Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing bundt cakes oh my god now I am a chunky monkey and I do love cakes. I love anything sweet I love anything sugar. today I’m going to review I think it’s eight different kinds of bundt cakes eight or ten so anyway okay what you do when you go in there if you guys have never heard of this place before it’s called nothing bundt cakes.

like bundt cakes isn’t that so cute and it’s adorable store the girls that worked in there I mean were they were so nice they were fantastic. they were so helpful to me and you can buy bundt cakes. in several different sizes in there you can get the really small ones I’m going to show you and this is actually there’s 12 in here and this came to like I think 1995 and I just wanted to do n to trial sizes.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nothing Bundt Cakes


  • 1 package devil’s food cake mix
  • 3/5 cup sour cream
  • 1 box chocolate instant pudding
  • 4 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ΒΌ cup butter, softened
  • 2 cups powdered sugar,

Nothing But Bundt Cake

but they look like little cupcakes but they’re actual but cakes but okay so anyway and then you can buy them they’re about this big and they’re 495 and then you can buy bigger ones and I’m not sure how much those were the store is adorable okay. it looks like a simply chic kind of bakery it has it just looks like somebody is having a birthday party and there is absolutely adorable so they were so nice they put it together for me it took about took them about 15 minutes.

This is a sordid it says and here’s a sordid then the only ones they couldn’t put in here is that they actually have gluten-free cakes as well and they couldn’t put those in there because um they didn’t have them like in that small size so this is everyone and I have not opened it yet because I wanted to open it on camera but this is supposedly every one of the nothing bundt cakes including their limited edition which right now is snickerdoodle which is like one of my favorite flavors of life.

Nothing Bundt Cake Austin

I love snickerdoodles I love to do this on a snickerdoodle. if you watch me what do you call it if you watch my cinnamon shortbread Frappuccino review from the Starbucks I said it tasted like a snickerdoodle what you did I love summer girls but I love more than anything when I was a little kid I would put like my mother she burnt every cookie in the world. okay, she always could she’d say I like the burnt ones and I’d be like well mom you always burn the cookies so of course you’d have to like the burnt ones but I like to put the little you know the fork you do that in peanut butter cookies.


But you do it in snickerdoodles too so any way we’re gonna open this up here we go I’m so excited I haven’t looked at her yet but she said that one here it would have a cake Mac okay Mac can you even believe a cake map that would tell you what every nothing bundt cake is so here.

I’m gonna open it actually just on camera so you guys can get the first impressions oh this is so nicely done now I just fingered the frosting I feel like I can feel it okay so one of them oh my god it smells Oh smells so good, okay some of them are a little trunk over probably from the car here is the cake Matt can you even believe it okay so when you open this little thing now in the store they like in a round thing but you see this oh my god that might be my thumbnail cuz that is so fantastic okay step the flavors that we have on here are nuts sea carrot I love carrot cake.

Nothing Bundt Cake Flavors:

Chocolate Chip,Classic Vanilla,Red Velvet,White Chocolate Raspberry,Confetti.Carrot,Lemon,

Nothing Bundt Cake las Vigas:

a chocolate chip confetti feature flavor okay that is the feature flavor. where’s that that’s the snickerdoodle I got to this is I love snickerdoodle so much okay um lemon marble pecan praline Oh red velvet.

I’m not a huge red velvet theme so we’ll see if I like that classic vanilla and white chocolate raspberry.oh my god okay I don’t even know you guys I don’t even know where to stop today with Delta Burke on lifetime where she was a gambler and her friend Mike came into the casino and she tried to get her out of there and she like want to progress it and she didn’t want to leave I said to relate to this movie but she was like her friend was like come on it’s time to go that’s me with these okay that isn’t it these bundt cakes.

I cannot stop so I’m so excited about this where should I start I think that I should probably just start with the classic vanilla don’t you think okay so this down here oh my god you guys look at how adorable these are so cute now I’m gonna be that person that literally like in a box of candy takes a bite out of each do you guys do that, okay I also have my coffee from Starbucks none of this is sponsored by the way it’s a venti iced coffee with two equal had to go backs the two equal so anyway,

My trainer is not very happy about that but you can get over it okay so I’m just gonna take a little bite out of each of these all right well I might go back but we’ll see so here is I know I haven’t had a bundt cake I don’t know the last time I had a nothing bundt cake anyway I mean it’s not like I eat bundt cakes regularly do you I mean if you do let me know.

