mermaid cake

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Mermaid Cake:

I’m going to be showing you how I made this mermaid cake let’s get right into it I’m starting out with two six-inch round cakes. that I’ve cut in half and I’m going to be filling those with some Swiss meringue buttercream using my small offset spatula I’m making sure that my layers are nice and even and then once my mermaid stacked up I’m going to apply a thin coat of my buttercream all around the outside to act as a crumb coat.


  • 950g chocolate cake mix
  • 5 cups icing sugar
  • 500g butter
  • 9 Tablespoons milk
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla essence
  • Blue food colouring
  • 2 x Jube lollies
  • 7 brightly coloured lollypops
  • 1 x Barbie doll or similar

I’m going to put that in the fridge for about 25 minutes to set up once I could touch the buttercream and none of it came up on my fingers. I knew that it was ready for the final ice so starting with the top of my mermaid cake. I added a nice amount of buttercream and then using my spatula and my turntable I’m just going to smooth out the top until it’s nice and level I added a thick layer of buttercream all around my mermaid cake. and then I’m using my bench scraper to go along the sides and smooth them out. for all of the buttercream that accumulated on the edge of my mermaid cake. .make a whipped cream.I’m just taking my small offset spatula again keeping it level and dragging the buttercream into the middle my mermaid cake. is going to go back in the fridge and next I’m going to start on my fondant.

Mermaid Cake:

I’m rolling out some white fondant on my cornstarch work surface and I’m going for about an eighth of an inch thick once that’s ready to go I’m picking it up with my fondant roller and draping it over my chilled cake and then I’m just working quickly to use my hands and my fondant smoother to push all the air out to the top of the cake and then just moving down the sides pulling out the skirt and all the pleats until I reach the

mermaid cake
mermaid cake

bottom I went over the whole thing one more time with my fondant smoother and then for the excess at the bottom I just use my pizza cutter to cut that away my cake .is going to be two tiers so I want to add some supports I have some straws here that I’m spacing out evenly and then I’m going to cut those so that they are flush with the little mermaid cake.

I added a schmear of buttercream to help my top tier adhere better and I have a four-inch tier that I buttercream and covered in fondant the exact same way I did my base and just going to quickly lift that up and place it on top my cake is chill just like handle it with my hands but if you’re not sure about it you can just use a cake look there now for the fun part I get to move on to the decoration.

So I’ve rolled out some teal fondant. and then using my cutter I’m cutting out a bunch of circles which are going to be my scales I repeated this exact same process with some light purple fondant and some gold and yellow fondant for the purple and teal skills I wanted them to pop a little more you can see the colors are a little bit flat you don’t have to do this but I just like the way it looks so I added some appeal and purple food color and gel that I mixed with a little bit of food.

Mermaid Cake:

Great alcohol and I’m just going to stipple that over my skills some of them I did it a little lighter some of them and it’s darker just to give it a little variant with the yellow scales I’m going to dry dust them with some roll film super gold luster dust and I’ve added a little bit of shortening to each scale before I brushed it on because I find that it does help the lustrous stick and coats it more evenly do apply my scales to my mermaid cake.

I’m using a little bit of shortening to help them stick and for the very bottom layer I’ve just cut my scales in half and I’m applying them like little Halfmoon all the way around there did end up being a gap.where I couldn’t fit another scale and I didn’t like the way it looked when it overlapped it so I’m just going to start every line here and relying here but if there is a gap they’re going to all be in the same place and this will be the back of my mermaid tail cake.

mermaid cake
mermaid cake

I did end up covering a lot of the gaps with other skills so it all worked out but this is the best road if you don’t want to have random gaps all around the cake for my next row I want to place my scale about halfway down over the seam of the two below if that makes sense I don’t want the sides of my skills to overlap so I’m just keeping them so that they’re just touching one another there’s no rhyme.

Or reason to the color pattern I put down three purple ones and a teal two tails in the gold you just want to make sure that you mix it up and you kind of sprinkle the gold ones throughout I wanted to have them nicely spread out not too close together so this is how it looks.

When it’s done you can see I ended off with a full scale on the top if you don’t like the way that looks you could trim it. down or you could also add a half-scale to cover that white gap but I didn’t mind the way it looks so I just left it like this for the top tier I took more of my teal and purple food coloring gel that I had mixed with my food-grade alcohol and I used my paintbrush to stipple.

That on just kind of blotchy and then I used a piece of the clean paper towel just to Pat it down and I did this all the way around so that there was blue and purple and they alternated and they were really touching just so it kind of gave it like a mottled watercolored effect I did my first layer really light and then once I had dried down I went over it again using a darker color of the purple and the teal just to give it a little more texture.

I wanted to add some shells to my cake so I made a template for this larger shell and I will link the one that I use down below and I just cut that out of some white fondant using my Exacto knife and I went over at the divots in the shell using my finding tool for the smaller shells.

I have this little mold and again I will link the one that I use below so you just press fondant into each cavity and then place it in the freezer for like ten minutes and they should pop out really easily I decided to paint on my gold luster dust versus the dry dough just to show you what it looks like I added some food-grade alcohol until it was a thicker consistency you don’t want it to be too runny because then it’s going to be really patchy and you’ll have to add more than one coat it turns out really nice as well and I find that it’s a little bit shinier so this gives the shells a little bit of a different look in the scales while those dry I’m going to make my mermaid tail.

