Italian Ice cream 

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Italian Ice cream

I’m going to be showing now how made is gorgeous  italian ice cream literally guys two ingredients okay to make a base of an icecream and you can add any flavors then or toppings that you like once you prepare this ice cream guys it’s gonna go in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Okay so this icecream I made is vanilla and chocolate back as I said you can make any sort of flavor or toppings that you guys like this is now I’m gonna to grab a little scoop and enjoy it myself.

-600 ml /21 oz double cream
-397 grams/ 14 oz condensed milk
-tsp vanilla extract
-any topping you like: fresh fruits, cocoa powder, nuts, chocolates, coffee, etc

Okay i will see you very soon right guys super super super simple two ingredients double cream and that is 600 minutes.

Okay I’m not going to add any sugar because the condensed milk is sweet enough okay so what we’re gonna do guys I’m going to mix it and whip it until it gets to a really nice snowy consistency.

Italian Ice cream 

So do this and off-camera cause I don’t want to make you laugh was that I’m concerned a noise for big pile out okay.

Italian Ice cream

so gonna whip it and come back to you guys in just a couple of seconds okay so our cream is all nice and wicks.without ya you can actually use whipping cream as well. it’s totally up to you guys and then we’re going to add true to jus what is in here 300 397 grams of condensed milk.

So yummy of course you can do you can use the condensed milk to put to make fudge on caramel.

Now I have a recipe for homemade condensed milk if you guys want me to I can show you how to make it because this is very very very very simple.


Italian Ice cream

If you are interested because I mean to buy this is fairly cheap but again to make yourself is probably even cheaper so okay so what we do guys with gently because we don’t want to just drop our cream.

So we’re just gonna mix this two ingredients together like that very very gently now we’re going to add a teaspoon of vanilla when you like stripped okay right guys so this is the base of your ice cream done.

Okay now you can excuse me you can use now anything that you like for this video I’m going to use cocoa powder.

Italian Ice cream 

So I’m gonna leave half of this like a as it is just white like a nice vanilla ice cream and I’m gonna pour be half of that just like that into a separate Bowl and then in here we’re going to add 2 to 25 grams of fine cocoa powder.

Italian Ice cream

Really nice smells absolutely divine just gonna fetch my keys back and gently you can melt chocolate as well I do prefer the cocoa powder.

Because it’s a big victory it’s less sweet and as I said before guys I deliberately not put any sugar in this recipe because the condensed milk is very very very very sweet because otherwise it’s just too too sweet.

Italian Ice cream

Okay just needs a good stir right I’m gonna stir it a bit and then what I’m gonna do guys are just gonna put it in my and in any way Tupperware any sort of like plastic container you’ve got at home and just put it in the freezer.

Okay guys super simple you can use pistachio almond nuts any sort of flavor they like fruits lemon orange just anything they like to make any flavor that you particularly like don’t you think for it.

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