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keto Ice Cream

we are going to do today here guys is make some keto ice cream for ingredient keto ice cream dairy-free and it’s going to be insanely easy that’s one thing guys people like how can I make a dessert without buying a million ingredients in spending two hours making this sort of thing no one has time for that.

Yeah I don’t have time I don’t think you on either and

I don’t know if you guys do you do go find the complicated recipe.

yeah that’s not us anyways we’re gonna show you guys this it’s gonna be amazing but before we get started becausethis but what does one thing you are grateful for comment that below my thing.


  • Butter
  • Vanilla extract
  • Heavy cream
  • Powdered allulose

I’m gonna ask her so she can start thinking of it my thing is the fact that I have the power in the time and the energy to help change lives.

keto Ice Cream

I have wanted to do this for a living my entire life and it’s now here and I’m so grateful for that so what is yours I like that well I will say obviously.

I’m super thankful that I am able to share my knowledge with others and definitely thankful for my health.

we’re so lucky to be super healthy and to be here every day yeah so again I’ve asked this on other videos.

But I want I want you guys to come and come with this again because if you’re gonna comment something every single time.

It’s been scientifically shown to improve your productivity and who you are as a person in your overall energy and lowering

keto_ice cream
keto_ice cream

your stress level so if you have to come in something different every time that’s the goal.


keto Ice Cream

So comment down below you know what let’s move up some keto ice cream all right so the first thing we’re gonna do here guys we’re gonna put the ingredients into the bowl here all

we’re doing just mixing it all up so we’re gonna start with the coconut milk and how much are we doing here just to two cans two cans okay.

Yeah where can people get this can this is from Trader Joe’s Organic okay nice I’m number one that’s okay we like problems

so what happened was is the coconut milk had it was kind of like what was it yeah solidified.

There you go and so we had we have to get it you know liquidy so we’re just gonna heat it up and go into Plan B right now.

okay so we have the two cups of the coconut milk in here just pour it right in and then we’re gonna do regular organic vanilla and we’re gonna do one and a half teaspoons.

keto Ice Cream

so why don’t have teaspoons that’s gonna help give it a really good taste with the vanilla flavor and vanilla extract actually has its uh overall health benefits.

I don’t I remember them on top of my head.

But you can lift them up I do think adding that into like like keto pancakes is also really good too so yeah all right now we’re doing insult yep wild pink salt and we’re only doing an eighth of a teaspoon in here guys.

keto_ice cream
keto_ice cream

So really just a small amount just to give it a little bit of taste okay and then our last ingredient yes last one

we are choosing to use erythritol you can use a little stevia maple honey whatever it is that you prefer.

We just recommend something that’s not going to spike your insulin so we choose a river ball yeah

a risperdal will not spike your insulin a ton so that’s definitely a good one I like stevia Jamie’s not really a stevia fin but yeah.

So we’re gonna put this one in so it actually calls for a third of a cup we this is a north of a cup and

I didn’t even fill it up to the top because we just don’t really need it to be that sweet so we recommend going less on the sweet stuff now it’s time to whisk it up right here but guys super easy four ingredients that’s all it is solutely takes like ten minutes.

So don’t lot of you were asking about keto ice cream like what brand a buyer like is the halo top okay

I’m gonna say no guys let’s keep it simple with four ingredients because if you have four ingredients that’s most likely.

I mean obviously depends on the ingredients but that’s going to be a very healthy version of keto ice cream so let’s whisk it up

okay guys all we do is pour it right into the silicone mold which I’ll be sure to link below along with everything else and this thing is so nice.

You can make huge ice cubes with it but we’re using the ice cream you’re gonna pour it in here and then we’re gonna put it into the Vitamix that’s it look at that Jaime’s ever

so careful on these though of it okay those actually really easy guys all we’re doing it’s freezing it for 10 minutes not 10 hours 10 to 10 minutes can you all look easy.

keto Ice Cream

I probably can’t okay okay so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna I’m gonna let you guys sit here for 10 minutes

so I’m just gonna do a black scrum kidding guys it’ll be like that for y’all okay this is actually really heavy yes so now we’re just gonna freeze it it shouldn’t take too long.

I’m too pretty sad here no kidding guys we had it we actually had a little bit of a problem what happened here

so I think what was happening is it didn’t freeze like we thought it would because they kept thinking this one is like it’s really thick.

So that’s kind of what what what went wrong there so we were like all right well let’s just come back in five hours and see

if that’s going to get fixed it is so now it’s hard as a rock we’re ready to put it in the blender.

keto_ice cream
keto_ice cream

We’re gonna throw it in the Vitamix and mix it up guys Oh ice cream time let’s do it

Thanks so these ice cream breaks oh man this is awesome that’s gonna build a an ice cream house thingy seeing Christmastime when kids are making those uh-oh oh well ginger we’re just gonna

blend this up in our handy-dandy Vitamix for those that don’t know you can blend up cauliflower in here like as an example

but you can blend up all sorts of veggies make soups with it it’s literally epic here we go okay so look at this it is done okay you can see some thickness now.

keto Ice Cream

I know it does look like it’s in smoothie form that’s okay so Jamie’s gonna freeze this for a little bit to make it look super ice cream.

I’m very simple she’s gonna send me pictures of it but it I mean look at look at that it is very thick oh look at that alright so you have to try it and

so I’m gonna try it I’m gonna be dead on it okay yeah okay it looks so good okay.

I’m not why no like legitimately wow that really is oh my gosh that reminds me of the ice cream

I used to eat the ice cream the what’s the men a mint and it’s like the green one chocolate mint chocolate chip that’s like a mint chocolate chip one nice delicious well mission accomplished okay guys.

So here is after it’s a shot so good yeah if Jamie likes it that’s how you know you need to try it all right off scenes

we just did this off scenes here we had to do a little trick guys alright we took the wild vanilla powder.

Because I knew that this is gonna be the best in it and look at the look at that that looks like real vanilla ice

that looks like Oreo style oh we’re gonna do that okay that was so good this is our wild vanilla bean powder.

That is one of our most popular products from Madagascar it’s really hard to get mmm Wow that looks amazing

and that right there guys that was amazing real quick client shout out of the day too kiddo Kim he’s only three or four weeks and

he’s looking very very lean already he’s a huge supporter guys.

keto Ice Cream

So shots man keto cam and guys you will be getting a free fusion lean cookbook with the purchase of your plan special offer for you the

link is down below to get started guys with that being said Jamie what was one to ten how did you think that was Wow okay.

I’m gonna be honest I’m gonna agree with you on a 12 and I thought I was like and I’m not picky at all you guys know like all

right I don’t think anything really tastes bad but I was like I don’t know how much.

I’m really gonna taste it but I did yeah I mean and we used much less than what the recipe called for much less sweetener so guys

when you see recipes on the internet and there’s like ton of stuff in it make them the way you want and always know that a little bit of sweetener goes a really long way you do not have to use what these recipes call for

I do not recommend using what most of them are basically always use less basically 1% that was delicious.


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