Freal shakes:

f real milkshake is made with fresh dairy milk and the icecream. Today I am partnering with f real milkshakes. and I’m going to be tasting all of their milkshake flavors. F’real’s located in over 18,000 different locations across the U.S. and Canada: in universities, colleges, convenience stores, supermarkets…. and it allows you to blend your very own freal shakes, smoothie, or frappe.

This is gonna be my very first taste of real and I’m gonna be tasting all the milkshake flavors including the special edition: Sour Patch Kid. that is right here and as a former Sour Patch Kid addict.I am excited and intrigued to see what this is going to taste like although this does say red berry so it’s gonna taste red berry-ish, I’m wondering if it’s gonna be sour and if so how sour? It better be sour — these are Sour Patch Kids, after all, right? So I’ve already blended all my f real milkshakes.

freal shakes


Freal shake Yummy:

– all you have to do is open up the freezer, grab the flavor you like, remove the lid, place the cup into the little cup holder, and then choose what consistency you would like: you can get less thick, regular, or very thick. And then the machine does the rest for you! Blend it up; put a lid on it — and I proceeded to do that for all eight flavors! So before all my f real milkshakes melt let’s go ahead and give them a taste. So I’m going to taste them in the order in which I blended them.

So, the number one was chocolate! And here’s chocolate — and this is a 16-ounce container. So a full pint — this is the consistency of thick. All right, let’s give this a taste! Mm! Thick is very thick! Mmmmm….how to make freal shakes. You have to apply a lot of suction to get the freal shakes to come up, but…


freal shake

Freal Shakes

I’m managing to get some. And that tastes like summertime right there — I just need a hamburger to go with this! Unh… It’s super thick, cold, and smooth…. not at all icy, and has that classic chocolate flavor.

Typically I like to have my f real milkshakes on the thicker side, because when I factor in the time it takes to consume the whole thing, by the end of it I still like it to have some consistency and not be too watery. So yeah… There it is. Classic chocolate. Yum! Next, I have coffee, and I believe I blended this…regular. So let’s see how that one is…. This is Farmhouse Blend Coffee: Cumberland Farms. I love coffee! now coffee is a very typical flavor here in New England — you find coffee-flavored milk everywhere, and you find coffee ice cream everywhere. freal machine in action.


I adore it! Let’s give this a go! Mmm! This one’s yummy! Yum! So while the coffee flavor’s there, this is definitely a milkshake: it’s sweet; it’s rich; there’s a little bit of vanilla in there as well. It’s…blended ice cream. Yum.

I’m originally from California, and I feel like I didn’t see coffee flavor nearly as much as I do here in New England. It’s ubiquitous — you see coffee milk, coffee coffee coffee ice cream everywhere. Love it! Yes. I think I actually like this better than chocolate… Vanilla, and I believe I blended this to regular

f real milkshakes

consistency as well. So that is the vanilla… So here’s the vanilla. So coffee I think was actually regular and this is thick. When it’s extra thick it’s really difficult to get it through a straw! Unh-hun… Mmm, that one’s good too! That has both the consistency and flavor of soft-serve ice cream: classic vanilla, classic dairy flavor.

Tastes a little bit like it’s got… a little bit of butter flavor in there as well. Yum! Tastes exactly like soft-serve ice cream. Mm-hm. I just want a cone to crunch it with. Great! I still like the coffee better, though. Next, we have… this flavor. And this is batter. Here’s the cake batter. All right, let’s see if this is blended thickly or not. Here we go. Unn..hnn?! That’s regular. Ummm… That’s very different than the vanilla. You would think that cake batter would taste kind of similar…

freal shakes

This actually tastes more custardy — a little bit eggy, and more kind of like bourbon vanilla. Hmm… Not bad! Now, this flavor I’m very curious about — and this is Sour Patch Kids. Now if you’ve never had a Sour Patch Kid, ….

They’re kind of like gumdrops inconsistency: kind of chewy and jelly in the middle, but then they’re coated with granulated sugar, and citric acid, so they’re pretty sour, but not overly sour — they’re just pleasantly addictive. They come in a rainbow of colors and flavors, but this one looks like it’s going to be a red berry. So I’m curious to see what a sour freal shakes are like. And if it’s sour, how sour?how to make whipped cream?

