king cake:

That is beautiful and delicious king cake here we go ladies and gentlemen get you a pot heated up on low heat all right guys so over here we got the ingredients for our dough so what we have here is six cups of all-purpose flour two 3/4 ounce packets of active dry yeast 1/2 cup of lukewarm water 2 eggs.1 cup of whole milk 1/2 tablespoon of salt 1/2 cup of sugar 1 stick of real butter and 1 8 ounces block of cream cheese so first,

We’re going to get this cream cheese and butter melted in our pot right here what did you do you did some with my big pot [Laughter] hey that girl alright first. I stick about it okay now that the butter is melted add the cream cheese in just kind of let that gets blended in there as well meanwhile we are going to add both packets of the active dry yeast to this half cup of water we’re also going to take a spoonful of our to make whipped cream? here and add it to the yeast just really get

king cake

Things activated alright we’re gonna let that sit for ten minutes all right this is melting pretty good so we’re gonna go ahead add our salt and the rest of our sugar here there you go ahead and blend that in so once you got this smooth creamy consistency to go ahead and add the milk on.

king Cake:

And then just stir that around at this point you can go ahead and turn the fire off because we’re gonna need this to cool down all right so we’re gonna add this mixture to our mixing bowl. here okay so our mixture is cooled off I’ve decided to mix this up in my little mixer here with this little dome meter I normally do it by hand but I thought well let’s give this a try so we’re gonna add our yeast in go boo-yeah our two eggs bring this mix it downturn on the slow setting all right I don’t really know if how this flours. gonna fit.

king cake

We’re gonna see but we’re gonna start to slowly add our flour in here all right we got all the flour in there so just gonna let it do its magic all right that looks to be blended up pretty good so I’m gonna get that out of there get it on my counter here we’re gonna need it further ourselves all right we’ve got our dough out on our floured surface.

Here and we’re just gonna begin kneading it so you know to want to get some flour and all the sides over here so it doesn’t stick as much but you’re looking for a smooth consistency we shouldn’t have to do much because the mixer there did a lot for us more flour and if it’s still sticking a lot you can always add more flour to your surface alright that looks pretty good.

Homemade king Cake:

So we’re gonna add it to this bowl. here that we’re just going to grease up with some little bit of vegetable oil and then we’ll cover it with a wet towel and we’ll let it sit for two hours what the towel got my Saints don’t field advantage. right uh all right we’re just gonna let it sit in a dry place for two hours okay so our dough almost completely rises now we’re going to concoct our little ingredients here for spreading on the inside of the King cake we got 1/3 cup of light brown sugar. 1/3 cup of

king cake baby

Regular sugar and two tablespoons of cinnamon we also have a half stick of butter that we’re going to melt and spread in there. but for now, I’m gonna blend these three and I’ll stir that together alright girls I want to see the dough that has doubled in size seriously okay so one of the first things we do girls punched it’s rhabdo okay so we’re actually gonna cut this in half here because I’m only making one King cake.

king Cake Recipe

The rest of it I’ll save to make some beignets on another day all right let’s try to get this cut in half okay so I’ll vacuum seal this one put it in the freezer and we’re gonna start rolling out that one and so that means we’re gonna put flour back all over this counter.

As you can see we a normal family laundry ends up on the couch all right so the idea here is to get this rolled out to about 1 foot by 2 feet that’s what we’ll get going on here spread this out a little bit go it’s nice and flower in there start rolling all right this is looking pretty good.

So we’re gonna go ahead and melt that butter okay we’ve got our melted butter here so we’re gonna go ahead and lather up this dough okay oh go ahead and save the rest of this to put on the top of the king cake. alright next we’re gonna go ahead and start spreading our mixture here all right there we go so now we’re gonna start gently folding this over to what is a little roll here alright okay so now we’ve got a pan here covered with some parchment paper.

king cake

That’s been greased up a little bit let me get the King cake on their kind of spread it out a little bit to spread it out so that the ends meet also gives it room to grow and bake gonna work it from here I’m also at the same time tucking the bottom in real good.

