Fruit Cake:
Fruit Cake:

Fruit Cake:

fruit cake is a delicious best cheap recipe released all over the world this fruitcake is a simpler and easier version of making the traditional fruit cake. the cake is filled with loads of juicy plump raisins and many other dried fruits and it has that beautiful aroma of spices that makes the cake more flavorful and in this recipe, the dried fruits are boiled in liquid to soften and plump them up before they are added into the cake.

Batter and so this fruitcake is so moist even without any prior stocking of fruits and he will also be glad that this is one of Lee’s messy base that we can make a fruit cake. we don’t need a stand mixer or hand mixer to make this cake a saucepan and a wooden spoon are the prime tools to make this easy cake say let’s see how to make this simple and easy fruit cake.

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Say let’s start by boiling the dried fruits we are going to boil those dry fruits along with some butter-sugar molasses and some water we are not adding the nuts into the boiling mixture and I don’t want to boil these dried plums and dates as well they are already very soft and juicy.

So we’ll be boiling these dried cranberries and these raisins and you can use dried fruits and nuts of your choice by making your fruit cake. how to make whipped cream? and we can adjust the measurements according to you offer friends and so into a saucepan add in the butter then sugar and if we have molasses you can add 3 tablespoons of molasses or else you can add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar adding molasses and brown sugar can give that a beautiful dark brown color to our cake and also it can bring a beautiful caramel flavor to our cake.

And then adding the basin’s and the cranberries and some water and take the pan on to the stout top and still Alba medium heat and bring it to boil and once it starts by simmer it for three to four minutes and then remove from heat and let it

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Cool down a meanwhile let’s prepare our cake pan grease the bottom of the pan with some butter and align it with a parchment paper and as fruit cakes. need a longer baking time.

I’m giving an extra lining with parchment paper to protect our cake from any / browning now let’s prepare the flour mix we are going to add all of these spices and flavors and baking powder into the flour the taste of a fruit cake is mostly from the aroma of that cake.

And I want that fresh aroma of spices to get into our cake batter and that’s why I didn’t add this spices into the boiling mixture so adding the baking powder cinnamon powder Brown all spices salt and zest of one orange and lemon into the flour and give it a good stir to make sure all of these ingredients are evenly distributed in the flour.

You so now our flower mix is ready and now add three eggs. into a small ball and lightly beat them until we get a smooth egg mixture and now into the next step that is to add in all of their best of thing brilliance into the saucepan see raisins and cranberries are now big clumpy and juicy and now.

I’m adding the dates and ripe plums or prunes into this you and then add the chopped up pecans and keep everything a good stir and then add the beaten eggs and give it a good mixture and then add the flour mix into this and combine everything together and make sure there are no dry patches.

I left behind and now our cake batter is ready it stands for the zone to our prepared baking pan tap the pan on the counter a few times to remove any large air spaces and between and now it’s ready to go into the oven boiled fruit cakes

Fruit Cake:

Need to be baked in a slow oven or lower baking temperature for a longer time the biggie died 320 fine hi preheated oven for 75 to 90 minutes or until a toothpick or a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean we can change the top of the fruit cake.

With an aluminum foil after 50 minutes of baking to prevent any chance of over-browning on top and after baking removes the cake from our vent and let it cool down in the pan itself afford 30 to 40 minutes and then let it finish cooling on a cooling rack as we are not feeding the fruit cake.

With alcohol to give some flavor and I was there to make it more appealing to eyes I’m brushing the surface of the cake with some light apricot jam and if we slice this cake on the same day the cake may seem buttery and crumbly and won’t beat that flavorful and so it’s better to wait for the next day to slice our fruitcake the smell taste and

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

The flavor of fruit cake is so much better the next day and I’m a big fan of fruitcakes and this is one of my favorite recipes for making fruit cake and I hope you’ll like this a simple fruit cake recipe hope you found it easy to make and I hope you will make this at home and please let me know how it turned out for you and if you like this video please give your valuable thumbs up and please don’t forget to share this with your friends and family who love fruitcakes and thank you so much for your love and support.

Fruit Cake With Jelly Touch:

This is the perfect summer dessert it will be a showstopper to any party you take it to I’m making wooden pole um I wouldn’t is agar jelly and if you’re not familiar with it it’s basically like vegetarian gelatin and Paula mine means fruit so I’m basically making a boiled fruit cake.

