Minnie mouse cake
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Minnie mouse cake:

all right so you need three different shades of pink okay so what I did is I would make I made my buttercream and then I put a few drops of pink and took some air out then I put a couple more drops of pink and mixed it and then I took some more than with the remaining buttercream. that was in there I put some more pink and put the rest in this bag so that’s how I got my three shades of paint then I had a little bit of leftover.

So I put that here which is fine because I like to let’s just get started okay so I like to secure my hairs tied up before this video okay this is a tutorial this is going live people are gonna see me pull my hair down alright so I put frosting on the Minnie Mouse cake.

Horse because I don’t want my cake flying off so you get your first cake later. okay so I’m gonna jump in and explain so I am starting to crumb coat now that I already put my frosting in between the layers it’s time to crumb coat your Minnie Mouse cake. how to make whipped cream?which basically makes it like a naked cake okay oh I’m sorry to put it in the fridge for like I don’t know 15 minutes and then we’ll be back.alright.

So I’m starting the process here with the dark buttercream first on the bottom and then the middle will obviously be the medium buttercream and then the top will be my light pink. okay so with a bench scraper you start to smooth out the cake and it should all start coming together there will be a few gaps where you’ll have to add buttercream.

Minnie mouse cake:

Especially for me like at the top there was like a lot of gaps for the light pink but I went ahead and you’ll see that you fill in the gaps in you just keep on scraping gently okay so here we have a Minnie Mouse cake edible image this is from my edible printer icing ink icing inks ink your cakes. okay and like the quality is amazing I love it this is on a frosting sheet.

So what I’m gonna show you is okay we’re going to turn a little Minnie Mouse around. and with some light corn syrup, you’re just gonna put a very thin layer on the back like with the brush and hit that on the buttercream cake. and I used a barrier okay you’re using the light corn syrup as a barrier so Little Miss Minnie doesn’t get like absorbed or like the colors get all screwed up barriers guys, okay.

So I put a little bit right here and I’m not putting it on the entire mini because as you’ll see and I’m using one hand as you’ll see she isn’t gonna take up the whole Minnie Mouse cake. I don’t know if I could do this recording I need both hands okay so do you get the gist of it I’m gonna put my phone down okay so now place her on the Minnie Mouse cake.

Minnie mouse cake

starting from the bottom I’ll put her over here okay and then gently padding okay I’m there you have a little miss Minnie on an ombre cake, okay so I felt like I was missing something so we’re gonna do a little swirly effect all right so the medium in a new piping bag I’m sorry the dark okay. Hey Wow don’t shake it too hard it’ll get on your floor, okay so there is an ombre effect to this.

Minnie mouse cake:

I don’t know if you see it but and you know what can happen in ease ears are flopping back so let’s do to hold it all together I’m running out there it’s not a good spot to run out like at the front of the cake okay so much better you

Disney’s Minnie Mouse Ruffly Cake Tutorial!

I’m gonna be showing you how I made this super cute and Minnie Mouse cake. so let’s just get right into it so I’m gonna kick things off by making my topper I have a template where I’m gonna link the one that I use below.

I broke that down into the basic shape of her head as well and then I cut that shape out of some corrugated plastic I’ve rolled out some black fondant and I’m smoothing that over at the top of the head as best I can and then along the sides as well.

I’m using my smoother to help me out and then I’m cutting away any of the excesses with my Exacto knife. you want to make sure the

Minnie mouse cake

sides are covered here if you’re having any issues with sticking to the top of the plastic you can add a little bit of shortening or piping gel and it just blues right on there I went around and just cleaned up any of the rough edges smoothed. it out got into all the little nooks and crannies.

You can see the back here it’s not covered at all so I’m gonna fix that in one second I basically did the exact same thing on the other side and then I just ran my finger over the seam where the black fondant met just trying to smooth it out as best I could next I’m breaking down my template into the larger pieces.