There we go now we’re gonna overlap the ends here so that it connects and bakes connects and baking it yes okay we’ve covered this thing back up with a damp towel and we’re just gonna let it sit and rise a little bit for about 30 to 40 minutes pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees so I just wanted to show you guys this is the remaining dough from what we made earlier.

king Cake:

I’m just gonna toss this in the freezer and pull it out when I’m ready it’s really simple you just pull it out and let it defrost and it’s actually gonna start to rise in the bag and then you can make Ibanez with this same dough who knew okay so this is settled.

We’re gonna take the rest of that butter here and we’re just gonna lather the top of this thing all the way around time to bake.this bad boy bake that for 30 to 35 minutes depending on your oven okay guys.

So the King cake is almost done baking so now we’re gonna make the glaze which we got 1 cup of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of milk. I’m just gonna blend that in there until it become

Smooth consistency and it’s just that easy there you go all right that is pretty if your scripts a little right there don’t worry it’ll be fine all right let’s glaze this bad boy it does look like a big donut huh sure does look like a big donut. but yeah so you guys see.

I’m kind of just grabbing the extra glaze here and picking it up and put it in in places that are maybe a little thin and you can always make some more glaze so it’s up to you looks good though you guys ready to sugar this up no this is the qualms of a video and I try to take my time here and hurry up and let him do it and the glaze hardened all right go ahead sprinkle.

That are right here there you go all right that works all right better get right here quick I’m just mashing it in there we go yep all right ladies and gentlemen and that is a king cake.

king Cake:

We managed to salvage it there’s a little rough but uh all the icing and all was still kind of hot it just kind of hardened on the top but other than that we got it ready to eat it furthermore it wouldn’t be a king cake. without this little dude right here you guys can stop him on the inside if you want but we got some young as in this house so what does leave them right there here we go oh that is beautiful all right so I know this isn’t our traditional ending here but uh my house is her break from making king cake.

But I gotta give you our bite right go ahead take the food that is traditional king cake at his finest right there it’s really soft on the inside it’s kind of a crunch on the outside from other sugar in the hardening of the icing and then it baked that kind of golden crust on the outside it has this great sweetness in there.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s a lot of sugar it’s gonna be too sweet but it’s really not that bad there was a lot of flour in there so I came out really good well all right guys thank you all for tuning into this video. I’m sorry if this one was a little shaky it was kind of tough put it together at times they got a little rough in the filming process but all I know.

I’m really happy with the results so if you happen to make this please send me your pictures show me what it looks like let me know how it tastes I’m really excited to hear from you guys know I don’t do many sweets so this is big for me but all in all one more thing like there’s one more thing I know we haven’t done here yeah oh yeah.

king cake


Lion king Themed Cake:

Everyone that’s robbing thanks for tuning in today on the robin’s nest we were going to be making an ombre buttercream lion king cake.

And I’m gonna decorate that with some fondant silhouette so I can’t wait to get started this is one of my absolute favorite styles came to make and they always turn out beautiful every time but before we do get started don’t forget to click that subscribe button to ring that Bell so let’s get into it alright so the first thing we’re gonna do to get this cake.

Started and rolled out some green fondant and we’re going to cover our cake board now we’re going to give to some time to firm up alright so the next thing we’re gonna do is mix up my nice and colors now like I said we’re gonna be making an ombre effect with the buttercream so what I’m gonna do is to use a little bit of red-orange.

And yellow and we’re gonna create like a sunset alright the colors all mixed up so now we can start actually working on the cake alright so start we’re gonna layer on some icing then we’re going to trim all this brown stuff off and then we’re gonna do our cocoa all righty then we can let this chill for a bit and start working on some decorations so the first thing. I’m going to focus on is all the little silhouettes of the characters it’s going to go around the outside of the king cake. So I’m gonna roll out some black

king cake

Fondant and start packing all right so there’s our ombre buttercream pattern I think it turned out pretty good next I’m going to put this in the fridge and let it chill for a little bit and then we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna finish off our final decorations.