Filled with lots of yummy tropical fruits. and I know you guys always love my auger recipes so you can add this one to the list let’s get started so this dessert has three layers.

So when I’m making out is the main one that’s clear with lots of fruit in it okay so I’ve just got some cold water in the pot and I’m going to add my agar powder okay and this is important because the measurement that I’m giving you only applies to powder form, not flakes.

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Or any other form okay now the one that I get comes in a little bag like this is a Thai brand you can also look at Japanese grocery stores they use our Agra swell and they call it can bin you can also look at health food stores which also sells agar as a vegan substitute for gelatin ok online lots of different places you can get it.

I’m going to add this now to my cold water and cold is the key because you add it too hot it will clump up so I wanted to stir it with a whisk and now to add a little fruitiness.

I am going to add some lychee juice so this is the juice that comes from the canned lychee soaked and lychee the fruit inside is actually really really good it’s one of those fruits that can really well and the juice actually has a lot of lychee flavor in it.

Because leach is such a juicy fruit that when they can it that flavor really goes into the syrup and a lot of like Asian restaurants. will make lychee tea and things like that using the juice from the liquid. so I like to add it in add a little fruity that’s a little flavor you want to bring it to a full boil and you want to stir it all the times if you don’t it’ll settle at the bottom alright so it is boiling now and you want to make sure it boil for about one to two minutes just to make sure everything’s completely dissolved to check if it’s

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Completely dissolved I like to use a metal spoon you put some solution on your spoon pour it off and then look to see if you can see tiny little specks of the auger powder stuck to the spoon and you want to keep it going until you can no longer see any dots and just make sure they’re actually specks and not air bubbles. because you know sometimes it’s an air bubble and you keep it there forever and it’s like this never dissolves.

I’m going to add some sugar and you can add as much or as little sugar as you want to depend on how sweet you want it is really great about our jellies because the sugar won’t really affect the end it’s you know somebody’s watching the sugar intake you can really cut it down without compromising the texture let’s put it in the mold so I’m going to make this in a cake pan so when you unmold it actually looks like a big beautiful cake.

You want to work with this while it’s hot okay because it sets at room temperature so you really don’t have that much time so now both now the fruit I am using today can

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Use whatever you want to make sure you cut them small I just want to stick with a tropical theme. because after all, this is Thai food so I’ve got some mango here that I’m going to scatter and I do scatter strategically just to make sure it’s evenly distributed a little OCD thing of mine hate it when things are not evenly distributed and I like to put a little bit of the liquid first before I put the because if I put the fruit in first sometimes it sticks.

So tightly to the mold and then when you pour in the liquid it actually won’t go under the fruit so when you unmold it you have exposed fruit so this way you sort of making sure that the top is nice and smooth. perfect alright and the blueberries are going to float so I’m going to float do not worry about that okay so I’m going to let that just set so it’s hard enough that we can pour the second layer on without the mixing so now what I’m creating is a white layer. that’s really important because in order for these fruits to stand out you kind of want to give it a white background now could

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

You stop here and just put it on the white plate sure but this is so much prettier so the white layer is going to be coconut milk which goes so well with all the flavors of that tropical fruit so I’ve got here some coconut milk so that it gets visit extra water some coconut milk.

Going in and this is the last of the really good coconut milk that I have that I brought back all the way from Thailand, okay and I’m going to thin this out a little bit with some water but I want it to be too rich the other agar powder going in okay.

I’ve got that all stirred up I’m going to add some pandan leaves just a little bit of pandan leaf to give it some nice floral aroma a little touch of tied into this recipe again I’m going to bring it to a full boil okay so the agar has completely dissolved and doing my regular check for little specks.

I’m good now I’m going to turn it off now add some sugar a little pinch of salt coconut milk really does so much better when there’s a tiny little salt in it

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Right the other layers we’ve got assets to balance the sweet this one we have no asset so we need a little salt that’s ready to be poured right on top of this one but I got a check first and it’s firm enough and it is whoo-hoo okay so now that’s going to set the last layer so the last later the real reason why I made it is because I don’t want the bottom layer.

To be white because chances are the plates going to be white so for more contrast I wanted a colored layer at the bottom layer but turns out that it’s also really delicious so I am using mango juice here to match the flavor and to match the color. of the fruit and to contrast with the plate it’s so perfect now the mango juice that I am using is actually this one it’s a smoothie so it’s rather thick.

