I really wanted to make a milkshake milk kind of notorious for being sinful. I guess I don’t know but this is it’s a really nice tasty alternative to like I’m an ice cream based milkshake.

I guess you can consider it more of a smoothie but what it what it does is it reminds me of an orange creamsicle.

Orange shake

If you guys have ever grown up I grew up with the orange creamsicles loved orange creamsicles and so we’re gonna we’re gonna pretty much play off of a couple of those flavors to create our own kind of orange creamsicle milkshake.

So the hardest part of this recipe is to peel the oranges now these are actually mandarins you can use regular oranges.


  • 1 orange
  • 1/5 cup almond milk,cocunut milk,or simple milk
  • 1/3 cup vanilla ice cream

Orange shake

What I like about the mandarins is because after you peel the skin that white bitter part is so thin on a Mandarin that I’m not even gonna bother you know peeling the rest of it.

So if you were doing an orange you kind of try to cut off all of that white part on the outside and get those little segments out this is you know if you’d know how to peel a Mandarin or Clementine.

You can you can do this recipe so that’s it just peel them you can challenge your friends.

You’re gonna do it in one go and that’s it you know just segment your oranges or manners you can do about six of them this size or you know a couple regular oranges or just do a big batch and freeze them.


Orange shake

Because you know these are great you know for you to do it for this recipe or for any frozen four recipe.

So you lay them out on a tray stick them in the freezer and about two and a half hours you have frozen as you would expect you have frozen.

So we’re gonna put them into our blender I reserved a couple behind just in case if it’s too thick or if it’s not you know thick enough.

It’s too thin that I could just add a few more after so oranges frozen oranges number one we’re gonna add a little bit of Greek yogurt.

Which is really really nice Greek yogurt is flying off the shelves difference between Greek yogurt and some of the other types of yogurt is the level of protein.

So definitely higher in protein that’s gonna have the same amount of protein as you know a larger chicken breast and a cup of that Greek yogurt and so like we said with the saturated fat that we want to lower to lower cancer risk.

We’re going for the zero percent milk fat Greek yogurt and just for kind of a different take on it we’re going for an almond milk.

So a milk alternative just make sure it’s four to five so you’re getting some calcium and vitamin D.

So now yogurts in almond milk oranges vanilla now you can go at this a few ways I mean you can always get the vanilla yogurt depends on the yogurt.

I don’t know what they’re usually swinging sweetening them with so easy try to go for the plain but you can do the vanilla yogurt or you can use pure vanilla extract or if you really want to treat your friends you can go for a vanilla bean.

So vanilla bean really really easy to get the paste and that goodness out of it is to use use a smaller knife it might be easier split it down the middle and then you can actually see it off you can see here but you expose those little pods and when you ever get like a good quality vanilla ice cream.


You’ll see those little black pods in there scrape out that’s it so you just use the back of the knife.

You can use a spoon and they get all that delicious vanilla so that’s gonna go in there and that’s I mean for creamsicle orange vanilla that’s what I remember that’s you know as long as it’s not some artificial thing.

I mean that’s pretty close to what it is and this one is optional cardamom ground cardamom so cardamom.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before if you haven’t these green pods using a lot of South Asian cuisine using more and more because it has such an incredible flavor and you can find a ground and what it does is cardamom with vanilla.

I find gives you this intense flavor and it just amplifies the vanilla even more so you don’t need too much a quarter teaspoon and blender up now if it’s too much or there’s not enough liquid you just add more as you go but now this is like a really thick milkshake so I mean you can go for a little that was close and I mean you have this really really nice dessert snack you know after workout drink that’s it orange on top.

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