I’m gonna try just pulling it up with my modeling tool to see what difference it makes for a fair effect Susie looks a little bit different to the other one and you’re just gonna repeat the same on the other two feet for the head. I’ve made some rice krispie treats I’ll put links again below and I’m going to squeeze these nice and tight around the pole be careful that you don’t catch the body when you’re doing this just keep shaping until you’ve got a big balloon kind of shape to work on so I’m starting to work now with some modeling chocolate.

Now I realize it doesn’t look like modeling chocolate because I’ve made it with pink color melts on this one and you can see where I tried to take a bit of white chocolate ganache on first and then changed her mind and decided I didn’t want to have the white chocolate ganache on you want her almost put a bit the snout on him and two cheeks and then what I’m gonna do is give him a bit more definition wonder.

They nose so he looks like he’s got a top and bottom jaw just use a modelling tool and your finger to push in then at the moment it looks a bit like a pig it will change when we’ve got him fully finished and then we’re gonna add a little bit more to the front of the head now if you rice krispie treats Oh a little bit soft try pulling the head off and putting it in the fridge for a few hours and then slotting it back on so I’ve just got my honey gold fondant that I’ve rolled out nice and thin and we’re gonna try and press this onto the front of the face now I can see that I should have spent a little bit longer smooth in the front of his face really before adding the fondant just be really gentle when you’re trying to push it into all the little cracks because you don’t want to tear your fondant okay so I’ve marked it where I want to cut it first around the cheeks. and the side of the head and then I’ll run a knife through that and trim that off.

Now I’m gonna put a small line down the center of his nose just pushing a little bit deeper into the sides of his mouth and along the mouth now I’ve rolled some of the brown that we’ve got left from the body well a thin piece wouldn’t place it over the center of his face and I’m just gonna mark on where I want to cut it and then we’re gonna trim and we’ll just push that on nice and firmly in place I’ll trim off any extra that’s gonna come beyond the nose again just using your modelling tool try and drag it out and towards pelĂ­cula fondant looks a little bit like fur and now for to give me the eyes I’m gonna cut out the eye from the template and it just gives me a rough idea of the right size and shape and I’m gonna mark that on the model and tall and then I’m just gonna try and pull that bit of fondant. out and we’ll do the same on both eyes just neaten up the edges looks a bit scary at the moment and now with our brown fondant we’re gonna place that over the back of the head now I haven’t put anything on mine to stick it should just stick to the modeling chocolate that’s underneath I’m just gonna trim

paw_ patrol_cake
paw patrol cake

around the neck area first and just make sure that’s pushed on nice and firmly in place don’t press too firm at the front at the moment because we want to try and feel through where the line is that we cut by the front of the face and then we’re gonna run over that line again make sure it comes rounding a curve above the top of the eye and meets back with the brown piece in the center of the front of the face and then again you can just pull the brown down creating a little fur lines just trim off any extra and we’ll try to smooth out any of those lines do the same on both sides and then we’re gonna use some black fondant for his nose now and you want to try create a little triangle of it and I’ll put that to one side to be dry in for a couple of minutes while that’s drying we’re gonna cut out two eyes using our eye that we cut out earlier as a template and we’ll trim those down stick your eyes and nose in place onto the face and then we’re gonna put some tiny brown dots of fondant. on either side of his nose like so gotta give him some little eyebrows these are just in black so the quite long teardrop shapes that we’ve rolled again just leave a bit of a space above the eyes and stick these on for the zipper. I’ve got some gray that we’re gonna roll out nice and thin and I’m gonna draw a zigzag line all the way from top to bottom don’t go too deep that you cut through it then I’m gonna trim a piece from the center of that that will become the zipper and just push that onto the front of his outfit this should cover the seam that we had and then what I’m gonna do is put a thin piece of blue now at either side of the zipper now you can roll it by hand or if you’ve got clay extruder you can use a clay extruder we’re gonna neat enough around his neck with his color she’s just a piece of black I’ve rolled out nice and thin and true to me at the front we’re gonna cut similar size and shaped ones in blue for around the sleeves

