cookie cake
cookie cake

Cookie Cake:

I’m gonna fool Santa with a chocolate chip cookie cake that just looks like a giant pile of cookies on the outside the way he goes to take one he’ll see there’s a pink on the inside sorry guys you guys aren’t getting any gifts he’s gonna leave the whole bag at my house to make this cookie cake. I baked for round cakes that are my ultimate vanilla batter and I folded in some mini chocolate chips so that the cake. will taste like chocolate chip cookies this is actually the same cookie cake.


  • 3/5 cup (180g) unsalted butter
  • 2 cup (200g) dark brown sugar
  • 2 large egg + 2 egg yolk*
  • 2 cups (260g) all-purpose flour
  • 3 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 3 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1/3 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 cup (225g)  chocolate chips

We baked on my Livestream this past weekend it was so much fun thank you to everyone who was there we used this cake to make giant chocolate chip cookie to make whipped cream?there’s a real thing going on here Santa didn’t have once my cakes were baked cooled and chilled.

I removed them from their pens leveled them and cut the kernelization off of the bottom then I layered all four of my cakes. into two layers for a total of eight layers of cake, my cakes are all round but they get consecutively larger so I baked one six-inch one seven inches 1/8 inch, and one 9 inch cake before I start to fill and stack and simple syrup this cookie cake.

cookie cake
cookie cake

I actually want to part of it it’s really simple you can do it too all I did was stack my cakes up with the largest on the bottom up to the smallest and now I’m going to carve it into a vanilla chocolate chip mountain and make sure to remove all the caramelization from the sides while I do this like I’m not outdoorsy but I would climb a vanilla chocolate chip cookie cake.

Now you could just eat your way back down we’re gonna unstack all these cakes and to squeeze came in to help me sit this year and now we’re ready to fill these cakes with Italian meringue buttercream and a chocolate chip there’s gonna be a lot of chocolate-chip cookies.

In this must sprinkle in some chocolate chips good oh gosh they can hear Mike rocks sticking to the floor now stuff on me this is the worst, no no it’s the worst sometimes I get really fussy about the way the cookies will look inside.

But I should only be concerned with the way they will look inside Santa’s belly Santa’s gonna have a huge stomachache if he takes them home to mrs. Claus okay their house member was the East Wing in the West Wing yeah I think they’re back together yeah I feel like he realized she was the only woman who would put up a man who’ll me with with a man who only works one day here he was like.

I should stick with her right I’m proud coding orhan I can’t believe that because all these years you have to ask me what I’m doing you think they know they’re like Orhan cheese I heard them putting on a thin layer of Italian meringue buttercream and this holds all the crumbs up against of course to make a cookie cake.that looks like a giant pile of cookies you need cookies this is actually one of my best friend’s cookie dough recipes I made these cookies with him on the channel for my chocolate chip cookie cake.

cookie cake
cookie cake

Oh which is like one of the most delicious cakes ever on the channel can we play like to all the cakes I’ve loved here in present-day I’ve already made the dough and chilled it and now what I’m gonna do is measure out some balls of cookie dough and place them on a tray.

So I can bake them and turn them into cookies. I want my cookie dough balls to be about this big and that’s like one and a half ounces so what I like to do is just portion out all my dough and then put them all on a tray okay one cookie cake.

Down like 35 to go do you want to hell yeah you can’t have hot hands do you have hot hands right now no hot hands allowed. Oh your hands hot okay so cool them off and then you can help me you just want more air time you can weigh out see this is one and a half ounces.

So what you can do is you can portion it and then when it hits one and a half I’ll pick it up at all goal in intervals it has to be exact you want that’s almost funhouse whoa wait for some things oh man he’s doing neatly. I don’t know yet but I think a lot I actually wish I was I want to play let’s place bets like what’s a lot 20 no we need to weigh more than 30 I honestly think.

I’m gonna need like 100 cookies yep the one with two zeros in one yes that one hundred hey hold on some of the oh there’s stuff in here that’s your fire. okay okay thank you for your help orhan the water do you mind not washing your hands while I’m talking to the viewers now I’m gonna place my cookie cake.

Dough on two trays and get them ready to bake so this is how I like to do it I like to take a cookie dough ball I like to break it in half and then press it on the other one now I like to judge up my cookies by adding a few chocolate chips to the top so this way when they bake they always look really chocolate chipping on top, okay here we go to the oven like good else no time to take my cookie cake.

Out of the fridge and I’m gonna put it on this giant plate and then the fun will begin to guess with us in real-time leave a comment below how many chocolate chip cookies do you think it will take to cover this cookie cake.

Entirely pause at this moment and leave a comment below with your guesses don’t watch to the end and go back and guess and act like you knew I said a hundred you didn’t place your bets and don’t do like a Price is Right doesn’t be like 101. and Cody what’s your guess how far the cake are you going all the way there’s no case showing whatsoever 78 who wins closest but still under or closest in either direction the winner gets the cookie cake.

cookie cake

So I’m gonna ice as I go like ice down at the bottom cookie cookie cookie and then just keep icing and adding cookie until we don’t even see this anymore we won’t even remember it’s there one two three four we’ve got our first half cookie layer just for support now we’re gonna move on to full cookies 619.

So I’m gonna start to cut off bits of cookies I remember or our money she cuts the cookies yep consider how much of an oh he’s just trying to get this to work back out 278 you understand right guys right now I actually wish this was a live show cuz then we could have comments like yes supporter cookie counts Cody’s right 27.

