I’m going to show you how to make corn flakes and milk chocolate browns now I know you’re probably questioning why your Hanul after reading this and you’re probably thinking. why in the world would you make a milk chocolate brownie recipe? and call it conflicts and milk well here’s my attempt to explain why I chose to make this recipe.

I’m the kind of person that gets bored very easily with food especially with a lot of things really like I need something new every single time I eat the same thing. every single day I’m gonna be bored and I will not be able to look at that for the next million years just breakfast always been like my soul foreign because I never know what to eat so there was this time where I would always eat conflicts and mirth. because hey it’s really easy like Bowl conflicts milk done but no that cannot happen every single day and I found that out when I couldn’t eat conflicts and milk for another day I couldn’t even look at it I really wanted something decadent and something really sugary chocolatey and delicious.

So I started eating brownies to me that well brownies taste. good conflicts and milk are delicious looked at the milk chocolate brownie recipe.make whipped cream. and I knew there were corn flakes and milk and I was like well why not just bring them together like milk chocolate brownie recipe. in a way that could resonate with conflicts and murica – real dark opposites but they come together really beautifully in this recipe and I really hope you give it a try because it’s just quirky and you’ll like it.

Here’s how you make the recipe over a saucepan with simmering water I’m going to put a bowl with my dark chocolate chunks and butter and give it a good mix also make sure that the water does not touch the top of that bowl. it’s just about 1 inch or so and it’s simmering it’s not even boiling it’s just simmering and I’m just going to mix it all till it becomes nice and molten when there are just a few chunks of butter and chocolate left I’m going to take it off from that

Milk Chocolate Brownie
milk chocolate brownie recipe

saucepan and let it let the residual heat melt the rest of the chunks of the butter and chocolate. because I don’t want to seize the chocolate in any way or heat it to a temperature that’s unnatural for the chocolate to be heated to so once that has happened and it’s nice and silky and smooth it’s time to add this sugar because while the mix is still hot the sugar will start to melt.


  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 2/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 3/5 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1/3 cup canola oil or extra-virgin olive oiL
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 3 tablespoons water


I’m gonna change my spatula for my whisk and give it a good whisk till it all comes together once that has happened I will also make sure that the sides of the bowl are quite cool before I start adding the eggs in and I’m also going to add them one at a time and give them a generous whisk. because that’s what will give you a lovely crackly top when the brownies bake in the oven so once I’ve added my final egg it’s time to add it the rest of the ingredients so I’m gonna add my vanilla extract again give it a good mix. and once that has happened it’s time now to add my dry ingredients.

So I’m gonna sift in the flour and milk powder and now the decadent cocoa powder as well give it a good mix shuffle it all in and then I’m just going to mix till it’s well combined and not go overboard I do not want to whisk at this stage and just mixing till it all comes together very gently once the batter starts looking more like a brownie batter that’s uniform and thick and luscious it’s time to add the magic ingredient that will add an incredible amount of crunch.

Milk Chocolate Brownie
Milk Chocolate Brownie

To these brownies that’s my beautiful conflicts they go into the batter and you again you just mix it until they are just combined at this stage I also want you to pay attention to preheating your oven to 170 degrees Celsius it needs to be nice and hot by the time your brownie batter is ready at least 10 minutes well in advance so I’d say before you start making your batter or your recipe go on and pre-heat your oven.

I have a nine-inch by nine-inch baking pan which I have lined with parchment paper so I’m just going to pull all of my brownie batters into this pan and just sew and just smooth out the surface with my spatula this will now go in the oven for twenty-two minutes it could be a minute or so more or less depending on how your oven works once it’s out of the oven I’m going to let it cool completely just insert a skewer and it should come out clean to check for the doneness of this brownie once it’s out of the oven after they’ve cooled completely.

I’m just gonna slice them into nine pieces and they’re ready to go these are best served with a glass of milk poured over the brownie so what happens is the brownie absorbs all of that milk. so you get the incredibly decadent and fudgy taste from the brownies. and also the surprising conflicts and milk flavor as well it just makes it beautiful so that

Milk Chocolate Brownie
milk chocolate brownie recipe

is it guys that were my recipe for conflicts and milk chocolate brownie recipe. now again like I stated before if you’re not feeling very adventurous some day and you’re like you know what I would love to make conflicts and make milk chocolate brownie.

But not today just completely take out the conflicts and milk element that’s the milk powder and the conflicts out of the recipe and you have a really chocolatey fudgy decadent delicious chocolate brownie you will never lose with this recipe. it’s a win-win for both situations you guys now that you have the recipe in your arsenal well the recipe is on my blog so you just have to click the link in the description below in the description box below you will also find a link to all the baking paraphernalia that I have used the elements that go into it so whether it’s the brownie pan the ingredients.

with fudgy one taste:

the bowl and yeah so you know yeah let’s just keep on doing this okay guy so I accept the camera open every fall so and then I’d add three tablespoons of water. so I have one to one and a half cups of vegetable oil. so let me get that sorry guys I said one and a half cup I make just a half cup okay.

So now I’ve finished that I need two eggs which I’m gonna go eat okay got my two eggs two so hard to mix the singing so they get everybody we did it be any trucks. already back there so that’s gonna be mixed right here okay guys so I’m gonna grease it the others are also still preheating.

So this is good hey that’s my grease to him and now I’m going to make my batter and just pour it in let’s go okay guys so I it looks really probably actually we still have a bit of better life it’s gonna be a bit of a hassle so check it out and guys I’m not finished yet. I’m going to add I’m gonna add some chocolate chips don’t worry the counters clean just a bit dumping and my hands are clean. obviously,

I think that’s enough okay guys so we’re gonna not put this in the oven because it’s finished yet so while I wait for that oven to finish reheating I’m gonna wash my dishes so see you guys when I’m done with that all right guys so basic we do hotpot okay but the time yeah so I’ll basically see you guys when everything’s done.

Milk Chocolate Brownie

so yeah I’ll see you when they’re done and yeah um now when they’re done but like I’ll check in when I’m gonna check in so I’m a check-in in ten minutes and then after those Simmons. I’m checking in every five minutes so yeah let’s go see you later all right it just randomly started raining but anyway another check-in with the milk chocolate brownie.

Oh I’m not gonna die okay that’s how they look I’m gonna do it again I’ve never porky here grab it Oh start dying but I didn’t I blow that I was thinking about in my head – they’re good how that matters yeah now they’re not done so I’m gonna do what’s down guys so basically they just finished I don’t think they’ve done.

So I’m gonna check them. let’s grab this and go-go I honestly it’s so high goes right into my face like okay-check these out oh it’s clean had to start off something okay these are really for my family okay I’m just checking them they’re pretty much ha clean the fork off real quick. I basically just did five minutes because it’s not totally done as you saw over there so yeah shoosh alright guys hopefully

Milk Chocolate Brownie
milk chocolate brownie recipe

this is the last check-in okay-check them out now I need to find a place for them so I’m gonna move the camera but here they are I have a lot there’s a lot of little holes in them because of the fork to make sure that they were done so I guys so basically arm they run so yeah they look pretty good so yeah I’m not gonna taste. them yet because I’m gonna cool down obviously so they’re cooling down. and I’ll hit you guys up later when I try them you.


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