Because that’s kind of weird don’t you think okay oh my god tastes so good a case straight up like wedding cake I mean it tastes so good you guys I am taking these over to my best Judy’s house Tonya Jean she’s gonna Jim you let water are these half-eaten gonna be like it just get over it and try it you’re gonna die oh my god the vanilla.

I would get like a 4.5 out of 5 like it tastes like wedding cake it is so good you guys I didn’t realize what I was missing out on all this time okay I’m just gonna go in around so the next one I’m gonna try it’s the red one so that was vanilla so this is the red velvet now like I said I’m not a big red look at that so I need to get like a really decent thumbnail so hold on a second because when I got that white in front of me that’s not gonna be my thumbnail.

But it doesn’t really matter it has it okay Missy when I have this white in front of me the camera look what the camera has it like I hate that so anyway okay let’s try the red velvet I love these little like nothing bundt cake things too I think I have one up here somewhere like I said my mom used to make bundt cakes or did I say that in my blog I was talking about going there and getting it my mom she was a horrible Baker.


nothing bundt cakes mason

she couldn’t make anything to say well I’ve always burnt everything and she was a great cook which couldn’t bake there’s a difference right but she couldn’t make nothing bundt cakes mason and she had this like I bet it’s down here somewhere that’s my husband threw it away no see it actually but she had this bundt cake thing was yellow mmm was like chips on it or something that tastes like it’s got chocolate chips or something or nuts in it.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Or something it’s still red velvet I see I’m not a red velvet fan and there are they’re like our nuts or something in that could you like nuts but I’m not a rival with him we’ll put her back there okay the next one is the limit now a little unknown fact about Peter mine I am obsessed with living cookies I send in a vlog that I’m like obsessed with does old-fashioned archway limit iced cookies can I tell you how many people sent?.toast he via Walmart I was so excited it wasn’t very good for my diet but who cares okay.

So I’m really excited about this I love anything women mm-hmm oh my god that is so fantastic I’m literally standing in a lemon garden oh my god can I just tell you that this frosting is unbelievable that is on here I could literally just eat containers of that the lemon is good she’s another 4.5 okay I’m gonna be so ready to be done with these by the time we’ve done CCC chocolate chocolate-chip.

Nothing Bundt Cake Fresno

now I’m not a big chocolate chocolate-chip fan so we’ll see what I think of this I don’t dislike it it’s just not my pick you know I mean like I would never turn down a chocolate chocolate chip cookie I mean who would you’re an idiot if you do the only way I taste the frosting more than I taste a nothing bundt cake Fresno Emma actually let me get some without the frosting it’s not really that chocolatey for being chocolate chip mmm.

I would get that one about a three out of five okay what’s the next one did I just move the camera okay hold on a second don’t try to cheat wer what does that stand for a white chocolate raspberry okay let’s try this one this should be interesting that you think mmm smells.

So good I really did not think this would be one of my favorites honestly it’s so funny when I’m looking in here now it’s like they’re all like half-eaten but the white chocolate raspberry is so good. I’m gonna be on no frosting high here in SLO bed my name’s Peter and I’m a dick Turner frosting okay the white chocolate raspberry.

Nothing Bundt Cake Calories:

the total calories in the nothing bundt cake is carbs is carbs info is carbs info is also 48g.

I would give a four-point two out of five I think it’s delicious okay let’s see the next one um pecan frankly now y’all know okay having watched the shoe cake one that I love pecan praline things so we’ll see oh that is really good I almost come do you know what’s really nice about these is that honestly the way they look like the frosting is really good but it’s not like too much and the cake is not like overkill it’s very subtle like all of the flavors are very very subtle it’s really fantastic it’s not too much like I’ve gone to other cake places where you go and it’s literally like they give you like a big thing a cake and by the end really I cannot do this like.

Nothing Bundt Cake Southlake:

I can’t eat anymore you know or cut cupcake places like when you get a cupcake in it I mean it looks great like you’re a bite and they’re going like this isn’t bad like this is really doable like honest to god look if you were gonna have like.

I don’t know like a lunch tea or a dinner party and you’re gonna get one of these like each person can have a slice and it wouldn’t be too much honest to god okay let’s see the next one is confetti who doesn’t like a little confetti cake right I did okay now that tastes totally just like birthday cake it’s kind of a little bit of taste on the cheap side honestly.

because it’s confetti cake but but I do love confetti cake I do oh my god that’s good I mean it just tastes like somebody whipped up some cupcakes out at home I’d give it like a three eight out of five I wouldn’t say it’s anything fantastic all right the next one is the snickerdoodle this one is one of them that I am the most excited about this is our limited edition right now please hold I need it mmm Clinton’s my ballot.


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