At the top it’s for the final piece I decided to do a prog-rock king cake topper so for this I took a piece of fondant I mixed it up with some black and some brown food gel color and I twisted it around to give it a bit of a marbled effect so I’m going to sculpt that trying to make it look like Pride Rock.

And then we’re going to dust it with a little bit of these colored dust to give it a more realistic effect, okay so I finished my centerpiece now I’m going to go grab the cake and we’re going to try to put it on the cake.

The board already here goes nothing though a little piece of plastic and we’ll fix up bridges already all we have left just to put everything on the tape so I’m going to start with a black border around the outside. and then I’m going to start putting all the little characters on three on the outside as well and then apiece okay so I got all the decorations on except for the final one on top yeah 368 how it looks so I’m gonna put some straws in the top persistable some support except why the put a little piece of cardboard king cake.

Board on the bottom of that so that should help hold the weight so I made a little mark up where it’s supposed to go we’re just gonna put a whole bunch of straws in here but here it is my armor a buttercream Lion King cake was a bit of a challenge but I think it turned out pretty good pride rocks a little bit heavier than I’d like it to be but I’m pretty happy with it.

king cake


King Cake From Scratch:

Make a king cake from scratch king cake is associated with the celebration of motocross now down here in warm well from its colorful time and we celebrate coral by eating king cake and there’s a lot of different types of flavors fillings and all of the above there are so many different things that you can do a king cake.

It is awesome, yes and this recipe calls for a nice delicious king cake nice and soft on the inside not whole like some king cakes out there yeah but anyways without further ado let’s get started shall we okay this is all that you’re going to need to make your king cake and before we get started with our ingredients.

I want to let you know that some of these ingredients must be at room temperature especially ingredients like your unsalted butter your milk your eggs and your water okay it’s very important that those weak ingredients be at room temperature okay. now let’s get started with our ingredients okay you’re going to need some all-purpose flour unbleached and along with that you’ll need some lukewarm water and along with that, you’re going to need one package of either the active dry yeast or the instant dry yeast.

You can use either all for this recipe okay along with that you’re gonna need some sugar some salt some all and some unsalted butter at room temperature okay and for your optional ingredient you’re going to need some light brown sugar now this sugar cannot be added into the dough part of the recipe. this can be used in place of the regular sugar to put into the filling part of your king cake baby


Okay alright alright, let’s continue okay you’re going to need some whole milk at room temperature you’re gonna need some eggs at room temperature okay so both of these ingredients must be at room temperature all right and for our King cake.

Icing you’re going to need some 100% pure vanilla extract some imitation butter labor some good quality confectioner sugar okay it’s very important that your confectioner sugar is of good quality and this is what this is right here do not buy anything cheap okay because if it’s cheap it’s gonna taste. weird so do not buy no cheap confectioner sugar good quality okay alright and along with that you’re going to need some unsalted butter some water and some sprinkles now you’re going to need some sugar sprinkles this you’re gonna need some purple yellow and green sprinkles sugar crystals, okay and to bake your king cake.

You’re going to need one 11 by 17-inch pan now you can use something a little bit smaller than this but I’m going to use this pan here okay and along with that too you’re going to need some nonsticking spray and the glad wrap is to put along the top of the table so that way when we roll our dough and put everything I’ll cut everything out and breathe out King cake baby.

It’ll make for a much easier cleanup, okay and there you have it alright let’s get straight to it nowhere I have 1/2 cup of warm water and we’re gonna add the entire package of yeast right into there I’m gonna go ahead and mix that in alright now that we got that mixed in now we’re gonna go ahead and add 1 TSP of sugar that’s gonna feed these it’s gonna give me something neat. mm-hmm and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that

king cake

In now what we want to achieve is we want this yeast to become a nice bubbly like mixture and this is how it’s gonna look when you’re done okay so you’re gonna let that sit for about 10 minutes all right now we’re gonna go ahead and pre-heat our fire to medium-high heat okay so in a little small pot. we’re gonna go ahead and add one stick of butter and we’re gonna melt this stick of butter.

