fried_ice cream

Fried IceCream

Today i am making fried ice cream in this the heart Varela scoops are first rolled into crunchy flavors and then it is fried and served with some chocolate sauce.


  • Vanilla icecream scoops-2
  • Ready sponge cake sheets-2
  • All purpose flour/maida-1/4 cup
  • water as desired
  • crushed cornflakes- 1/2 cup
  • oil for frying
  • Chocolate sauce- 2 tbsp

Over it this is a very easy raiser to prepare for your special guests or occasion but all you need is to follow a few simple steps so let’s see what all things you’ll be needing for this first thing to keep the ice cream scoops into the freezer for 4 to 5 hours or even overnight is better.

fried_ice cream

Fried IceCream

If you want to make it solid rock hard once it becomes hard and form enough remove it from the fridge and then I am going to coat it with a thin sheet of sponge cake you can also coat it with any crushed leftover cake of your choice.

You can see how I am doing you can wet your hands a little bit to coat it nicely with the cake sheet just like you normally do for bread rolls this layer of cake gives a very good texture and taste to the fried ice cream.

Now this is ready I am going to put this into the freezer for at least 1 hour or until it forms up a bit and set nicely meanwhile mix the all-purpose flour with very little water to make a thick pouring consistency batter out of it and keep it aside.

delicious fried_ice cream

Fried IceCream

It should not be very runny or very thick but the good enough coating consistency to roll the ice cream scoops.

Now remove the cake covered ice cream scoops from the fridge and now I am going to dip the scoop into the all-purpose flour the all recipe of icecream.

Until coated well on all the sides and then immediately put this into the plate of crushed corn flakes and roll it properly and evenly to coat on all the sides this will repeat the process for the other scoop as well.

fried_ice cream

Fried IceCream

Now once they are coated well return them to the freezer for it three to four hours or until it is set enough and hard enough heat oil for frying just before you are prepared to remove the scoops from the fridge.

Now remove them from the fridge you can see they’re firm and set enough now lower them into the hot oil gently and slowly.

Stir it and try it evenly on all sides just for 15 to 20 seconds not more than that otherwise the ice cream will start oozing out in the oil.

Fried IceCream

Once it is fried enough and gets good golden brown crunchy coating on outside remove it on an absorbent kitchen towel and then for serving.

I’m going to serve this onto a plate with some strawberries and chocolate sauce.

Oh and my perfectly cooked golden colored fried ice cream is ready as you can see so let me taste.deep fried ice cream recipe is also yummy.

Fried IceCream

And see how is it it’s truly it’s truly delicious and yummy with a crunchy coating outside and the chilled ice cream oozing out from inside and chocolate sauce over it.

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