Minnie mouse cake:

Like the face and the bow and then rolling out some ivory fondant I’m gonna cut out the face shape and I just added a little bit of extra on the top where you can see where it cuts off and because I was going to be doing a little bit of shaping with my fondant I did roll it out a little bit thicker than I normally would nothing crazy about a quarter of an inch.

I’d say I use my template to place that down again just using a little bit of shortening to attach and just smooth down any rough edges I’m tracing over the features on my template using my exacto knife and then with my soft Barnett tool.

Minnie_ mouse _cake
Minnie mouse cake

I’m just going in and deepening those lines. I carefully cut out both of the eye holes I know it sounds creepy and I also cut out where the mouth is gonna go I started to add the rest of the features using my template.

I will not blow you with the blow-by-blow description. you can just see here that I’m just slowly building up the face I did the exact same thing with her bow using my template to cut out the shape and then once I added that line in the top there I just used my finger to smooth it down towards the top.

Minnie mouse cake:

Because this is going to help me create more of like a 3d effect. I used a piping tip to cut out circles of white and then placing those on there for the polka dots just adding a couple towards the edges as well and trim them down before I add the bow I’m going to go over all the lines.

I made on the face with some black color dust and a fine tip paintbrush that I’ve just used the crevices so it’s kind of fluffy but also kind of a fine tip I’m going in all those lines and this just gonna add a lot more definition it’s kind of hard to see some of the lines I’ve created and this just makes it pop.

I used a really fine tip paintbrush to go around the eyes and then I also use that same paintbrush to draw on the eyelashes a pop to the bow on there and then I added a couple of little balls of white fondant into either eye for the catchlights to make the ruffles for my Minnie Mouse cake.

I’m rolling out some white fondant and I have a flower cutter here and I just punched out about a zillion of them. I placed each one on to a foam mat that I just brushed with a little bit of cornstarch.

So it wouldn’t stick and then I’m grabbing my balling tool and I’m going over each petal and just thinning out the edges I took each flower and kind of fold it in on itself I tried to scrunch them up in different ways they didn’t all look exactly the same and then

Minnie mouse cake

these ruffles. I’ve already got both my cakes ice and covered in fondant I need to see how to get here I’m gonna link those videos down below I have to add some supports into my six-inch base. so I’m flying some bubble straws just spacing them up evenly and then trimming them down so the tops are flush with the Minnie Mouse cake.

Minnie mouse cake:

I added a Shamir of buttercream just a thin layer and then I’m popping on a four-inch white tier I brushed the back of each ruffle with a little bit of water and I’m going to start going around the base of my cake just going layer by layer the closer you pack them together obviously the more like roughly. and full its gonna look but you can do whatever you want once I was satisfied with my ruffle application I just added some more polka dots on the bottom just spacing them out as evenly as I could to make it so my topper can go on my Minnie Mouse cake.

I need to add some skewers they actually just fit nicely into the corrugated lines in the plastic if you find that it’s really Wiggly you can just add a little bit of fondant in there and then press the skewers end this just makes it so you don’t have to add another piece of fondant on the back if you weren’t able to get corrugated plastic you had to use something else or you just used fondant and let it dry you could just attach the skewers to the back of your topper.

I cut out my number with some black fondant and then with some thinner red fondant I’m draping that over at the bottom half I cut out two circles for the ears and then just took a notch out of each one so they fit nice and snug against the top of that – I made a teeny little bow for the top and then started adding my polka dots. I slid my topper into the center of my Minnie Mouse cake.

Minnie_ mouse_cake
Minnie mouse cake

and then placed my two on the front very carefully with a little bit of shortening and then to finish it off I’m just rolling out some white balls of fondant adding them to the base of my 4 inch tear.and this was the final result guys I get a lot of requests from in emails so I hope this does it for you I think this cake turned out super cute and would be very adorable for like a first birthday especially thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you in the next one



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