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We’re going to make our cookie dough ICECREAM so into a ball we’re going to place in our regular flour then our sugar you know brown sugar damn just going to quickly mix it all together.

Cookie Dough:

1/3 cup flour

2 1/2 tablespoons brown sugar

3 tablespoons white sugar

2 tablespoons butter

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons water Ice Cream:

400g tin condensed milk

2 cups thickened cream

1/2 cup milk

This sauce combined okay next we’re going to place in our melted butter is melted in the microwave and to that just a touch of vanilla extract and we’re going to mix this in thoroughly.



Okay so when you go to this point we’re going to add in two tablespoons of water and it’s going to continue mixing until forms a nice dough.

okay so now that we have our dough it’s going to put on some cling wrap and we’re going to just push it out till it’s relatively thinner so then we’re going to cover it up okay so like it’s like a pancake shape.

So I’m going to now stick this in the freezer okay next into a mixing bowl we are placing two cups of thickened cream or heavy cream now it’s going to mix this up until soft peaks form okay.

Next we are placing half a cup of milk then one can more 400 mils of sweetened condensed milk and one spoon of vanilla extract.

Okay what’s going to mix this through for about two minutes until it’s well combined now there’s two ways of doing this you can either use an ice cream channel.



Or you can just do it manually if you get a do it manually stick into airtight container then place it into the freezer and every hour say for the first three hours.

Give it a good mix with a hand mixer that will keep all the ingredients nice and fluffy but I have an ice cream churner that all about what you can do is stick in your journal and then it should take about 20 minutes to turn to a nice soft serve consistency.

Okay so as you can see your nice lovely soft-serve consistency now taking our dough out of the freezer and as you can see I just broke it up into small manageable bite-sized pieces.


So it’s going to stick that right in and just using a stand mixer so you can just use a spoon we’re just going to mix it in for a few couple seconds now that’s done that simple now you have it straight away.

If you like and it’ll be a lovely cookie dough soft serve or you can place it into a sealed container into the freezer for two hours to harden up to a nice ice cream consistency okay so just taking this out of the freezer look at that.

So there’s a lovely cookie dough pieces in there and I’ve also put a bit of chocolate topping on there too just to set it off just a little bit more now.


it’s going to give this a try oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about that is really really really good that mixture of the ice cream there’s lovely cookie dough pieces and a bit of the chocolate topping.


There’s only one way to describe this and that is simply delish and honestly how easy was that to make it at home because it really doesn’t get any simpler than that I guaranteed it so I challenge you when you get a chance to give this a go because I’m telling you you’re not going to regret it.

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