Today’s we will be making a basic recipe where I will be showing you how to make the perfect fail-proof genoise cake so vanilla sponge cake with only three ingredients and without any baking powder I will show you the technique to make the fluffiest and most delicious. vanilla sponge cake which is a perfect base for all your layer gateau genoise birthday cakes fruit cakes and the sky is the limit it is very fluffy and very stable you get really nice layers and it makes it very easy to work with and you don’t get any crumbs while frosting your genoise cake. how to make whipped cream?which also means that you don’t need to add a lot of layers of cream to get rid of them like I said we will only be using three ingredients and we leave you the exact amounts in caps and grams measurements down in the description box and let’s get baking and we’re gonna start by separating the egg yolks from the egg whites and it is very important that the eggs are in room temperature.

So don’t forget to take them out of the fridge at least a couple of hours before you start baking we will start by working the egg whites into a meringue kind of texture it doesn’t matter if you are using a hand mixer a stand mixer or an electric whisker. what you should know is that the stronger your machine the less time it’s gonna take you I want to share a nice tip with you here if it’s maybe too cold where you are or you forgot to take your eggs out of the fridge a little bit earlier what you can do is soak a kitchen towel in hot water and then wrap it around your mixing bowl this will bring some warmth into the egg and makes them easier to work.

With so start beating the egg whites on low speed for a few seconds then raise the speed on the maximum and beat them for another five to ten minutes depending on what you are using until they have at least tripled in size they become white and foamy then it’s time to start adding the sugar gradually while continuously beating which you can also do with a hand mixer I also added about one teaspoon of vanilla sugar but this is optional you can do it you can also not do it because we’re gonna have to soak the gateau genoise. later on when we are so now by the time we have incorporated all the sugar while continuously beating about one tablespoon at a time I should have said this is the texture you end up with it’s very stiff and thick it’s almost like a meringue and now while

genoise cake

Always still feeding we’re gonna start adding the egg yolks one at a time once all the egg yolks are incorporated we’re gonna start adding the flour it is better if you sift the flour right before you add it into the pattern or you do it directly into the pattern because we don’t want to over mix the batter and the fewer lumps.

You have unless you’re gonna have to fold it so at the first half of the flour you have sifted and I just give it a quick stir because I don’t want it to be flying everywhere and then mix it on the lowest speed for about one minute then immediately sift the rest of the flour and add it to the batter. and again put it to mix again on the lowest speed for one minute not more this one minute on the lowest speed makes it easier to fold in all the flour batter gonna have to grab a spatula and continue folding it using just your hands gently with circular motions from the bottom upwards make sure not to over mix it nuts over fold it you’re gonna have to stop as soon as everything is well combined here I have a 8 inches that’s 20 centimeters.

The baking tin that I have oiled and wrapped in baking paper you should do this on the bottom and the sides also make sure to extend the parchment paper way above the baking tin this is important in case the genoise cake. Rises more than the bacon in depending on which size you are using and I also find it to protect the surface or the upper crust from over baking or getting too Brown for the butter gently into the baking tin and try to even it out from the surface make sure that it fills the whole pan nicely and then bake it in a preheated oven to 175 degrees Celsius that’s 347 degrees Fahrenheit for about one hour from 60 to 65 minutes depending on your oven. as soon as you take the cake out of the oven we’re gonna have to unmold it while it’s still hot and for this, I’m going to be trimming the parchment paper to make it easier to flip it over so use a cooling rack to flip the gateau genoise. and unmold it right away make sure that your cake is even on the cooling tray because this is how you’re gonna get rid off the bump and get a flat or straight layer then immediately peel off the parchment paper and it’s very important to do this while the cake is still hot and as you can see the result is really outstanding the genoise sponge cake.

