Marks and Spencer Cakes
Marks and Spencer Cakes

Marks and spencer cakes

so I managed to save a copy cake for a few days so that I could do the coffee cake challenge and it smells really I’m looking forward to it so that’s what I’m going to do.

Today I’m gonna do I’m going to try to eat the whole Marks and Spencer cake and see how fast I can do it if I can do it so I’ve got my timer yeah and today I’m just going to get straight into it there’s my stopwatch and it’s 2 kilograms of cake.I’ve also got some custard and ice lollies I’ve got some custard and some cream so yeah it’s got got some water and tea right every set yeah might about here actually right. it’s really strong actually really strong conflate Allah so much butter cream.

Marks and Spencer Cakes
Marks and Spencer Cakes

colin the caterpillar cake

Colin the caterpillar cake is very delicious and moist. very fudgy and delicious to eating it. I didn’t expect that I don’t see okay that’s over half half the cake done now so quite a bit over one kilogram of Marks and Spencer cake well say cake but it’s actually probably more icing than cake literally more than more than 50% of as icing.

m&s cakes

M&s cakes so it’s not very good disappointed this is much as spent as I expected it to be better less ison I don’t like icing on cake. well I like it but you gotta get a contortion right my time has stopped as well.

We didn’t stop and I don’t really battery mode so miss green went blank the change that now so I think it’s just over 20 20 minutes so to do half a cake I feel sick now boy honestly this is gonna be difficult to the finish of course some custard air which we’re going to try forgot some actually.

Marks and Spencer Cakes

colin the caterpillar cake m&s

I’ve got some vegetable crisps which I’ve also got a bit of savory but this is gonna be really difficult I mean looking at it at night now you see the icing and make me feel sick.colin the caterpillar cake m&s is also a moist recipe.

Yeah three more slices left out of 14 know how I’m gonna get finished realized I don’t feel full but I feel pretty sick after that all that I said just fear was a computer need to compose myself there’s only beats it leb says do you bear in the straight need to keep a bear straight finish it. oh come on really want to do this didn’t know do this oh oh I see, I said no so much writing sorry about using this as well but you’ve got too messy had to use it.

I’m sorry so you want to guess that point where my nose doesn’t stop running you have some vegetable crispsand. now it’s gone now so I’ve got probably about a slice left I’m graph to say and call it quits there got like a little bit of slice left really kind of penny more than mouth might be a sip of anything just so much icing yeah thanks for READING and I love you all.

Who makes Marks and Spencer cakes?

turnover North West maker  made this mark and spencer cakes and it sold by privately by a private company.

Do M&S deliver cakes?

yes M&S deliver cakes to your homes.safely provided you to the cake to your own homes.

Are M&S stopping wedding cakes?

yes temporary the M&S stopping the wedding cakes.

How many calories are in a M&S Victoria sponge muffin?

Energy: 489 calories


Does Marks and Spencers deliver food?

yes Does Marks and Spencers deliver food.they ;provide their full service to the homes.

How many calories are in a M&S jam donut?

Energy: 194 calories


How many calories are in a M&S chocolate muffin?

Energy: 500 calories


How many calories are in a M&S apple turnover?

Energy: 455 calories


How many calories are in a Marks and Spencer bakery cookie?

Energy: 330 calories


How many calories are in Marks and Spencer Yum Yum?

185 calories in 1 yum yum (40 g) of Marks & Spencer yum yum.

How many calories are in a M&S blueberry muffin?

Energy: 420 calories



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