Nutella milkshake

today I want to share something really quick and easy with you and it is what I like to call my ultimate Nutella milkshake now recently so many of you have been asking me to make more Nutella milkshakes. I went onto my Oreo milkshake video and kind of get an idea for what you wanted and I know a lot of people were requesting a Nutella. one so that’s what we’re doing today I’m calling this the ultimate Nutella milkshake.

nutella milkshake

Nutella shake

because this is how I love to make it based on the ingredients I always have on hand but as always like I always mentioned make sure you tailor everything especially even including this recipe. to what you have on hand what you prefer these are the ingredients I’m using because these are what I think makes just for the best nutella shake.

I’ve got some really good quality vanilla ice cream and I’ve got here some hazelnut chocolate chunk gelato. now I always have hazelnut gelato in my fridge or my freezer I should say because I love hazelnuts I love anything he’s on that flavored. so I always have some one hand which is why I like to use a scoop here because Nutella is made from hazelnuts so that flavor kind of carries through but if you don’t have I don’t go to the grocery store to make a specific purchase for this recipe. just use another scoop of vanilla and you’ll be fine and you’ve got some Nutella whole milk and some sweetened condensed milk.


nutella milkshake recipe

now I always have three condensed milk open in the fridge I’ve mentioned this a million times I love sweetened condensed milk I have a friend of mine who likes to put it in her coffee so I always have some open because it does stay in the fridge for a couple of weeks. if you seal it properly in a jar or what now then you can also keep it in the freezer just a heads up like in an ice cube tray. okay so enough chit-chatting we’re gonna get going really easy and simple.

I mean really much harder it can get to just putting everything in a blender take your Nutella. now this makes 1 or 2 depending on how much of the nutella milkshake. you want to consume you’re pretty much gonna put everything in here I’m just using this other spoon here come on to get it all off and I’m going to just save that for myself the sweetened condensed milk just adds such lovely richness. I cannot even tell you I love it love it love it always have my pretty much my whole life and then the ice cream.


milkshake de nutella

I’m also going to add just a smidge of the milk only about half of this for now and I this is for me by the way uh-huh have to do it Wow just do it just do a spoon of condensed milkshake de nutella and retail together amazing ok I’m going to pulse this I’m sure I’ve got a really creamy mixture. I don’t like to let this go too far because otherwise that heat from the blender will melt everything and that’s not good.

so I’m going to pulse until I have it to my desired consistency now sure you wouldn’t get there look at that and the chunk of ice cream you know when you get that chunk of ice cream. you’re like you don’t even know what to do with yourself.

Because as you like slipping in your straw you kind of get it and it’s just like I don’t know it’s the best but look how frothy and thick that is see I didn’t add all my milk I just added about a half of it it just really depends on how thick or how loose you want it but it is is on that heaven it is Nutella heaven hmm if you want to make the ultimate Nutella milkshake. whether you’re having a slumber party with your girlfriends whether you want to just treat yourself to something really special this is the way to go.


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