has risen to about four inches that’s ten centimeters without using any baking powder and you have really nice well-defined edges a nice crust to work with which means not many crumbs on your frosting but you’re gonna have to allow the cake to totally cool before you can cut it into layers and it’s even better to do this right before you start assembling it so this is the ultimate gynnwys recipe without any baking powder with only three ingredients if you follow all the instructions and tips you’re gonna have achieved this result so the cake is totally cold you can wrap it in a plastic wrap you can freeze it for up to a month or keep it in your fridge for three days so it’s perfect to make in advance

genoise cake


Chocolate Touch With The Genoise:

To make a chocolate genoise and this is what it looks like we have two layers of the chocolate genoise sponge we’re gonna sandwich them together with raspberry jam and a chocolate mousse and then we’re gonna cover the whole cake with a chocolate ganache and even more chocolate mousse so a chocolate lover’s delight here so the first thing that you will need to do is to pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which is 180 degrees Celsius and you will need two 9-inch round pans that’s 23 centimeters and you can either butter the inside of your pants or I’m just gonna do a quick and easy today and just spray the inside and then what I’m going to do is to take around a parchment paper. and put that on the bottom that way we’ll make doubly sure that our cakes don’t stick to the bottom of the pants and we’re gonna start by making our chocolate Jenn was the first thing we’re going to do is to sift our dry ingredients together so I’m just using a strainer if you have an actual sifter you could use that you will need 3/4 of a cup which is 90 grams I’m using cake flour today and cake flour is a low gluten flour and that gives our Jen Oise. this really nice soft and tender crumb and looks a little there and then you will need it because it’s a chocolate genoise.

So you will need 1/2 a cup 45 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder and you can use either the Dutch process which I’m using here or you could just use a natural unsweetened either one and a half a teaspoon two grams I’m using kosher salt and then I’ve just got even do it over a bowl or I just have a piece of parchment paper sit this one it aerates the mixture. and – I find cocoa powder always has slumped so the sifting gets rid of that okay so a gem who is a type of sponge cake but you know a lot of sponge cakes.

You separate the eggs the difference here is with the gen woz you don’t separate the eggs but what we do is we warm the eggs over you need a saucepan of simmering water so put your you need 6 large eggs which is 300 grams and put that in a heatproof bowl I like to use stings steel and to that I’m going to add one cup 200 grams of granulated white sugar and we’re just going to mix all that together and the reason we’re going to warm this over simmering water is one it will you know warm the eggs dissolve the sugar and what this is going to do is when we whip our eggs it’s going to allow them to reach full volume. and the reason we want that is all of the Lebanese for this genoise in our beaten eggs we’re not adding any baking powder or soda so just whisk that together and then you just want

genoise cake

That simmering not boiling and whisk it constantly because we’re we don’t want to cook them we just want to warm them to just lukewarm to the touch okay so touching them lukewarm to the touch so remove from the heat and then put it on on a cloth because we want to wipe the bottom of our Bowl get rid of any you know condensation. so what I’m gonna do is just clean this up come right back and we will whip our eggs okay so now if you have an electric stand mixer as I have here you want to use your whisk attachment you could use just a hand mixer for this as well let’s put that in there along with one and a half teaspoons scrams of pure vanilla extract that’s for flavoring and what I’m going to do is mixes or whip this on medium-high speed until it really it cools.

Down it really whips up nice and becomes very light and very thick and while I’m doing that in a small saucepan I have four and a half tablespoons sixty-four grams of unsalted butter I’m going to melt that okay so look at that isn’t that gorgeous and if you lift it up you can see it goes down in a slow ribbon and then it slowly dissolves back in so that’s what you’re looking for so now we’re going to have to add our dry ingredients I find it easier if I have a bowl that’s wide makes it so much easier although you could you know to mix it right into your mixing bowl.

That’s if you don’t have a bowl like I have this large one okay so now we’re not going to add all of our dry ingredients all at once we’re just going to you know put maybe a third over the top like so and then I have my spatula and I’m just going to down and up over and just mix it in big strokes then when you have most of it in and we will add a little more you don’t want it to plate I mean we’re going to deflate the batter somewhat but we’re trying to deflate it. as little as possible when we add our dry ingredients scrape around the side and then looks good yeah it looks pretty good.