So I have yet another template that I will link below and cutting that out of some teal fondant using my Exacto knife and for the top of the tail, I’m going over it with my fondant tool to rough it up a bit and make it looks not so neat from just

mermaid cake
mermaid cake

adding a ton of lines over and over again for the scales I’m using the end of a piping tip and just pressing in half of it. so I have little crescent moons going all the way down to make it so I can add my mermaid tail into my mermaid cake. I have cut out a thicker version of my template and I am pressing a skewer into that and brushing the whole thing with you could use water but I just used my teal food-grade alcohol mixture and then placing the mermaid tail.

That I already jazzed up a little on top of that I’m just lining up the pieces and if anything sticks out you can just trim it away with your Exacto knife to finish it off I’m looking some of my wet gold luster dust onto the mermaid tail and just adding a couple of little splotches for the pearls on my cake.’

Mermaid Cake:

I grabbed some white fondant and I’m rolling those out into a bunch of different sized balls and placing those around the base of the first tier and then I grabbed my golden shells and added them sporadically around on top of those using some shortening I attached my larger shell to the front of my cake and then I inserted my mermaid tail into the top and added more of my pearls and shells around the base of that. and this was the final look guys you could do whatever colors you wanted I’ve done this with black and gold and teal and purple and Max look really pretty so whatever floats your boat thank you.


mermaid cake
mermaid cake

make this cake you’ll need some silicone molds I’m using a sea horse angel fish seashells and a mermaid tail this mermaid cake is made in a soft pastel color collet and the final product feels like a fairytale mermaid cake. begin with a light dusting of cornstarch or confectioners sugar in the silicone mold I like multicolored mermaid tails.

So I’ll add a little blue purple and pink fondant these decorations could be made in chocolate as well I’ve chosen fondant since not everyone has experience with chocolate and tempering can be tricky at first roll the fondant into the mold to ensure that each crevice is completely filled take a sharp knife and begin to remove the excess fondant once all the excess is removed take your finger and gently pull the edges into the mold so you have a nice crisp edge on your mermaid tail. turn the mold upside down and gently push on the backside to release the mermaid tail onto the mat take a small skewer and push it through the bottom of the tail if you’re not putting all of the tails on top of the mermaid cake.

They won’t require a skewer for a nice variation you can marbled some of your shapes I love the look of a marbled mermaid tail choose the colors and amounts you want and lay them side-by-side on the mat roll them together and occasionally flip them over on themselves before rolling out again this creates an awesome marbled effect the more times you do this the more the colors will be mixed be careful if you go too far then the colors begin to blend together and the marbled effect is lost I don’t have a starfish mold so I use a flower cutter to make them once I cut out the stars I shape them with my fingers and often add little details with a Dresden tool repeat the same marble process for the fish seashells look best with white and gray marbled fondant don’t roll them out too much.

So they keep that nice line detail make about 30 seashells altogether to make the seaweed add a little tylose powder to your fondant roll the fondant out onto a dusted surface approximately 1/8 of an inch thick cut out several strips of fondant. while keeping the top pointed and narrow like a blade of grass make a nice straight cut on the bottom and gently twist the strip’s until they look like wavy seaweed lay them out on a flat surface to dry make several different lengths don’t forget your seahorse I usually add one or two of these to the mermaid cake.

It’s time to add some shimmer to these adorable pieces I’m using Roxy enriched edible luster dust and satin white and rainbow dust edible gold paint put a generous coat of luster dust on the mermaid tails the more shimmer you add the more they look like fish skills paint the tips with gold paint repeat the same process with a fish and sea horse I like to paint their eyes with a simple gold dot set your accent pieces aside to dry for at least two days before using them I often make them a week or two in advance especially if humidity is high now it’s time to apply the buttercream to your mermaid cake.

Make two colors of blue I’m using americolor sky-blue I slowly add my color to the buttercream with a paintbrush so I don’t add too much at one time it can take several minutes to bring it to the color I want once you’re happy with the lightest color remove three-quarters of the buttercream from the bowl and add a little more blue to the remainder to deepen it begin with a crumb coated and chilled cake add the lightest color to the top of the mermaid cake. and at least halfway down the sides then add the darker color take your bench scraper and smooth the cake until you have nice straight sides and sharp edges if you’d like to see how to get sharp edges and straight smooth sides click on the link above for my tutorial now your blank canvas is ready for some mermaid magic start by adding your mermaid tails to the top and sides of the cake.

The tails take up the most space and it’ll be hard to add them later second add the seaweed try to make small groupings of seaweed cut to different lengths for a natural look add your small fish seahorses and starfish where they best fit there’s no set pattern here and adding the fish at different heights looks the best if you continue around the entire cake this cake will look great from every angle add your seashells to the top of the cake in a random and overlapping pattern push them into the buttercream but when you can’t add a little piping gel or buttercream to the bottom of the shell to help it stick I like a Halfmoon stacked pattern for the shells. save some shells to place around the bottom of the mermaid cake.

The addition of goals air bubbles for each fish and seahorse helps those little creatures come to life add 3 to 5 draw J’s for this effect I’m using the crystal katana tool to apply the Trichet if you do a lot of work withdraw J’s consider investing in this tool last but not least every mermaid cake needs some pearls here you go one magical buttercream mermaid cake that will blow your special someone away.



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