Cookies and Cream Milkshake

You so what we’re gonna need is that you’re obviously some cookies and cream milkshake by PD oh sure a cup of milk a few sprinkles and two glasses. that you’re actually looking and serving these in a little bit of milk so we can help those sprinkles stick onto the glass and of course spoons right. so let’s get started now what I have done is I have measured out the amount of milk.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

That we will need to fill both of these two glasses and then I’m gonna give this a quick stir very important to check the sweetness. because you know we’re not adding any added sugar this is very very important and this flavor has just the right amount of sugar so make sure that you stir it in well and the kids don’t figure out.


If you need to blend it in with a hand blender then go ahead and do that but I haven’t found it really important because the powder seems to blend in pretty easily even in cold milk and now I’ve got a nice creamy texture as you can see okay now.I’m going to pour out these sprinkles into this plate so it helps us stick to the rim effectively I think so many should be enough.
now we dip the rim of the glass into the milk. kay and put it well on all sides and then we just kind of roll it over like that now if you see this it’s
beautifully coated and it looks absolutely delicious and this is the chilled milk mixture that we had poured hey guys I’m a heron Lonnie a
nutritionist lifestyle educator and a plant-based food coach and today I’m going to be showing you an amazingly healthy and very tasty vegan milkshake recipe.


yes,it’s vegan that means it has no milk but it’s still a cookie and cream milkshake by adding one glass of homemade almond milk the next ingredient is four dates which are seedless all the kids love chocolates. im going to be adding raw cacao powder so that’s a w chocolate powder it’s not cocoa or it’s not the process chocolate powder that you get in the market one tablespoon of almond butter so that’s just fresh almond butter one spoon jaggery powder and just about 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract and few cubes of ice and all you’re gonna do is an end.

This and here our cookies and cream milkshake this is a great milkshake for your kids.when they come back from school or when they’re just going to school or even at night you know when they are eating dinner and they’re fussy about what’s made at home you can just give them one glass of this and they’re good to go hi guys this is me your dishes Venetia for its top dress we’re here to bring some really yummy healthy fun recipes to help your kids focus better so we’re making a healthy hub hot chocolate.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

IT’s a variation of the traditional hot chocolate but with all the good things put in what have done is have taken a blend of some hubs which not only help improve memory. hey,help your kids focus better and overall help improve immunity so what I’m doing here is I’m going to heat up the pan first and pour in some milk.

This is the promotion for one salvation milk so I’m taking around 250 ml of milk here I have my host this has about 10% of drummy 20% of shitake 20% of ashwagandha and it has about 10% of Sofia Loosli powder and 40% of cocoa powder half a teaspoon of this powder once men will start simmering a bit I am going to add in my nut powder so this has a blend of almonds and pistachios and equal proportions and I’ve added a pinch of energy and a pinch of nutmeg powder to this some adding another half a teaspoon of this nut powder mix to the milk and I’m also adding two pieces of dark chocolate.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

let us boil for about two minutes once my milk has to not for two minutes I am going to now pour and sweet.
I’m using some honey to sweeten whole wheat milk as a base and a sweetheart both to be assimilated into the body and lastly and just will add a small dash of vanilla to give it that extra zing one serving of this milk every day for a month is we just boost your child’s immunity up it’s going to improve them focus better so it’s a good time to start with this in the month of January or February when they’re heading out for their bigger exams so the way we do business this makes a bit and serve it.

What is cookies and cream milkshake?

in a blender,combining both milk and cream in it and add the cookies in it and shake well.this made a cookies and cream milkshake recipe.

How many calories are in a cookies and cream milkshake?

there are total 590 small calories and 750 large calories in it.


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