mint milkshake
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Mint Milkshake

I showed you how to make mint milkshake. And what I do this year here is harder like same instead. I’m just going to top it up a bit more and make it look even more delicious and then it is kind of like shamrock shake.


100 grams of mint m&ms, 500 ml of vanilla ice cream, 300 ml of whole milk, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, Green food coloring, paste Heavy cream.


I have some mint M&Ms in this time so that if you started what I’m going to use so much sham rock inspired  milkshake. is some whole milk some heavy cream.

That I just whipped some ice cream some vanilla extract and then some mint M&Ms and then some green food coloring paste piping bag with a tip out here and then kind of like a wooden stick.

And if you only have regular M&Ms you add a few drops of peppermint or mint flavor or extract so before I make my look shake.

I’m just I have to do to make the cream on the top look even better so I have a wooden stick here and then my pirate bag with a tip and then some green food coloring paste.

And I’m just going to add my stick down there and then I am going to draw some lines in here just as good as I can just like that I’m just going to add my heavy cream in and then it is really for this tough.

Mint Milkshake

So I have already added my M&Ms into my bloody here and now I’m just going to add in my whole look and then in we might vanilla extract and now in my ice cream and now just to give it a bit more of the green color.

I’m just going to add it a tiny bit of my green food coloring paste and now I’m just going to blend it for more then 20 to 30 seconds and then it is ready to be served with my green heavy cream on the top.

So guys we hope you enjoyed my shamrock shake inspired milkshake with my mint M&Ms in and it’s just so yummy

mint milkshake


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