Go ahead and let that melt and that’s how it’s gonna look uh when you’re done you didn’t turn our fire off on that alright our yeast mixture is now done it’s been about 10 minutes now you can wait longer you know if you have other things to do but this is how it’s gonna look when you get done it’s gonna be a nice bubbly like texture and there you go if you are using a stand mixer use the dough hook attack.

And if you don’t have that then you’re going to need a large dirty spoon to mix your ingredients and you also need some strong hands to knead that dope okay all right let’s get straight to it nowhere. I have my stand mixer with the dough hook attachment now we’re gonna add four cups of all-purpose flour gonna add it in there all at once and to that we’re gonna add 1/2 a cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that in on a slow speed alright so in a small bowl.

Yeah I have a measuring cup I’m gonna add one cup of whole milk make sure your milk is at room temperature okay into that we’re gonna add two large eggs at room temperature and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that in alright now that we got that mixed in now.

king cake

Remember that’s one stick of butter that we melted we’re gonna go ahead and add that in there I’ll write into that we’re gonna add two tablespoons of vegetable and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that in all right not here I have my milk mixture and my yeast mixture ready to go now we can make our dough all right now we’re gonna go ahead and add our milk mixture in there first and we’re gonna be eating at our yeast mixture in there all right.

Now we’re gonna go ahead and mix this in on a medium-low speed according to your stand mixers are setting and we’re gonna mix this for about five minutes where I just been about five minutes now as you can see our do is a little bit sticky so we got to add a little bit more flour. so we’re gonna add about 1/4 cup of flour this should help it um come together.

I’m gonna go ahead and mix that in gotta make sure that these that it comes together all right looks nice. no longer sticks to my hands all right now we’re gonna go here and now flour the surface out of our table make sure you put a generous amount of flour all right we’re gonna place our do right on top of here and we’re gonna need that end as you can see it’s kind of sticky.

So we’re gonna add a little bit more flour sprinkle a little bit more flour on top of the doing on your hands and you’re gonna need this a few times about 20 20 times and with each time you’re gonna go and add a little bit more flour and knead it some more alright now that we got our dough nice and ready to go now we’re gonna go ahead and uh put about one teaspoon of vegetable oil we’re gonna spread that around a bowl along the bottom and the sides of the bowl.

And we’re gonna go ahead and put our dough right into the bowl and put a lid on top and let and put this in a warm spot for about two hours it’s very important okay why our doors are rising we’re gonna go ahead and add half a cup of sugar and two tablespoons of cinnamon. and this is for our King cake baby filling and we’re gonna go

king cake

Ahead and mix that in I’ve spent about two hours fired oh and as you can see it has doubled in size it is risen yes yes yes now we’re gonna go ahead and press down on it just release the gases of the yeast now your hands might be it might be slightly sticky.

At first but the door returned back to us nonstick ways all right now we’re gonna go ahead and add some flour onto the surface of our table again that’s right again hmm we’re gonna go ahead and take our dough out and place it on top of the table I need it in a little bit about ten times.

I need it in all right now we’re gonna go ahead and shake this into a rectangle all right now that we got a little small rectangle going by a little flour on top and we’re gonna roll this out into eight-thirty thirty-inch by 15-inch rectangle so it’s gonna be 30 inches long 15 inches wide all right and there we go we’re ready to go now let me give you a quick demonstration.

On how big the rectangle is now remember it’s gonna be 30 inches long by 15 inches wide all right now taking a knife we’re gonna go ahead and cut three large strips naughty strips are going to be five inches wide so that’s five-ten 15 so you should have enough to make five three five-inch strips all right and that’s how it’s gonna look when you get done all

king cake

Right here I have a half a stick of butter and as you can see I uh I have somebody in yet already and we’re gonna go ahead and take that butter and we’re gonna place it into the microwave and melt it about one minute should do it and there we have it melted butter alright here we have our three strips and I wanted to let you know do not put any butter or any filling onto the edges of the strip’s because this will cause the king cake baby.

