freal shakes

everybody crispy can I bet you trade now and I want to show you this cool little machine about the blending farm. okay so what you do is you pick out one of these things let the freal shakes it it comes out with a little in there I stay in there.

freal shake

because I took mine off at the mine okay you take the lid off you see the machine here. put it right in here and which also your lid has a cool little thing on it no wait there’s more cute, okay that was not anticipated but apparently. freal milkshake is delicious.


freal shakes

I’m gonna add now okay so then you choose what fit this do you want lipstick regular thickness or more thing I like to do lipstick because then it’s actually shrinkage regular. thickness is there more tickets like the coordination so you can either do the screen or you can do down here I’m gonna and then dear go through my thing. anyway our this when students and then we get our strops there. I’m gonna wait until maybe almost no cause it’s not out you’re about to join for reality what’s done he just put out okay goo everything with one hand stick it in and enjoy.

freal machine in action:

what happened in this thing it’s all dirty anyway there’s a milkshake machine here are the mixed shakes. I bought a cotton candy milkshake yes the good times roll right now I just have to open it sorry she’s in there there goes being sucked up with the machine yeehaw I wish I had an actual video of it getting mixed right here I’ll be cool makes it mix it mix it yeah yeah do do it do and there’s a these straw thingies making a bunch of noises hey Godzilla in theaters May 16 voila instant milkshake descending its descending from its transformation we go and we have touchdown Yahoo mercy never seen a freal milkshake machine before looks delicious for real


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