So I want to thin it out a little bit by adding some water and you can use whatever kind of juice that you like it doesn’t have to be this color can be beet juice for all like you’re some agar in here stir it up same-same so come time for you to make this recipe I would actually suggest watching my

Fruit Cake:
delicious fruit cake

Recipe footnotes video which I’ll post a link right up here and also in the description there are a couple of things to keep in mind that could make or break this recipe I didn’t want include here just because it’ll be too long.

But definitely check that out if you’re going to make it alright now that’s ready to go better check that it’s okay it’s done really soft so I have to be really really careful with this I’m actually going to pour it over another spoon because I’ll tell you I’ve done it before will I rush this part and completely broke the bottom layer.

So you don’t want to do that oh just perfect alright now that’s just got a chill in the fridge until it’s cold and you’ll be right back yay it’s cold it’s chilled it’s solid and you know what that’s happier paddle now the other half and quite honestly the most difficult part is getting this out of the gosh-darn pan it’s always the hardest thing I have figured out some sort of a trick that hopefully will work and I’ll show you first of all you need something thin to run along the edge and be very careful that you don’t accidentally cut into the cake because guess what I’ve done that before if you’ve got a silicone cake pan.

Or mold I think that’ll be easier because you can kind of squeeze it and jiggle it out but with it’s hard like this it’s really

fruit cake

Quite a challenge now the big problem is it’s like there’s no air inside so it sucked into the pan and that’s the biggest challenge like you go you can run this around all you want but if you don’t give it any air it’ll just get stuck to the pan.

So what I like to do is I push this a little bit and then I stick a toothpick in see how how tall the toothpick is and I’m going to break it off because I need it to not be taller than the pan there we go and then I stick the toothpick in and just leave it in there and it will create a little gap for air to go in okay so it’ll come out a little bit either sure like you will get a little mark right here but it doesn’t matter you won’t see it and I’m going to do that in three different spots just to help it along a little bit anyway if anyone has a better idea let me know of how to get this thing out now. of course, if

You just wanted into small pieces you just go ahead and cut and dig one out and all your problem will be solved but I wanted in one round bit case and this is why we’re going through all the trouble there we go tada I see a dugout the edge that’s what you don’t want to do I wasn’t being super careful.

So I do have a side that doesn’t look great but that’s okay because I have all these other sides that look great look at that how cool that looks oh now I like to serve this like a cake you can I’m going to put some fruit around it but I want to cut into it so you can see the inside how cool the inside looks woohoo look at this beauty nice beautiful look at that it’s not a dessert to impress or what and of course you can be really creative with the kinds of fruit that you’re putting in you can have color themes you can do red as your theme.

I’m so good so refreshing uh-oh I want to get one with a blueberry unit this is dangerously good the boiled fruit cake. contrast with just that little bit of coconut and it’s just this creamy Fruities light the texture of agar is almost a little crunchy in a good way you know what I mean when you taste it and it’s just so pretty.

I can’t get over how cool this looks so when you make it definitely send me a photo I’d love to see what kind of fruits to use what kind of layers you do from the recipe as always we’ll be on hot spice kitchen calm and send me the photos on Facebook Twitter or Instagram and if you haven’t subscribed to the show definitely do right here so you never miss an episode and I will see you next time for your next excuse me shake hi.

Fruit Cake

Light Fruit Cake:

Make a light fruitcake by light I mean light in the color and light in the amount of fruit it contains but what’s great about this fruit cake is we can eat it the same day it’s made it’s not like some fruitcakes where you have to feed them with alcohol for several weeks but if you still want that boozy flavor.

What we can do is soak the fruit a day or two before we make the fruit cake in some alcohol and that’s what I’ve done here so just take a bowl and in the bowl put 3/4 of a cup that’s a hundred and twenty grams of candied mixed peel along with 1/2 a cup 100 grams of either red or green cherries.

Whichever one you want and I cut mine in quarters or you could just cut them in half it just depends how large you want your cherry pieces to be and then you will also need a third of a cup that’s 40 grams of dark raisins now you can vary the proportions of these fruits just to suit your own taste and then what you do is just put it in a bowl stir it and then you want to add about three tablespoons of alcohol.

