Enlightened Keto Ice Cream
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Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

Enlightened  ice cream company oh whatever did that email say you asked huh I’ll be glad to inform you I would like to try some items from their new Kido line.

And I said yes please yes I would so the other day I got in the mail a box of ice cream I got four pints and four boxes of the ice cream bars which will be a different video now we’re gonna try the ice cream.

We’re gonna try them in flavors that I think are going to be best or at least best – best so like you know what I’m saying right like.

I want to wait and taste what I think is gonna be the best one last or what I hope is the best one last they sent me butter pecan coffee and cream peanut butter fudge and chocolate glazed donut.

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

We are looking at 1 gram net carb per serving making this whole pint for net carbs 18 grams of fat one gram net carb to protein.

I think been sitting out for like 45 minutes so they should definitely be ready to go they are sealed pull that button like blood uh that’s try.

Okay you guys that should be illegal bear all that delicious there’s gonna be a problem the ice cream itself is smooth really sweet like.

You can definitely taste the sugar sugar will repurchase 110 percent next we’re gonna do coffees and cream so this one is a little bit less fat at 15 we’re looking at one gram netkar per serving.

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

I do love me some coffee ice cream it reminds me my grandparents they always had rise coffee ice cream in their thing standard ice cream so this one this smells like straight-up coffee guys.

There is no word that is that tastes like Breyers Breyers coffee if I scream to me it’s way better then the other ones who has a coffee one out visitin like.

I’m pretty sure it might has a coffee flavored ice cream out that’s not labelled cute this one’s way better now.

I’m confused I don’t know which one I like more oh we’re gonna say the peanut butter fudge for last chocolate glazed donut one gram that car per serving 16 fat two protein hall this one’s swirled okay.

let’s get on in there oh yes I really really like the consistency of these it’s like legit ice cream okay this one isn’t as good as the other two but it’s different the consistency is great and I definitely get like that underlying donut flavorS.

So that’s definitely there which is good I don’t know if I would get this one again I know the more I taste it the more like it it’s definitely not bad yeah I might get this again if I was in the mood for chocolate.

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

I probably got that again peanut butter fudge seventeen fat one gram net three protein all right so this one is swirled.

Just like the other one I wouldn’t want this to be chunky though I would want it swirled good old piece of that chocolate look peanut buttery.

This one I could tell even after leaving them out for so long this one is more frozen than the rest this has a different texture a different consistency.

I like it though you know it’s funny I tasted these thinking that I was going from what would be my least favorite to my most favorite.

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream REVIEWS

And it was the exact opposite peanut butter 5 is my least favorite topic lace donut would be next that coffees and cream and then butter become that’s crazy to me cuz.

You guys know I have a peanut butter feed me wrong it’s good I would never be like no thank you..

I don’t want that they’re good but I would definitely say butter pecan is the best one out of all of them the people over at and like actually wound up giving me a coat for you guys so if you cannot find them in stores.

Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

Which I know a lot of us can’t I know my Publix says they have it but they don’t you can order online.

I will leave the code and the website down in the description box below I don’t make any money they’re just giving you a code with my name on it so you guys can take a little bit of coin when you order if you are a butter pecan fan do this do this immediately it is super yummy

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