paw patrol cake

on his legs I’ll push those in place go and make sure it covers the seam and when they’re in place we’ll just cut the ends off so it looks like it cooked under his armpits back to his eyes have you used a bit of brown to circles trim a little bit off the bottom of each and then we’re gonna put a slightly smaller circle of black into each of the brown then do tiny balls of white and we’re just gonna stick those into the black bit now of each eye you can push these in place. I’ve just used a little bit of water on the white fondant where I want them to go so starting to take shape now just add a little bit of food coloring around the very edge of the brown now in a little bit of a deeper color I’ve got a chestnut brown on here just try and drag it inwards a little bit towards the black and do the same on both I’m just rolling a really long thin sausage shape it’s just gonna go on the top of each eye this is just a bit darker than the honey gold one and I’m just gonna trim a tiny bit off the top of his head he’s got a flat area at the top of his cap will be now I’m using modeling paste now for the cap itself and I’ve got it ready dyed in black and I’m gonna cut out a large circle on not quite a circle more a semicircle it’s just the front curve we want for it cut out another curve so we’ve got the over moon a crescent shape now because it’s quite heavy I’m gonna add a couple of little pieces of spaghetti to the front of his head where I want the edge of his cap to go and then we would push the cap on we’re gonna push it onto those pieces of spaghetti press firmly either side of the head so to shape this cap. I’ve just got some blue fondant so is this the

same as what we’ve used on the body and try and create a peak at the front of the head make sure it’s not too wide and now I’m really in a thinner layer that’s gonna go all the way over the top try and press it around if you can I’m gonna give it a bit of a crease on the side trim that bit off trim that off at the back I’m just gonna try and pinch around the top edge so it looks like the edge of a cap thin strip of yellow across the front of his hat just as far as where the ears are gonna come to now for the ears I’ve got some Brown but because it’s fondant it’s not gonna hold up very well so we’re adding some tylose powder into this to just firm it up now run it out reasonably thin not quite as thin as what we were doing for covering the cake itself and your pale. pinky or peachy color for the middle of the years that were gonna roll out Finn and I’m just gonna trim around the template once so that another size I’ll cut out the inside bit of ear first stick that and place onto Brown and then trim around that so you can see bit of brown all the way around do the same for both and then we’re gonna stick these on either side if the drumstick can use a bit vegetable glue or water to push them in place I kept having to stret and mine up a little bit until they wanted to stay in that position so that seemed so far now for the bard now had I thought ahead I probably would have iced my board first I’ve made it more difficult for myself by doing it afterwards as I have to try and get this now around the dog so I’m gonna roll it nice and thin I’ve just gone for greens it’s a bit grass like I’m gonna trim it in half and I’m gonna try and create a rough shape of where the paws will go and will push that one in place now sometimes just put a little bit of water on my paw patrol cake. barge as well to stick the fondant on to try and pull that around now I have left a few fingerprints in mine I’m just gonna trim the extra off around the edge and then the back piece you can do the same with train cut back the curve out where he’s bomb will go see if you can pull it round to meet with your front piece of green and then try and roll out the seam you can spend a bit longer than me neatly not your bar just what else to try and avoid all the fingerprints I’ll leave it up to you guys with you enter at the fondant you bought before you start the paw patrol cake.

or afterwards like I have done so little color tags we’re gonna use a grey I’m just using a circle cuz to give me a very rough shape and I’ll use it at both sides I’m gonna trim a bit off the top go a bit smaller actually and then I’ll use the circle color I put it on the top as well I’m going to take a small corner of each side. at the top just using a little round cutter you’re gonna indent around the edge with your modeling tool now I’m gonna put a little par in the middle we’re using a slightly lighter grey so a slightly oval shape for you men big bit and then three small round circles for the toes put the same shape out again in grey only this time I’m gonna cut a smaller version of the ship in blue that’s gonna go in the middle then a yellow star to just go in the center of his badge and just a small circle in the center I’ve just used a piping nozzle for mine and then I want a small piece of grey ready to stick on we’re using some black this time. we want a thin strip cut that down so we’ve got two pieces we use the square cutter to make some little chevron shapes and also a star for each one let’s try and round off the end of each of the pieces of black start with a star stuck on that and then we’re gonna place our yellow pieces on there with just a small gap between each one and then we’ll trim off the edges to neaten them up and just trim the black off the end and do exactly the same through the one okay we’ll stick the one that’s got the poor on on to his hat and now that little gray piece is gonna go onto the front of his color and it’s gonna cover the seam either join it’s gonna cover the join and then the other logo is just gonna go just below that stick his badges on to each shoulder and I’m just use a bit of metallic food paint onto the edges and also onto the PAR. sim with the other one then last of all we just need to do a tail so we’ve got a long teardrop shape in the brown and also the sim again in the honey gold color we’ll try and squeeze those together and then we’ll pull that lines from one color into the other gonna stick that on at the back there he is finished now I made this guy over two days he took me a while to make but it was my first one like this it was a bit of trial and error with him I also have a paw patrol cake topper video.


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