gelato ice cream

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Gelato Ice Cream

Today we’re going to make Gelato ice cream with a a pistachio flavor we need fresh whole milk we need cane sugar we need fresh whipped cream.

And our very special discussions we have this beast that shows that we bring from CC they’re called want a biscuit so it’s very special.


13.5 oz Whole milk

3 oz Fresh heavy whipping cream

4.6 oz Cane sugar

4 oz Peeled raw

Pistachio 2 oz

Corn oil

gelato ice cream

Because it grows every once every two years so it’s very very special it’s called the green gold in Italy and a little bit of corn oil to make that is that your paste if you of course I don’t think.

You were able to find these dispatches here but you can use the local ones from California or what you find there have to be wrong okay then you will have you will need pop warm up ingredients.

Gelato Ice Cream Recipe 

Of course you will need a machine this machine I bought it online this site – is very good it’s juicing art.

I’m not sponsoring and if any brand but this is what I use it’s very nice because you can make gelato or you can make icecream we take our sauce pan and we’re going to pour our fresh oil our fresh whipped cream.

gelato ice cream

And odd cane sugar we’re gonna mix everything together and put it in the stove to warm it up you have to put in a medium heat and we get here to warm up in the meantime.

We are going to roast our stature in the microwave for two minutes you need to use a gas container.

Okay so when you see that the foam is forming in your mixture and that started to boil it means that this is ready so now we’re going to pour our mixture in a container because we need to cool it down.

Gelato Ice Cream 

Okay we’re going to put it in the freezer and in the meantime we’re going to prepare our pistachio paste with the pistachios hmm it smells.

So good one very important thing while we wait for a mixture to cool down and we make the pistachio base we need to turn on the machine so it’s cool enough to pour our mixture and the gelato can be ready.

So now we take out our food processor to make the blend of our statues to make the paste but if you have not a food processor you can use your blender it’s better to use the food processor.

Because you can take out all of them all of the pace that we’re making here so we’ll start so we pour our statues that have been roasted our oil .

gelato ice cream

Gelato Ice Cream Recipe 

So my food processor didn’t work we did everything we could but it didn’t work but I’m a positive person so I will show you how to do it in the blender okay  so this is how it has to be so now our mixture is cold and we’re going to pour our dispatcher past them to the mix.

Now we mix all together the meantime our machine is real cold so we can pour everything inside and it’s ready for the gelato to be done so now we pour our gelato mixture or gelato machine.

And we introduced our churner the Jalopy worm and there close your and that’s it we’ll wait for the machine to make our delicious gelato and see you later so our gelato solavei.

Gelato Ice Cream R

We’re going to turn off the machine and take out the gelato put it in a container in this case we’re going to create enough fata morgana and put it in the freezer.

I like one hour to set it down and then you can take it out with five minutes and you can enjoy the most incredible homemade gelato so here we go this is our gelato so we finish pouring vigil acting The Container this is ready for the prison.

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