I used Grand Marnier you could use rum or a brandy or sherry and then just stir that and then just cover it with a piece of plastic wrap and let it sit at room temperature for at least a day actually I let this sit two days and when you think of it every once in a while just give it a quick stir so once that’s done then we can start the batter so pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is 180 degrees Celsius and we’re making this fruit cake in a loaf pan so just get your loaf pan and either you can lightly butter or oil it or I’m just going to give it a quick spray on these nonstick one so this is basically a butter fruit cake.

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Batter so if you have a stand mixer like I have here use your paddle attachment or you could just use a hand mixer first thing you need is a half a cup 113 grams of butter I like to use the unsalted I like the flavor better but you could use the salted and have it at room temperature then I’m just going to beat this just until it’s nice and creamy and smooth.

Okay and then to that add a half a cup a hundred grams of granulated white sugar and scrape down the sides in the bottom of the bowl as much as you need to along the way so I’m going to beat this for a couple of minutes.

I want to get some air into that do you want to do it till it’s light fluffy two to three minutes so this is what we’re looking for we’re just trying to get some air mix those together and get a little air in there scrape. down next we’re going to add three large eggs one at a time beat one in and then the next one in the next one has your eggs at room temperature.

Now you will notice after you add probably a couple of the eggs there will be the bet it will curdle so don’t worry about that that’s very normal when we add the dry

Fruit Cake:
fruit cake

Ingredients it’s just going to smooth Rado.yeah quick scrape make sure you do the bottom of the bowl. and our last steak along with 1/2 a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.try to use the pure it’s a better flavor than the artificial and we are going to add some ground almonds to this batter so what I’m doing is adding just a quarter of a teaspoon of pure almond extract.

kind of brings out that almond flavor beat that in okay so as you can see the batter is curdled so now for our dry ingredients in a separate bowl I have one and a half cups 195 grams of all-purpose flour you may know those plain flour to that I’m going to add a half a cup 50 grams of ground almonds you can grind you know process whole blanched almonds in your food processor until finely ground or you can just buy ground almonds called almond meal

Or almond flour. a lot of grocery stores now sell ground almonds or you can find like specialty food stores health food stores are of course online and then also we’re going to add one teaspoon of baking powder and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and then the zest of one small lemon that’s just the odor yellow skin don’t grate the white underneath.

Because that’s kind of bitter try to use organic if you can and you could also use orange zest that would be also very nice here or you could even leave it out if you don’t want that flavor.

I think I’ve just lemon or even an orange just kind of perks up all the flavors okay and just using a wire whisk just whisk it all together you want to make sure that that baking powder is all mixed into the flour, okay so what we’ll do is add just maybe half of the flour along with fruit cake and if there’s any juice on the bottom just pour that right in I don’t want to waste any of that flavor like.

I said if you don’t want the alcohol to taste just don’t bother marinating or macerating your fruit in the alcohol so just low speed just mix that in then I’m going to add a quarter of a cup 60 milliliters of milk you can use whole milk or I’m using alike 2% reduced-fat and just speak that in slowly.

Then scrape that down this is a really easy fruitcake to make and then rest of our flour and we’re done. [Applause] okay that’s it stake your pan quick stir to get all the flour mixed in pouring it into your loaf pan you know at the back of the spoon or I’m just using an offset spatula just smooth it out here okay and then if you like you can garnish the top with some shaved or sliced. almonds look good so now we’re gonna bake this 60 60 to 70 minutes you will find it rises not too much but it will turn nice golden-brown and a toothpick inserted into the center will come out clean now if you find it browning. too much you could just put a piece of aluminum foil over the top of the pan to stop the browning.

So okay so our fruit cake is done you can see it’s a beautiful golden brown color and the toothpick inserted into the center will come out clean so now just let it cool on a wire rack in the pan for about 10 minutes and then we’ll come back and take it out of the pan so to remove the fruit cake.

From the pan just use a knife or I’m using a flat spatula and just run it along the side make sure it’s not sticking just and still hot so be careful so I’m just gonna let this cool just you know 10 to 20 minutes and then we’ll cut a slice so now to cut your fruit cake just need a sharp knife and cut it the first day you will notice that the crust is quite crisp but that will soften when you cover and store it as you can see it’s just a beautiful looking bread all the candied fruit and the raisins. and then I’ll just taste oh that’s so nice I’m a big fan of candied fruit so I loved how much the bread is full of that and then it’s a really moist and almond-flavored batter it really is nice so you can cover and store this for several days and that will kind of even soften the bread even more and the flavors will kind of mingle but you can also freeze it for a couple of months it’s excellent so until next time.


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