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Today I make my version our mocha ice cream. so we’re going to start this ice cream recipe off by premium some cream cheese.


1 cup milk

2 cups cream

115g/4 ounces cream cheese

2 shots espresso

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1-1/2 cups sugar

1 tbs vanilla extract

1/2 cup chocolate chips



So into a mixing bowl I’ve take some cream cheese 1.5 cups of sugar and of course we’re just going to add cream on this at low speed until it’s completely combined.

okay now that that’s well combined I’m going to pour in one cup of milk followed by two cups of cream take a nice thick and cream whipping cream.

That’s really up to you then about a tablespoon of vanilla extract and again using a stand mixer we’re gonna whip this up until it comes up nice and thick.


Okay so I’m gonna whipping for about four or five minutes and it’s just at that stage where it’s at soft peak stage now.

You don’t need more than that just yet because next we’re going to add one tablespoon of cocoa powder and then we’re going to place in our shots of coffee and then we’re going to continue to whip this up until.

We get to a stiff peak stage okay lastly know the other ice cream churner feel free to use that it works just as well otherwise we’re just going to pour it into a sealable container.

Then we’re just going to seal it up and place this into the freezer as you can take about four to five hours to set but what I want you to do is every hour for the first four hours.



Just whip it up with a hand mixer that’ll just keep a nice and fluffy okay so this is the fourth time I’ve mixed it now with a hand mixer as you can see it is nice and thick it’s like a soft-serve consistency.

So now optionally if you want to add some chocolate chips to it now I’m just going to add in half a cup get a full cup of your like and just simply carefully fold it through just so we keep all the air in the mixture.


Okay so once follow through we’re just going to cover it up again and we got a place in the freezer say overnight or for a good six hours to completely set yeah taking our icecream ala fries off of dished some up and it tastes delicious.

So it’s definitely not the standard ice cream recipe but by adding the cream cheese it really does take it up a notch.


So it is still incredibly creamy without added chocolates and the added coffee this mocha ice cream tastes simply delicious.

So for all your coffee lovers out there give this a go because it really is a fantastic treat.for the milkshakes recipes click on the milkshake.


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