So we wheelie Oh back to the debate here’s where I stand on this if I cut off only a little bit that I couldn’t use on its own then it doesn’t count – that’s just scraps but if I like at the beginning like if I cut it in half and I use the other half then it counts I think that’s good a seven-eight took 37 42:51.

So this batch is a little crunchy but I don’t think that’s a bad idea because people like their cookies different don’t they yeah and I need to satisfy all of Santa’s needs so all that that might that’s actually Mrs. Claus’s job sorry now that they’re back together his palate I want to satisfy his palate 60 so we are at 75 cookies which is only three cookies away and Cody’s goal I don’t think it’s your Danny Cody 80.

You know when somebody gets like kicked off Idol and then no I’m so sorry Cody but you were great up until this does not look like this not the same 90 this is 92. so there’s 93 men and I need 95 which means I’m short one cookie did anyone in here you two cookie it’s literally one more look at the bright side.

I’m gonna make a few of them smaller and then that way I can change this row because they’re not quite lining up the way I like so it was settled I have to make more cookies.and in the meantime why don’t you subscribe to this channel because I need a boost I can’t believe I miscalculated the cookies and again this batch looks different I was gonna say the detention. I didn’t right we got a real sent in see guys are we gonna do with this bowl of cookies dipped in butter I guess it’s garbage let’s get into it 99 100 101

cookie cake

Basically if I get to 180 wins but if it stays 107 I win yeah you’re beautiful you’re all beautiful this is very difficult for me this is 103 this is a hundred gonna get weird because this is a hundred and four I think it looks that looks better yeah yeah it’s literally tied yeah you know it’s gonna be more fun than counting cookies cutting through this cookie cake.

So we can eat the cookies but before I cut this cake I have a quick announcement guy it’s a new month and you know what that means new t-shirt and new sprinkles arriving at your door this month you can get this tea these stay cold and sprinkles and our all-new vanilla buttercream body butter.

I have dry hands it’s winter why not smell like buttercream I’m also super excited to announce our golden ticket draw this month only everyone who’s a part of our subscription Club is automatically entered to win a golden ticket to a semi-private livestream with me there’s a link in the description below to join the club I’m so glad the ticket is gold.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake:

it’s a skillet chocolate-chip cookie gonna show you I’m baking it in this skillet cast-iron skillet cookie mmm chocolate chip cookie cake. the best kind of cookie if you ask me my heart has a special place for chocolate chip and the great thing about it is you don’t need any machinery nothing complicated.

I’m making it all in this bowl you are going to freak out and you make it so please if you don’t make any other recipes make this recipe so so delicious I’m starting off with 6 tablespoons of unsalted butter soft room-temperature okay a third of a cup of packed dark brown sugar and half a cup of granulated sugar and then you just cream everything together by hand if your butter. isn’t soft enough this will be a really challenging task I don’t know if I ever told you that story about when I was young and I was learning how to bake and I guess I didn’t have a mixer or my mom didn’t want to give me the mixer. and I was making a chocolate chip cookie cake.

kind of like this and my butter was really hard and it didn’t cream properly and it was really challenging as the butterflies all over the bowl and it’s not soft enough I think they still tasted delicious but it was really hard to take a tip from me and make sure your butter is nice and soft do as I say not as I did when I was 10 once everything is well combined it’s not gonna get light and fluffy because remember there’s brown sugar in there and that affects the fluffiness.

The factor you can add your egg add 1 large egg I love baking by hand no machines to wash and then a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and then add your dry ingredients 1 cup of all-purpose flour scooped and leveled please it’s particularly easy if you have one of these huge canisters like I have and then you just add your flour and your lemon or which is a half a teaspoon of baking soda and your salt 1/2 teaspoon of coarse salt your cookie is almost done all that’s left is to add one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips it’s done well it’s not done I mean it’s done for me I’m just gonna sit here and eat this raw batter.

No I’m not I’m gonna bake it at 350 degrees for 16 to 18 minutes and then I’m gonna eat it warm now you’re really ready to bake I have a 10-inch cast-iron skillet then I’m gonna bake it in you don’t need to butter your skillet or anything like that because there’s plenty of butter in here and a properly seasoned cast-iron skillet. it’s virtually

cookie cake

Nonstick and you serve it right out it’s skillet spread it pretty evenly in your pan don’t worry too much about it though it will sort of sink down and spread out as it’s baking this is kind of a smallish on the smallish side of 10 inches cuz.

cookie cake
cookie cake

It’s 10 inches at the top and a little less at the bottom so if you had something like a 9 I bet that would work just as well bake the cookie at 350 degrees until golden brown and set in the center in 20 minutes 18 to 20 minutes later you have this which is so fantastic you really should wait five minutes to eat it but the great thing about it is serve it warm and maybe with a glass of milk Oh oh my gosh when we were developing this we made it like.

I don’t even know how many times and I’m sure we only really needed to make it like once or twice and we just kept making it and make and tweaking it you can put walnuts in it if you want or pecans that would be a really nice addition if you like nuts in your cookie but this is an eat your cookie with a fork kind of cookie try to keep your portion small but I think you’ll be hard-pressed to do that because it’s so delicious you’re gonna gobble up the whole thing before you even know it I’m just gonna gobble up one tiny little bit learn so but it’s the way to go don’t forget the milk I was like the perfect cookie in every way the milk really enhances flavor.


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