Freal Shake:

All right, I got to move my car because the gas station says I’m in the way. So just a second. Back to where I was talking about — I was talking about the Sour Patch Kid flavor. And because I want to try the consistency, I blended this one at the less thick consistency….

It’s still pretty thick. Hm. Ooh! And that tastes exactly like a Push-up. AND it has a good amount of tartness to it, too. Mm! I think that summates a Sour Patch Kid experience pretty well.


freal shakes

That balance of sweet and sour: it is significantly sour in a way that’s kind of addictive, but it’s not like melt-your-mouth sour. In terms of both flavor and consistency, it reminds me a lot of a Push-up. I ate a lot of Push-ups as a kid because my mom thought they were “healthier” than ice cream….

So, if you’ve ever had the raspberry-orange Push-ups that’s what I ate all my childhood. And that’s what this is a lot like — this, to me, tastes a little bit more like cherry rather than raspberry, but that same kind of milky fruit combination — that’s what this is like. Mm-hm! Next, we have this one — and this is the Reese’s Peanut Butter milkshake. And this one I blended on the regular…

Like the Sour Patch Kid, I’m very curious to see how much this one tastes like the original candy. All right, here we go! Mm! I like that — little bits that you can actually bite. Hm… That one’s good. A vanilla base, and little bits of peanut butter and chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Mm-hmm. Now this flavor is one I’m gonna like: and this is mint chip. . This is what I get all the time. And I just saw a couple of little…chocolate chips in there — tiny chocolate chips. Great! Unh! I think the chocolate chips sank to the bottom. Mm-hm. And


that is not as minty as I would like it to be. I really like my mint chocolate chip to be really pepperminty Hmm… And this is not! Hmm…. It’s still mint chip, and I like the consistency — I like the little bits of actual chocolate chip in there, but I just wanted to be pepperminty. And finally, I have this one: and this is Cookies and Cream.

Vanilla ice cream with little… chocolate sandwich cookies blended in. I got this blended on the less thick, so this one’s pretty smooth. Mm! Mm-hmm! And that’s another classic flavor — you can distinctly taste that cocoa powdery cookie blended in there — Mm-hm — into that vanilla base.

I have to say I definitely prefer the thicker blended milkshakes. Perhaps not the super thick, because it’s a bit hard to get it up the straw, but the regular consistency is a good one: it goes up the straw nicely; it remains thick and full-bodied in your mouth, and not so thin that it feels kind of watery or milky…. although that consistency worked really well with the Sour Patch Kids flavor. Alright, my gut is officially busted! I just tasted eight flavors of milkshake. freal flavors are also very yummy in it.

Freal Shakes Another Touch

we’re gonna be trying for freal shakes there’s a new cotton candy flavor out so we passed also get a couple other ones. I’m never made one of these before actually so here is the freal shakes machine inside sheets and she’s everywhere so you guys can go on some real shop and find your nearest location near you to try out their delicious flavor.

So let’s start off with limited edition cotton candy so what we do is take off the lid so this one’s purple there’s purple pink and blue so I did the regular thickness and now it is making inside the Machine. I am so excited I’ve only had the overview before so yay they have chocolate cake batter Reese’s cookies and cream and chocolate chip and there’s the cotton candy one it’s so pretty so here we go we’re taking it out I’m gonna put the lid on get a straw and there we go okay so now we’re going to get a few other flavors to try out do Reese’s peanut butter because I love peanut butter how about we try cookies and cream.

freal shake


Freal Shakes

I’ll make these up and I’ll get back to you guys outside to try out. I just want to try them all okay so we now have four out of the 13 flavors we’re gonna start with the cotton candy one because I’m so excited about this one this one is a limited edition.

And you either get it in a purple pink or blue you don’t know which one’s mine I got purple look how let’s give it a try whoo you know what this tastes like it tastes like the cotton candy popsicle this is so good mmm it’s so refreshing Jana.

I’m gonna get this like a spoon oh this is so good guys if you guys have not tried this yet you need to try it Google it’s not like a super strong cotton candy flavor but like it’s there that’s good and I already have a brain freeze so now let’s try the cookies and cream.

Yum I like this one a lot I think I’ve had this one before this is like the Oreo one this one is really good it’s just like a subtle Oreo flavor and then this one is chocolate can’t go wrong with chocolate nice and night super rich chocolatey like tastes like chocolate ice cream I could drink all of these okay so a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup my favorite flavor probably of like ice cream and freal shakes that one is so good tastes.

