lol cake

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lol Cake:

hey first things first I’m gonna put some icing on the bottom of this board so that the lol cake is not sliding when I just sit it on top ice and just helps to stick to the board okay I’m will take the first layer of this lol cake. sit it up there and I’m just going to trim it so that is the even layer it was in a freezer.

So it’s just a little hard to get through right now but it’s easier doing that when it’s frozen then not really frozen but when it’s colder and this flavor flavor is a strawberry and vanilla marble. swirl in all the excess off here so it’s even and this is the night that I used it’s really good and imma just clean that off now I’m just gonna start icing it and I’m gonna do the same for the second layer it’s only gonna be two layers on this lol cake..make whipped cream. so that is now going into the freezer to sit in there for about 15 minutes for the ice in the Harton up these are my lol dogs that.

I use my Cricut machine to cut out now I’m going to be making them into cake toppers plugging my hot glue gun out I pack it up I have my popsicle or lollipop sticks – waiting on that to get hot apply some glue to it and then stick the dowel on top of it see by some more glue so this one and stick my other down on top and again okay more lol cake.

lol Cake

Is out the freezer and it’s ready for a second coating of this buttercream icing still go all around we put in the freezer just helps he dies and that was already own it has hardened up for now until he melts back down into room temperature form so it’s easier to go over it go fully covered a lol cake.

Yeah so I’m just gonna cover that some more it’s coated in an icing way more now so I’m gonna sit it back inside of the freezer for about 15 more minutes okay is back and I’m just gonna cover it again I’m just covering it to the best so where’s covered this lol cake. is going to be covered in a drip though so if it’s a little teeny bitter little spots that aren’t perfect that’s fine cuz the drip just I’ll cover them all up okay now I’m going to put that back in the freezer it’s pretty much coated good right now now I’m just gonna start on the process for my lol cake.

lol Cake

Trip I’m gonna be using this Duncan Hines I said it doesn’t really matter what brand you use just longer this sound from the store insert it into the measuring glass or you can put it in a regular

lol cake
lol cake

Bowl I didn’t end up putting enough and I’ll see that in the long run but this will do put it in the microwave for about 25 seconds and this is the miracle or icing color that I’m gonna be using just a light pink remove that okay and now it’s out the microwave oh poor Pato I’m gonna just pierce somebody’s into here while is hot mixed that on up get all the edges so it’s not white hanging around the consistency a text like this is really nice.

lol Cake

I found this to be easier than doing the chocolate drink way easier now some people don’t like chocolate so this works out even better in my opinion okay now I have my cake out the freezer go and do a little touch-up to that the real quick okay this is just about fine now I’m gonna just take my drip and pour it down a lol cake.

Spread that out a little I probably left his drip sitting a little too long honestly I should have fixed the coat on the lol cake. before I did the dirt but it’s fine just wanna push that towards the edge just gonna get as much as that as much of that down as I can right now and I definitely need some more so I’m just gonna heat up some more of this icing from the can and put that in the microwave for about 20 seconds and I’ll be back okay my drip is out the microwave I added some more pink color to it and see this one is much looser so I was going down away easier just covering it over all the parts Oh this was something edible I printed out on my edible printer just typed it up and printed it out and cut it and put it as a happy birthday dinner

LOL Unboxing Giant Cake Box:

this cake and see what we’ve got on the inside a very special thank you to empty the way for sending this out to us for free we’ve got 4 slices of lol cake. in there all right you guys ready first a slice of kiddok is for you guys let’s quickly open it up for the surprise oh not a sighing and inside lol cake.

Slice number one we’ve got old oh no it opened already Wow it’s one box of elavil surprise present surprise what a gate so it was actually supposed to beat like this I didn’t think they were gonna continue this cute little line of birthday surprises or present surprises after we opened that kind of like bigger present surprise.

But here we go we’ve got tiny little present surprises and it’s nice. and wrapped for you to give to your friend any one you really want it’s got a little two in from so here we go what’s on the inside of this one a cute little gift bag and some party decorations look at that this looks like it might become a party hat because you fold this part and what happens you put it together and here it is this looks like an awesome centerpiece for the table what was inside the tissue paper blind bags a collector’s guide a secret message what have we got here group photo here’s our collector’s guide let’s check this out first it’s the present surprise collector’s guide.