I’m just gonna scrape off my spatula here cuz the cocoa powder does tend to stick to it now I melted the butter but it’s still you want to have it like lukewarm because we’re going to have to add it to the batter if you added like if it was too cold and it would kind of solidify when it hits the batter and deflate it even more which we don’t want so have it lukewarm just sure you want to make sure you get the bottom of the bowl and get all that those dry ingredients mixed in so I’m happy with that looks pretty good so now I have my butter I’m not going to pour that in here what I’m going to do is take some of my batter and put it into here no like I’m tempering it almost and mix it in that way it will mix a lot easier into our when we put it into our batter a little bit of technique here but don’t you know do the best you can we all have to learn sometime and then it’s internally sure I got that all mixed in okay we’re good.

So I’m just going to pour that in there and mix this in and the butters. going to give it you know a little buttery flavor but a really nice tender crumb to our Gemma’s okay we’re good to go so now what we want to do over here is we want to evenly divide our batter between our two pans so if you have a scale I mean you could eyeball it but you have a scale it’s a lot easier we’re going to put about 340 grams per pan.make sure to zero your scale so now give a little tap on there everyone’s oven is a little different I find probably 15 to 18 minutes it will rise when you touch them it’ll firm to the touch and you will notice that the cakes start to shrink just a little bit from the sides of the pan so somewhere like 15 to 18 minutes.okay so cakes are done I put a toothpick into the center came out clean if you touch it it’s firm and they’re just beginning to pull away from the sides of the pant so put your cake pans on a wire rack we are going to let them cool completely in the pans before we take them out so.

I’m going to put that to the side and what we’re gonna do now while those are cooling is we’re going to make a soaking syrup so you just need a small saucepan and you need 1/2 a cup 120 milliliters 120 grams of I’m using filtered water and then just a quarter of a cup 50 grams of granulated white sugar and I’m going to put this over medium-high heat so what I’m gonna do is bring this up to a boil what I want to do is just dissolve the sugar basically so I want to warm in the water to dissolve this sure so I’ll give it a stir every once in a while and let it come up to a boil

genoise _cake
genoise cake

Okay so we’re up to a boil. I’m going to remove it from the heat and now I’m going to let this cool I am going to add one and a half tablespoons of Grand Marnier for flavoring to this but I don’t want to add the Grand Marnier while the sugar syrup is hot so I’m going to let it cool now if you don’t want to add the Grand Marnier you could add like orange juice or I mean really it’s very good just on its own but for other flavorings you could at like I said orange juice. or some other juice you could add a little bit of vanilla extract and what we’re gonna do this is a syrup or even called soaking syrup because what we’re gonna do is soak our cake layer or brush our cake layers. with this and what it’s going to do is add a nice flavor but it also keeps the genoise nice and moist so the genoise cake will last a lot longer now you could make this up to two weeks in advance and then just store it in the refrigerator so it’s one thing you could do you ahead of time.

So what I’m going to do let that cool then add my grandeur Marnier and let those cool completely and then we’ll take them out of the pants so our Gen waz has cooled completely in the pants so I’m going to take a straight edge just run it around the outside just to make sure it’s not sticking and then take a wire wrap flip it and just peel off the parchment paper so and then I’m going to flip it so it’s right side up. what’s great is because this genoise cake has so many components you could make your chocolate genoise as a day or two ahead of time wrap it really well and you could store it in the refrigerator or you could even freeze them for up to a month so now our next component is the chocolate mousse this is a really cheesy chocolate mousse really just a chocolate and whipping cream.

