Green tea ice cream

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Green tea ice cream one of my favorite icecreams in the world. I just love the way matcha green tea tastesget perfect icecream texture and there was nothing really fine.

Green tea ice cream

So I tried a different route usually when you make a French ice cream base you’ll use egg yolks and cream and milk to create a custard and then you put in an ice cream machine.

– 240ml milk
– 240ml cream
– 100g sugar
– 2 egg yolks
– 6g matcha
– 1g salt

But I’ve decided to go a different route and not boil it at any stage and the reason for this is it just seems to make a much more smoother creamier airier icecream.

Green tea ice cream

Which I really like so if you make this make sure to have egg yolks or use pasteurized egg yolks just to be safe okay let’s get going let’s do this you okay so first thing you do is you add 100 grams of sugar.

This helps with the ice-cream getting too hot this keeps nice and soft now if it makes it sweet now you add two pasteurized egg yolks inside egg yolks.

It’s got something called less sin which binds together water and fats together in this case the milk and the cream and makes it much more smooth as it comes in emotion.

Green tea ice cream

Now I’m going to add 240 milliliters of milk whole milk and 240 milliliters of cream there we go just very last bit of it okay now.

I’m just gonna add 1 gram of sea salt this is just about half a teaspoon and it really helps balance out the sugar and also from the ice cubes freeze.

Now you add 6 grams of matcha green tea ice cream which is about two and a half heaped spoons of powder now.

Green tea ice cream

I’m just going to want to blend this together I recommend blending with a hand blender instead of whisking because matcha green tea powder does not really want to mix with any liquids.

Okay so you want to share it in there now he’s going to place it into my ice cream maker and just pass through a sieve before I do to catch any matcha green-tea lumps that might be there and if you do catch any matcha green-tea lumps.

Green tea ice cream

Green tea ice cream

You’re going to want to go back and blend it in because you want all the matcha in there okay so once that’s done just give it a little shake make sure you get every last biT.

Okay and now you’re going to turn on your ice cream maker and real manufacturers instructions to find out how long you should keep yours on mine is half an hour but you can also hear it from the sounds.

It makes usually when it starts to become done or fully churned it will change pitch okay so I’m just going to take it out beautiful consistency and now I’m just going to scoop it into a cup.

Green tea ice cream

So that I can keep in the freezer for later and it’s just a beautiful consistency right now you can eat it as is right now but it’s better if you freeze it overnight.

So I’m just gonna take the middle part out of this and just get every little crevice I can of ice cream and make sure that I get every little bit off this.

Because it’s delicious stuff I don’t want to waste them all so you might not be able to get everything off the central part of your ice cream maker and you’re gonna have to lick it off there’s no going around it the only way to get it but don’t put down the tub.


Green tea ice cream

Okay so just put it all in there scoop it all in great and you’re going to want to leave it for 24 hours in the freezer.

So they can set and become hot okay so this is the ice cream after 24 hours the next day now just left it outside so they can soften a little bit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Green tea ice cream

So it becomes a nice and malleable at this stage and I just want to scoop it out and place it on a plate just like this and you don’t need anything else for this ice cream just it on its own is just awesome it’s not about adding a bunch of other stuff to it it’s just about the ice cream the flavors a texture.

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