papaya milkshake
papaya milkshake

Papaya MilkShake

today’s that my parameter special is the another super drink move on your night um papaya my ingredient is very simple they cover a very big nice smooth water it’s very big one okay the Papa the papaya flow seminary and modern supermarket is very small and hard.

But this is just right you can see inside soon it’s very very orange color and the soft Chee – okay and a bowler and bottom architrave very very sweet okay and then of course we need Academy sugar because of mine requires very good one.

 papaya shake
papaya shake

So I don’t really need too much sugar but if you buy from supermarket Emison reading it please treat them so you can after the sugar work. whatever you like it and of course I needed some ice cube because it’s a milkshake okay and then milk nobody have big piece of papaya you can make it for three people to drink but I mean me and him.

Papaya MilkShake Recipe

So today we may have a more reach okay sorry it’s very easy yes sir does it have a soft cheek I even can eat them stay away have a move on the papayas the inside go into your Brenda these papayas is so good it just just gettin ready to it even you not make it a smooth then you just just eat them.

Stew they’re waiting for us that’s very good okay then and for me I just I just need the oil and tablespoons of sugar.

Today I use of the brown sugar and some ice cube all together I said I think here out into my glasses to make sure don’t gotta fall okay because you’ve got the papaya know that about 70% milkset I’m going all in and now just bring it in so I just turn your brand easy right.

papaya milkshake

Papaya Shake

So why spend more go to buy phone you don’t know how do they make and hye-jin no ingredie this is deafening in nature and healthy. okay so that is our today’s super drink from Taiwan sir move on your night and how are we always calling 500cc move on your Nile whom are sees you move on your leg and get this drink and any Street and any night market the that is Emerson papaya milkshake or seesaw reach that is a muck mean ask a very long time say why you never want to make it then it’s quite easy one
I just lady okay that isn’t to be obese is move on your life 500 is this a papaya smoosh it then does that thing it is very traditionally we use it a bistro okay then now go to try view whoa ah so nice feeling of filming Taiwan oh yeah so good I hope they make you um you do like how I need to style drink it please try it I promise that you would like it okay.

Is papaya milkshake good for health?

Yes it is very beneficial for the body. specially for the imune system. also very beneficial for the skin.

Is papaya shake good for weight loss?

yes papaya shake is help for wight loss..

What is papaya shake?

it is a smooth shake which is made up of the papayas, milk and the honey.


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