oreo milkshake

Oreo Milkshake

Today we’re doing an insane not challenge but really good oreo milkshake look at all their I mean yeah I mean you guys already saw. but look at it again there’s all kinds of orders here I don’t even know they had freaking Oreo cookie bars for candy bar so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put all of the Oreos into this blender right here we’re gonna put the vanilla bean ice cream into the blender.I’m gonna pack it up with milk we’re gonna recover it in whipped cream we’re gonna drink a whole cup meet in the mirror and then we’re gonna chug this right after you guys might have noticed my new background as well look how frickin white it is pretty white.

Oreo shake

so what I’m gonna do is you guys can send me stuff and I can just put it up on here I got some be something really funny okay it’s gotta be like like you know it’s got to be worthy of the wall hundred thousand not that much it’s only like more it’s like Natalie subscribing is like it don’t forget to torque on the like buns do on bang bang you know they could get everything everywhere in this prices no no you have to twerk on it I guess you can smack it smack it smack you like but before we proceed don’t forget to follow me on snapchat Instagram and Twitter put a complete Charlie

oreo milkshake

experience let’s get into the video.alright let’s get started which cookie should we get started with Birds ah why because I never seen it before first time in seven history or you’re gonna see what the mystery flavor is it does smell like lemons tastes like lemons. – oh it tastes like some kind of weird medicine my mom used to give me so I could become smarter that’s 12 is no don’t try to forget mystery Oreos don’t try to miss.

now we’re gonna try to tell us the caramel salted caramel thins they pretty good you should take one cookie off definitely Double Stuf eve. taste region and put one in there man are you literally just putting freakin cookies in here I’m here we need to cream what the happen there that’s disgusting we need actual freaking Hall cookies with cream I may let me out stop it goodness gracious not at 30% let’s Oreos should we try them maybe 30% less fat I think so they just put 30 percent less cream and seriously what they did why does my brown.

Milkshake De Oreo

that’s seriously what they did guys is just what left cream in it hey this is so that was tough I think but it’s just how it’s supposed to be that’s a regular one yeah it’s disgusting anyway putting them in there yeah I hear you reduce fat we want extra fat no reduced we’ll add it now we do this happening but we’re gonna do the Oreo crunch Barnett chocolate candy bar my bad what inception you know we could have just opened one but you had to go and open to take a little poeple girl from the commercials.

Oh goodness and now it’s nice and soaked you want to date me I was pretty good was putting them in there yeah oh that’s too much so somebody actually have or eat which reminds me we need to make this gluten-free for all you vegan gluten-free non-dairy non GMO eating gluten-free cookies it’s called chocolate vanilla cake but even though it’s just an Oreo in disguise but it is gluten free probably like zero carbs. 0 still sugars – approaching zero everything okay for this can you stop putting so much on me Rach it’s


only one oh those are nice what’s next lemonade each dish oh goodness what happened I got five I’ve never tried apple pie but if it did if I did I know this is how it would tell you this to my god okay guys. I don’t know how but I taste it but I could imagine I smell like good mmm tight tight tight tight tight yeah we put some in there uh next one is delicious that’s a cup of milk there’s like a regular Oreo yeah it does those aren’t sprinkle some arrows also just dot appreciated with pickles Luka no now the dogs in the eat it all right this is a mint Oreo these are always the most nastiest ones.

Because it is a toothpaste yeah I did too I remember one time in school I was under the quired bleachers and there was a bunch of them and I ate them. I think they were really old though because they’re like you just eat stuff.

Oreo Milkshake With Ice Cream

there I found them there okay bhakta auras you eat them accompany it you meet like I can’t even bear company and it says if you find I just eat it don’t guys don’t listen to me now red velvet there you go I got one for you you guys want to know how you dunk a cookie that’s how you don’t get ready I’ll forget your milk okay. you know what my milk looks kind of dark that’s because it was coffee and then before I just tasted creamer enough anyway so you don’t know you don’t the coffee is this how you dunk a cookie.

I hope you guys can see that technique right there oh just look at it from that angle yeah and then you pull it off and you get milk spillage everywhere and you get in your mouth oh my god you’re kind of in taste of coffee. all right anyway and that one and that one you don’t get to tie it try this the white buds coppered those red velvet one good I don’t like then why don’t you eat it huh come on guys out your hat these whatever they were actually they were dark chocolate not director radio just give me a second this sucker right there white fudge over you go ready one two three you guys didn’t see any go.

So what what’s next what’s next all these peanut butter ones usually I don’t like that like I tell you them you don’t like yeah they taste really good let’s go hot chocolate just put it in there take the cookie oh it’s actually really good different point is next though for my your favorite for you yeah yes you tell me what your favorite order from all these oils are what the heck this is can you stop putting them in there chocolate. they’re so good put the mega stuff I was getting double stuff and then I saw mega stuff and if there was a quadruple mega double stuff I look on now.

I’m not eating them anymore because I already have a sugar crash alright where are these gonna put these heads or tails alright yes I have to


chuck the whole Dre Hales I have to chuck the whole drink. I have to chuck the whole drink all right another last one because there are so many fortune cookies in here this is Johnny hope you like chocolate bar it’s too much for me to handle by the way you got to open it properly you got to give it a proper introduction hey now we got a look at this direction there’s a very small handsome boy like something like.

Oh oh I gotta try and shake me they’re freaking Nabisco as well alright get in the base goes name it no Charlie not be schoo now who is it now pika Emira it’s still in here and blend it all off and then at the ice cream to make it really creamy and then add the whipped cream on top. all day and we can bond in this sucker alright let’s turn this off thank goodness it has my finger in there now we gotta get my 16 spoon I could crack your skull with us anyway let’s put some milk in here alright that’s after now we need a whole bunch of ice cream.

Oreo Smoothie

in here oh you mix it and blend it and drink that sucker oh yeah we’re gonna put a lot in there mmm that’s how you know the food is good okay we’re just gonna cut a lot be a chef or your party coffee chef charlie that looks really gross like Bali’s yeah here we go hmm oh yeah look at that dudu looking cream huh yeah that’s actually a really good idea if you haven’t don’t know you need to do it now. I gotta finishing touches of the Orioles yes not an Oriole oh gosh um you know what your drink straw straw straw straw straw good enough now I’m gonna make this so I can


drink it out of every hole in my box other than two and a half and put two in here ready are you ready are you ready yes who wins gets what all the ordeals and whoever there’s a loser has to watch them yellow horse sounds like a plan imma do it Mon – very good except the mystery flavor I shouldn’t even try the Welcome goes in my nose and I can’t breathe I’m gonna die I’m shudder therapy I will continue I will be Tamia who stop troubling the oriole said you have to judge it cookie truly I’m gonna die tonight all right you know that’s and it might be you guys.

Is Oreo shake good for health?


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