It’s so good so you will need a saucepan of simmering water and then in a heatproof Bowl I like to stainless steel you will need five ounces which is 145 yeah 140 grams of semi-sweet chocolate your favorite you want to use a good quality here because your mousse is only going to taste as good as your chocolate so really good quality chocolate.I’m using semi-sweet but 58% cocoa content I’m using the disc if you were using like a chocolate bar coarsely chop it and then where you are just gonna put it over our simmering water until it’s nice and melted okay so our chocolate and it’s melted so I’m just gonna take that off the heat I’m gonna let it cool down just a little bit but while that’s happening with this out of the way what’s the stuff going on here I’m going to use my stand mixer with a whisk. attachment or you could use your hand mixer really if you want you could whip your cream with a wire whisk you will need 1 cup 240 milliliters 240 grams of cold heavy whipping cream buy heavy whipping cream I mean cream with about a 35 to 40 percent

genoise cake

Butterfat content and what that means is when I beat it it will hold stiff peaks so that’s how you know and then I’m going to you don’t have to but I like to add just a little bit of sugar 1 tablespoon 15 grams of granulated white sugar now what I’m gonna do is beat this medium high speed I’ll start low so it doesn’t come my face until soft peaks you know what really stiff peaks here. because we’re going to add the the cold cream into our chocolate so you want to like soft.

But I’ll show you okay so you can see it’s not really stiff still soft now if you did by accident beat it a little too much what you could do is just add a little more cold heavy cream in there and whisk it to kind of loosen it up but I’m okay with that so now you want your chocolate to have cooled down a bit so it’s not like hot that’s kind of like body don’t want it you know too cold because then if you add the cold cream to the cold chocolate it’ll kind of seize and you’ll get little pieces of chocolate in there which we don’t want so and you don’t want to add all of your cream into your chocolate at one time we want to do this in stages and that helps to prevent us our chocolate from seizing and you want to use a whisk and you want to really whisk it in especially right at the beginning.

So what I do is I just kind of take a little bit and then quickly whisk it in almost like tempering the chocolate. and then once you’ve done that you can add a little more big strokes you know don’t be tempted if be confident okay and then I’ll add the rest I could just eat this great land it is so good actually you can just serve it like this in a class in a small glass for dessert a really easy dessert to make everyone will love it. okay make sure we got all the no streaks and then we’re going to layer put this on earth in between our cakes I find it easier if I put my chocolate mousse in a piping bag and pipe it I mean you don’t have to you could just spread it but if you have a piping bag then why not use it so I’m using just a half inch plain tip that’s about one and a quarter centimeters put that into your and then what I like to do just so it does the mousse doesn’t come out the end is just twist and kind of stick.

That in there like that and then you find it easier you can put your piping bag into a glass kind of like that and pour it in so I wouldn’t do this and then we’ll have that ready and so what I one do is when we come back I’ll set everything up and we will put our cake together so we’re ready to assemble our cake if you have a cake turntable you want to use that if not just put it on a plate and then what I like to do when I’m doing layer cakes is I like to use these cardboard genoise cake.circles you can buy them online or cake decorating stores I’m using a 9-inch 23 centimeter and the reason I like it’s easy to pick it up take it if you wanted to take this cake somewhere it’s really easy to pick it up and move it around so we did make our soaking syrup so what I want to do is just brush the top of the genoise cake. with some of that like I said this is going to one add flavor to our cake and two it’s going to keep it nice and moist so that our layer genoise cake

genoise cake

Will last a little longer when we store it which is always a good thing actually it’s a trick you can use with any cake is to brush it with the soaking syrup sometimes maybe if you over bake the cake a little bit soaking syrup would be really good for that okay. so now I’m just going to flip it so what I want is the top of the genoise be on the bottom so then we’ll have a nice flat surface when we pour it we’re going to pour the ganache over top so a nice flat surface so again I’m going to brush this side with the syrup and you will notice if it’s a freshly baked cake it won’t absorb as much syrup then if you had made this a day before or a couple days before it will absorb even more so that looks good and now what I like to do is to spread on some raspberry jam I think it’s like adds flavor and it also a nice contrast it start and it’s tangy to the richness of a chocolate genoise cake.