Here’s a little mini poster of the ones we can get celebrate oh okay here are the names in here the berbay burpees here are the birthdays we’ve got aqua for march that is my birthday and she’s a color changer cool miss garnet for January violet for February carats for April emerald babe from a pearl cutie for June do believe for July festive baby for August sweet sapphire for September opal cutie for October pumpkin spice for November and holidays for December.

The ultra rare is in November for pumpkin spice so all of the bird stones which one are you guys this one is going up on our lol wall I’m probably gonna end up changing the wall sometime but for right now.

I’m feeling this whole lol vibe we got going on volcano top hey now on to our blind bags we’re supposed to have eight surprises. so here’s the first blind bag what have we got so we’ve got a little gift bag really glittery next up we have glasses black and white what is in here it feels kind of big it’s an outfit oh she’s got her birthday outfit on cuz she’s going to her friend’s happy day birthday party next.

We’ve got our pretty water bottle cuz you gotta stay hydrated even when you’re partying and oh here are her little so she’s got these cute glittery little boots and finally she’s in the white bag let’s get her on it oh I was expecting someone black and white this is cute look at her super cute hair it’s nice and ombre with the prettiest color combo pink and purple pastel colors and it’s got the prettiest sheen on it her head doesn’t know what he’s kind of got a dark little B because she’s got the dark lipstick and I think this one might be a color changer.

So who did we get I took my collectors head and put it on the wall so who did we get I promise it’s a slime stain it’s opal cutie October our little lol didn’t have any accidents on the wall but don’t look at me I didn’t get it the sheriff okay all right okay next slice of life okay who have we got here oh no these keep opening so we got another little present bag or gift bag that can be used by our lol’s when they’re going to a birthday party next where is our little decoration no party decoration I like how the party decoration match this a month that our little BB was from it looks very fall and October ask so let’s check this one.

I didn’t see any decoration for her though here’s the secret message opening presents oh she did have one here it is December maybe okay let’s see what we got back number one oh look at these shoes they are so pretty and jolly and glittery at the same time alright we’re not gonna do that one just yet whoa look at those glittery pants. if she gets a crown what else is in here her water bottle here is a

lol cake
lol cake

fluffy. little the poncho maybe shoulder wrap I think that’s all we’ve got so we can bring her on out oh here she is she definitely looks a very wintry kind of like she’s from the winter disco sweet I love her hair kind of like an iridescent finish to it and same with her little under an outfit so who on earth did we get we have holidays.

Yep it’s our December a little baby doll oh and she did have a little top it just fell out and I don’t see it our cream cheese you could get this video it comes Yap okay so we’ve got October and December let’s see if we can get March or February she’s super cute violet – more cake slices to go oh did we get a duplicate or maybe it’s one of the fall months well we got the same little party hat or a little gift bag let’s see our secret message is group photo right let’s have a look-see first bag we’ve got different shoes.

Wow ok these are different from any lol shoes that we’ve ever got in any series she’s got real fuzz up top kind of looks like candy corn with the yellow-orange. and white I think we got the November little doll she also comes with a slice of pizza she didn’t come to the party empty-handed here is her water bottle nice ombre kind of looks like sherbert and what have we got here a very glittery orange top and a fuzzy fluffy skirt one more back oh I got the little party hat cute reminds me of a clown hat though alright.

Let’s see who it is yup it’s our little November Bibi she’s got a bright orange. hair a little bit light on the bottoms and orange up top with that same iridescent finish she’s got Dusk’s vrq tees and a whole bunch of other dolls I can’t think of this hairstyle this one is pumpkin spice and she’s our ultra-rare so we’ve got October November and December nice little line up there way things never go to a party empty-handed bring some capsule-like some soda pop or some like organic chocolate chamois Ganic.

So healthy my mommy will like eat it who gets the last slice of lol cake Oh cake okay hey pal alright who is inside our own fairy laws while on that different looking party hat if the bag and our secret message. What do we go we have a new one it’s party time of course first bag oh look at the ombre green what’s in here sparkly polka dot water bottle okay so girl he’s trying to look like a watermelon she’s got green and pink and she’s bringing a cupcake to the party what’s in here she gets a glittery necklace.



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