hoe cake

I’m going to be showing you guys how I make my homemade hoe cakes so I’m gonna be cooking this to go of my Sunday dinner. you guys and so I just wanted to come and show y’all how I make not I want to say welcome to all my new subscribers and welcome back to all my old subscribers and if you had to subscribe yet y’all don’t forget before you leave this recipe. or if you need time right now and just catch up again to go ahead and only hit that subscribe button okay so 48 okay what you gonna need is some cornmeal some stuff right.

I got supplies and cornmeal self-rising flour I use oil vegetable oil salt pepper sugar and egg okay. so that’s what I do to make my whole hoe cakes nobody else but because a lot of people they don’t like their sugar. they just rather opt out the shipping you can do that ain’t no wrong with that okay. you do it how you want to do it so I’m sort of measuring this young for y’all cause y’all know.

Hoe Cakes

I don’t even mention so you know and if we have to keep you don’t add new and a little bigger and move it up and that’s what we got to do to get the right all right so all right so start now man and you make sure you use these kind of measuring cups. put your drivers and sweep off the top of it so you can get an effort measurement you ain’t got to pack it down and just sleep it off okay so that’s one cup of cornmeal and then I’m use a cup or flowers just not something knock it out from delivery love just like that you got it running over the rain. that’s not a right reason that’s not a direct measurement okay.


  • 1 cup self-rising cornmeal mix
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 CUP self raising flour
  • 3/5 cup buttermilk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/5 cup vegetable oil
  • butter
  • 1/2 cup water


So then I’m gonna have some self no I was just gonna say you’re just a pinch of salt okay. I got 1/4 of a teaspoon let me see okay eighth of a teaspoon of salt and we’re gonna use the same amount of pepper. I just put it in now okay just a minor cupping that’s about all I got love in him by the a teaspoon okay then I’m gonna add some sugar now. I like to add sugar to mine like a sweet. so for those of you that don’t want to add sugar y’all skip this part right here but I’m gonna add some sugar and what this is I’m add about half a cup of sugar half a cup all right.

hoe cake


so now I got my best foot over here I’m not gonna add that much of it. but I got my little measuring Club right here so I’m just gonna head only use this what this is it’s a tablespoon so my head you don’t use now like this how could this is a liquid so but I’m just gonna use the tablespoon and then I’m gonna tell you how much it is okay.

So that was two tablespoons and just case you ain’t gotta neon like that I’m just telling you how much it is okay that was three tablespoons and that came up to 40 milliliters or about two and a half tablespoons I don’t in the aisle you ain’t gonna see it but that’s how much it is in this in this cup okay that’s the liquids that’s why I say you’ll be showing yourself if you try to use the dry measurement cups for the liquid. and the liquid measurement comes for the dryer okay so that was three tablespoons that you that you were supposed to use for the dryer. but when I put it in the one for the liquid it turned out to be two and a half okay. so now I’m gonna get us some water.

hoe cake

I said I got a cup of water now if you want to use milk or if you want to use um buttermilk or whatever you can do that. but I ain’t got a damn one of them and this is how I do it when ain’t got it in the still be good okay sorry got a cup of water. okay so that cup of water was too much so now I’m gonna go in on the action a half a cup more flour so that makes it a cup and a half of flour okay so knives just a little too thick.

Okay so I got a half a cup of water. but I’m gonna be using all of it down so I gotta add my egg to this soup. so I got one egg that I’m ham today I chose our own medicine it’s big it’s big with the feet like this okay but it’s gonna be right I bet your laps so I got half a cup so I’m gonna add a little bit ahead of time. I’m adding a half of there and what the eggs our homes are gonna find this together and I might have to add me some more sugar to this job wait my husband he liking sweet my mama she like it sweet and we just like him sweet.


y’all so that was half a cup but you can’t hop divert sugar I had more sugar that was another half so that was a cup we like I’m almost like gp3 okay so now born in with me some old Cornell half a cup that’s another half of flowers it’s gonna make a lot of meats when I got a lot of people eating it. today okay so that’s just how I want it just like this so I have to go back to tell you exactly how much that would once I look at this video and I’ll tell you how much I use okay so now we got a whole hoe cake me all right so there’s perfect I got a pan on the stove on my okay that’s right we got a large pan cuz I’ll be trying to cook three at a time so they’re gonna be perfect perfect circles so my add just a little oil to the bottom of my pan.

hoe cake

cornbread hoecake

and then once the oil get heated so you’re giving this right your mixture time to risk giving about five to ten minutes the risk and you’ll have the perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect fluffy okay. so this can be more than enough for my fam BAM. I got me a spoon just like you do your pancakes you’re gonna lay them right down in that be just like a pancake you’re getting a smaller pan all through the pans it’s like me and you gonna have oval shape.

once but the shape ain’t got nothin to do with it taste okay put them down in that pan just like that and I know my mama from the truck competition with me only hope only cornbread hoecakes cuz see this what she liked it man ho case so. – most definitely gotta say it’s better than hers because I know she gonna be trying to say huh they all taste like mama day I so mom’s gotta taste better than hers on.

I’m you know I got a beat up in there moving they smell good job so I got my head down on a medium heat because I don’t want to fry too fast you know so just like pancakes they get the bubbles on top and they get brown around the edges that’s when you know when to flip okay. so try not to add too much oil to a pan I got a little bit too much but it’s okay oh look at that thing down oh yeah honey.

old fashioned hoe cakes

hmm and they smell sweet yes yes yes I know so my prostate they should be sweet all that hey let them crown that fat breakdown don’t smash them. we put this whole thing and I’ll be back when it’s done okay so this is the first best I came up and I got someone that don’t went down like him and I will be back be Becky Becky back when they oh I’m done when all of my song go.

okay we’re gonna tell y’all what she talked about the hook a joke once you chewed it up what you think about Burma good is they too sweet your thing moist as they solve this thing where they taste like mud she said they moist in that and I ain’t telling all these gonna be comfortable case not I hope y’all got the memo on that part they’re not gonna be pretty are they gonna be good they’ll be burn your name burnt okay baby burn no no girl I told you I was gonna come back.


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