Now you could just use store-bought or homemade I strained it to get rid of the seeds or if you were buying it you could buy seedless or if you like the seeds sometimes I just I’m a little lazy I just use the seeds so I’m just using you can use the back of a spoon and knife I’m using an offset spatula just to spread that out I love raspberry jam and if you didn’t want to use raspberry you know you could use like apricot preserves or I mean you can just leave it off if you didn’t want or you could use some other type of Jam make apricot would be good here that looks good put it right to the edge and next our what’s that I’m going to yes part of the way for just a sec what I like to do is push it down try to get rid of any air in the bag push it down and then turn it to seal now I’m going to do concentric circles starting on the outside and but like I said if you don’t you’re not comfortable piping then you could just spread it you know on instead of piping whatever you’re comfortable with we will have a little leftover chocolate mousse.

Which I have in the bag keep that just cover it and put it in the fridge because if you remember we’re going to decorate put swirls with the leftover let’s not put a little fill in those gaps okay so now I’m going to again brush see how that is like that at all then just kind of line it up and lightly press the top to compare to compact it so and then again I’m going to brush finally the top okay good so now we’re going to even up to our sides I’ve got a flat edge here and if you have a cake turntable makes it really easy but really you can just turn it if you have a plate so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put we have a little edge there to our cake circle so I’m just gonna run it just to make the edges of our cake nice and smooth if you found it wasn’t you don’t want any gaps if you had a few you we can just put a little of the mousse in there because we want a nice smooth and if your genoise cake.

It’s not quite lined up just lined it up you want a nice and smooth so that when we pour the ganache it’ll just go right down so what we’re gonna do now because this is kind of soft I’m gonna put it into the refrigerator to chill you could chill as several hours but what I’m going to do is let this chill overnight so it gets nice and cold and firm and it’s going to make it so much easier when we pour the ganache over the top so that’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna I’m gonna put it in the refrigerator just like this until it you know firms up and then I’m going to cover it overnight and then when we come back tomorrow we’re gonna finish it off so I let our genoise cake.

Chill overnight so now we can make our chocolate ganache a ganache is similar to a chocolate mousse and that we’re using the same ingredients chocolate and cream only we’re going to mix them together in a different way the first thing you need to do is in a heatproof Bowl I like stainless steel put 5 ounces 140 grams of semi-sweet chocolate I’m using these disks if you’re using a chocolate bar then coarsely chopped but and then you will need a saucepan and a half a cup 120 milliliters 120 grams again of heavy whipping cream that’s creamed with a 35 to 40 percent butterfat content just put that in there along with 1 tablespoon 13 grams of butter and I just cut my butter into small pieces so it’ll melt faster so what we’re gonna do is heat these two ingredients together over medium-high heat just until the butter melts and it just starts to boil like around the edges you don’t want it to boil too much because it will foam up so watch it carefully.

Okay so there we go we’re starting to foam up rabbit before it does you no one’s spilling over and then you have to start again so just take your cream and pour it over the chocolate and what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna let this sit for a minute or two so it starts to melt the chocolate so now we’re going to stir our ganache you can use a spoon or whisk or spat the end of a spatula start in the center and then just just get in the circle we don’t want to whisk a lot of air into our ganache so tight and then as you see it start to melt let’s make bigger circles see a switch over to my spatula now and that is essentially chocolate ganache you could at this point add a little bit of like Grand Marnier or something like that just a you know half a tablespoon if you want to flavor your ganache but I just like the taste the chocolate. so that’s now this is warm plus it’s quite thin as you can see and we’re going to pour it over our cake so the good thing about ganache as it cools it will thicken so I’m just going to put this aside let it thicken a bit and then when we come back we will pour it over our genoise cake.

So I did let the ganache sit for maybe 5-10 minutes so as you can see that’s about what I want and now so I I put the cake on a wire rack on a baking sheet because we’re going to pour the ganache over the top and then it’ll drip down and you can save all that stripped down and what’s nice about when you let the genoise cake.