Exactly like a racy pop but you know why I really like this flavor because in the packaging is so green but I’m how pretty it’s just a very summery and flavorful a very good cotton candy flavored milk ship because I’ve never had a cotton candy flavored milkshake before about a popsicle but honestly this feels like a popsicle well guys I hope you enjoyed.

freal shake

f’real new Red Berry Sour Patch Smoothie Shake

This is what you’re doing you pick a cup from the freezer, you peel off the lid then all you gotta do just place it in there and this machine by pharrell does the rest it’s so dope you can lick in his crazy sour and you can select less stick regular or more thick.freal shakes with Red Berry Sour is more delicious.

Freal Shake

I’m gonna go with regular I guess you just itches Anika’s goes up like that set the trees for the air you’re so excited there it came down kind of fast Oh see that take it off and voila the smoothie and almost look like it wasn’t much in just grab.freal shake is delicious.

a lid oh yeah baby here it is my snack ninjas the for real sour patch kids red berry smoothie like the taste they they go oh my gosh this is so sour man you can’t be talking to somebody after that cuz your eyes gonna be like gouging out like oh if you like sour, you’re gonna love this man you know the sour patch heads man that love the sourness of it I can’t take it I like sour patch kids.

Freal Shakes

but if it’s too – sound like too much sugar in here like my son he looked down the whole packet with the sugar and I can’t do it whoa this is sour hmm it’s our just like the sour patch just like the sour patch kids slogan it’s sour then it’s really really sweet after that man this is good man I’ll give this I’ll say gets right in the smoothie. I’ll give it I’ll give it a five now it’s right before banging a five is good like that berry flavor to red everybody know the residents our patches of everyone is blazing.freal shakes is more delicious.

Freal Shakes

I give this a 5 it’s not banging only because the sour I can’t take it man so if you like the sour you will love this smoothly from for real man the machine is so cool man it’s something you can have your little kid dude he’s rip it off and put it in here and watch it goes up it’s so dope mix out the furrow for making this man I’ve had the smoothies before man and actually I was there when Dame drop did a video on it if you could check Dan jobs video and I was actually filming him doing it it’s limited edition I’m not sure how long they’re gonna have it if you want to find out the for real shake makers are which stores you can go log on right here that could probably tell you but I ain’t done baby you know how to put some more sour pads inside the sour patch kids.

Freal Shakes

movie baby drop it in there blue okay I’m gonna drop it in there with with the sugar and all my concoction are there’s only two left only had two left from the other review all right baby mix it all up Mac come on you’re gonna do that how many you just moon from the sour patch ice cream and fine see if I can find it in there I don’t know.

If I can find it come on we’re at Sun oh let me find out it disintegrates oh here we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go like to take two here go oh my gosh our if you like to stop for a sour patch kids y’all gotta try that man take some buy a pack of sour patch kids dump it all inside the smoothie with the sugar and all look at around and then eat together yo that’s a crazy shower brush man oh so I’ll give this a five minute I’ll – for real milkshakes in a smoothie that they have this is a five all day definitely man is good.

Freal Milkshake Flavours:

  • Cotton Candy. PIN IT.
  • Vanilla. PIN IT.
  • Mint Chip. PIN IT.
  • Chocolate. PIN IT.
  • Peanut Butter Cup. PIN IT.
  • Cookies ‘n Cream.
  • how to make whipped cream?

F’real Milkshake Calories:

there are 580 calories and nutrition facts in the 1 container.


freal shake
freal shake


  • Fat14.000g 75%
  • Trans Fat0. 510g
  • Cholesterol 87mg 29%
  • Sodium 210mg 10%
  • Total Carbohydrates 81.00g 30%
  • Dietary Fiber 3.0g 7%
  • Sugars64.00g
  • Protein 13.00g
freal shake


F’real Cookies And Cream Milkshake Calories:

Nutrition Facts:

calories in Cookies ‘n’ Cream MilkshakeCalories  is 590

Are Freal Smoothies Healthy?

the f real shake is much better than the slushy liquid you were drinking it is many smoothies and healthy to drinking. It’s very lightweight and energy full.



F’real Coffee:


the f’real coffee is also very yummy, a real taste of coffee milk in it. the coffee flavor adding in the shake provides a yummy taste.


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