Not to seal all the way properly when you roll it up alright now we’re ready to apply our butter on top of our strips now we’re gonna go ahead and just spread that generously around the top of each strip as you can see we got the three-strip something nice and buttered on the top. now we’re gonna go ahead and add our cinnamon-sugar mixture right on top and make sure you apply a generous amount of it use the entire thing the entire half a cup of that mixture.

Aright now that we got that uh that cinnamon sugar on top now we’re gonna go ahead and roll it in so we’re gonna start from the edge and just pull it off the edge and we’re gonna roll this up okay we’re just gonna start off just a little bit now if you do have a problem with your dog still sticking to your table the other thing you have to do is just take some flour.

And just add some flour along the edges the edge what you’re gonna pull off and there I kind of helped a little bit or you could just put some flour on your hands that better help so we’re gonna go ahead and roll that up I’m gonna rolled it up till we get to the edge like how you see here see ya and once we get to the edge you’re gonna take your index finger and your middle finger.

And you’re gonna press down along the edge to seal your king cake I’m sorry I didn’t apologize that I did not put that in this video but you gotta press down gotta take your index finger and your uh your pointing finger your middle finger whatever and just press down along the edge to seal it okay alright and this is how it’s gonna look when we’re done now it’s time for the breeding instructor no video, okay and now it’s time to bring our King cake.

Now the rating is very simple here I have three strands of dough for our King cake okay now the thing that you want to remember is that the strip there’s two strips on this side the one that’s on the very end always crosses over to the other side so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead I’ll take this in I’m a punk rock okay now we have two strands on this side now remember the one on the very end always crosses over to the other side the two strands okay.

So I’ll take this one and cross it over this very careful okay now we have two strands on this side it’s gonna take the one on bear in and cross this one see very simple and you’re gonna continue to do this and tell us to bully breeding all right now we’re back now as you can see I’m braiding the king cake I hope that braiding instructional video helped you out all right and that’s how it’s gonna look when we’re done nice and beautiful breathe he all right now we’re gonna go hitting us free spread some nonstick.

Cooking spray onto the bottom of our pan and we’re gonna place our king cake. dough right on top of that pan do it the best way you can guys do it the best way you can you want to put it along with the round the side the edge of the pan alright and we’re just gonna braid that in.

I’m doing it the best way I can y’all I’m still learning how to do this stuff alright now that we got that nice and braided look at it hey, Dad. I do too bad alright now we’re gonna go ahead and put our towel over this and we’re gonna put this in a nice stress-free warm spot for about two hours alright it’s been about two hours now I’m gonna go ahead and show you how it looks Wow look at that it doubled in size Wow look at that mm-hmm. all right now we’re gonna preheat our oven to 300 degrees and we’re gonna place our king cake.

Into the oven preheated 380 and we’re gonna bake it for 15 to 20 minutes alright now why I can kick his baking let’s now go ahead and make our icing we’re gonna add two cups of confectioner’s sugar and today we’re gonna add 2 tablespoons of water 3 tablespoons of melted butter and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that in all right mixture should be very thick unless the video fool you cuz I got it turned up on a high-speed.

Alright now we’re gonna go ahead and add one teaspoon of 100% pure vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of imitation butter flavoring and we’re gonna go ahead and mix that in and you’re gonna mix it real good to remove all lumps in everything and when you get done it should be a nice smooth consistency now if your King if your icing is too thick then you’re going to add 1 teaspoon of water that’s too thin add some more confectioner sugar now here I have our King cake.

Ready to go alright our king cake is done I’m gonna go ahead and take it out the oven now alright look how nice golden brown that is alright now we’re gonna go ahead and take our icing and put it along the top now I’m gonna go ahead and drizzle it.

Alright now if you don’t have enough icing didn’t just make another batch of it that’s all alright now we have our icing on top of our King cake. what I look so beautiful now we’re gonna go ahead and add our purple golden-green sprinkles yes yes yes so gonna go ahead and add our purple put a generous amount on yeah but a generous amount of the green and a generous amount of the gold and there you have it look how beautiful that is.


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