Chill overnight it gets nice and cold and that way when we pour the ganache over and chill the ganache it will still stay shiny so that’s another reason to chill your cake before covering so now what I’m going to do is kind of pour this over the top and let it like drip down the sides as you can see I didn’t pour it all in the center I kind of poured it around so that it will hopefully evenly drift down the sides I hard to see at the front there you don’t want to handle the ganache like too much so what I’m doing is just big strokes let it go down the sides turn see what I am doing now that looks pretty good so what you got once you do that then go around and just kind of you’ve have some spots that are not covered and what you can do because some does strip down you can kind of take. that and use it if you have to I got a big spot here but like I said you don’t want to fuss with this too much or you’ll get streaks now some people I did not do it because I chilled the genoise cake.

genoise _cake
chocolate genoise cake

And I don’t find I have to you could do what is called a crumb crumb coat professionals do that I mean if you’re gonna sell this in a shop and what you do is you’d first take some of the ganache and you put on a very thin layer of the ganache on your cake and you chill it and then you pour the ganache over top you could do that but I think this turned out really well now what you want to do we do have some leftover do not waste it you could if there is any crumbs which not you could just gather all that up put it in a bowl chill it and make little chocolate truffles from it but we’re not going to do that today I’m going to just clean up the sides like that are on my cake board and then what I’m going to do is just put this whole thing into the refrigerator to chill just until that ganache firms up because our last step is to pipe some of that leftover chocolate mousse on the top so this is our finished genoise cake.

As you can see the ganache is firmed up it’s gorgeous actually you could just serve this cake just like it is or you could put some raspberries on the top or some chocolate curls but because we had some leftover chocolate mousse we might as well use it and decorate the top now when you take this out of the refrigerator it’s going to be really cold I did let it warm up and if it’s still a little thick which mine actually is to pipe just take a little bit of heavy cream and thin it out just so we can pipe it now I am so I got my piping bag I am using a star tip this is a Wilton 1m you could really use any type of tip you want so that looks good put my and as always you know hold back you could put it in a glass if you might find that easier and just take your chocolate mousse okay – Donna there we go it happens there we go try to get the air out of there so now if you have a turntable again put your genoise cake.

On there makes it easier but really you can just have it on your serving plate and then I’m just you can pipe whatever you want I’m gonna do some swirls so I’m gonna put one here and depending on how much chocolate mousse that’s how many swirls you’re gonna get so to see how this goes and try to get enough on here you could put a like a raspberry or some more chocolate curls on top of that if you had some gold leaf that would look very nice on the ganache see what I can do here I did have enough okay so there is our kit I think it’s gorgeous so what you want to do is put this back into the refrigerator to chill the chocolate mousse but actually I find chocolate desserts do benefit from sitting for a while so I really like to chill this overnight and I find that way all the flavors cuz we did do the syrup so I can serve it’s time to soak into the cake that’s what I like so I am finished there and what we’re gonna do is try the one I made a couple days ago you see I’ve already cut into it so when you cut a genoise cake.

like this I have a night but I have a glass of hot water and what I do is I put my knife in there to warm it up and then wipe it off and then do your cut and do that between every cut and that way because otherwise you’ve got all this stuff on here if I do another cut it’s gonna make it a little messy so they only have it and try to you know this cake is better at room temperature so take it out of the fridge you know maybe a half an hour before and then if you’re if you’re only gonna take like one so you can just cut one slice and then let it sit out and warm up a lot of cakes their neighbors are gonna be happy so now let’s try some gotta get some of that chocolate mousse and the ganache and the cake I love chocolate this is like a great fix you have that chocolate genoise not overly type this is a nice you know really nice chocolate flavor that’s that’s been flavored with our Grand Marnier soaking syrup and then you have a little tartness it’s not really strong but just that hint of that raspberry jam and then of course the creaminess of that chocolate mousse you you know use a good quality chocolate and then we have the chocolate ganache I mean it’s a perfect chocolate cake now you can store this for several days in the refrigerator if you don’t have a cake dome then what you could do is just get a cake box one of those cardboard cardboard cake boxes put your cake in there wrap it in plastic and you have your own kind of cake dome.


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