Dairy Free Ice Cream
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Dairy Free Ice Cream

Today I am making this ice cream using coconut milk alright so let’s go ahead and get started in making the ice cream first we’re going to blend.

It’s a real simple recipe it actually only has three ingredients we’re going to do is add all the ingredients into my blender.


  • 3 cans of coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 tbsp vanilla extract

Here and blend it up till it’s smooth so this is my favorite brand of coconut milk here the ho can brand it’s the full fat you don’t really want to get coconut milk that’s not full fat.

Because that’s the best part of it is a healthy fats that are in coconuts and that’s all the nice healthy fat on the top alright next next we’re going to put in a half a cup of honey it’s really best to use raw unprocessed honey.

But this is going to be our sweetener so it’s going to be in place of all the sugar that’s in normal ice cream and then lastly.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Dairy Free Ice Cream

We’re going to do two tablespoons of pure vanilla extract this simply organic is a great brand a little bit more expensive but there’s no sugar added into this you just get that pure taste of vanilla this is two tablespoons.

So we’re just we’re making vanilla dairy-free ice cream you can actually add on different ingredients towards the end of the churning process like.

I could add in fresh strawberries you could add in chocolate chips even like dark chocolate chips would be delicious.

Alright so then we’re going to blend up our ice cream mixture in the mine a mix until it’s thoroughly London. Okay next we’re gonna pour it in a container and we’re gonna chill it for a little.

lactose free ice cream

Non Dairy Ice CreaM

While probably about half an hour okay and to the freezer goes to chill for a little while all right we’re back with our next step for our dairy free ice cream.

But we have our chilled mixture here that’s coconut milk and vanilla and honey and so we’re going to pour this into our container and then we’re going to fill the container with alternating levels of ice and ice cream salt.

You’re not going to eat it so it doesn’t really matter what kind of quality is it is I think it just keeps it from dies from melting is the main part alright guys.

We’re back here with the next step of our dairy free ice cream so it’s going to make a soft almost like a soft serve type of ice cream and so the next step is to put it in the freezer for one to several hours.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

It depends on how firm you want the ice cream to get and so we are going to put it in a glass container here this I made the 3 cups of coconut milk makes 2 quarts of ice cream.

Which is a half gallon alright so I’m going to pop this in the freezer and I’ve already cut up some strawberries into just really small amounts.

I’ve done some dark dark chocolate chips pounded them out I’ve also got some apple chips that I had in the pantry I’m going to go ahead and pop this in the freezer for a couple of hours and it should be ready just in time for the party.

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Okay I hope you enjoyed our blog for the week on how to make dairy-free ice cream there’s lots of other modifications.

You can make and other foods I know I’ve shared I think a dairy-free cheese recipe in the past so you know the options out there.

Are really endless food can really still taste good when you’re eating high quality whole foods so please remember that as you continue on your journey to health have a great day

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