Colin the caterpillar cake

Colin The Caterpilla Cake

What is a Colin the caterpillar cake?

Colin the caterpillar is a chocolate spong roll cake.very delicious and mosit recipe.

I’m going to be making my favorite ever cake which is Colin the caterpillar cake thing the traditional one is the M&S Colin the caterpillars I’m going to go for that kind of look I know that there’s like different variations at Tesco.

I think they have curly and then Sainsbury’s you like Wiggles the caterpillar and find any recipes online so I’m just gonna go for a basic Swiss roll recipe and kind of see where that takes me yes so first of all. mark and spencer cake is also delicIous.

I’m gonna make the face of Colin the caterpillar cake and what I’m going to do is use some milky way white chocolate. I don’t have any type of cutters and obviously you can only go out for a central shopping at the moment and this is not an essential item during rock talent .

Colin The Caterpillar

So I didn’t manage to order one online in time for this recipe. so I’m gonna improvise with bits and bobs from around the house. so I was thinking this tape is quite a nice circular face for him and then I’ve got this ordinary bottle I could use this for the ears.

I think I’m gonna give it a go put some foil around the outside of these okay I feel like we’ve just learned. we cannot make cutters ourselves well ace icon and I mean it it would maybe do but it’s just a bit flimsy and I feel like the chocolates gonna spill out the bottom as soon as we melt it down and then add it to this.

So I think what I’m gonna do after all of that puffing around is just line this with this is some masking tape with some cling film just so the chocolate doesn’t go all disgusting and we can easily get it out and then we’re just gonna have to have a circular Colin the caterpillar face with our ears yeah I’m melting down 100 grams of white chocolate.

All right let’s pop that into the fridge we just quickly guess the recipe that I’m following I’ll put it in the comment section below if it goes right and anyone wants to follow and so I’ve got all the ingredients I need here one annoying thing I did have two M&Ms instead of small team.

Colin the Caterpillar Cake m&s

Because you all sort out I can’t believe it people are apparently going crazy ain’t for Smarties fasting as we roll em pasta then yeast no Smarties so we’re gonna have to have an M&M column the cusp Ella perks with the eggs. and 100 grams of sugar into a bowl and whisk until very light really explains why I decided to start this channel and it is actually.

Because I’ve been put on furlough it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but just never really had the time so I thought this is kind of the ideal opportunity to start a channel and start posting videos and things albany dishwasher and yes i thought why not give it a go once haven’t got that much else to do and i know a lot of other people are on furlough and yeah, i just thought it’d be something nice to kind of inspire people my guests to do something with my time off be a bit creative and kind of be positive and make the most of this big change in your life and say yeah.

colin the caterpillar

I just think everyone should kind of enjoy each day as it comes at the moment and just try and do all those things you’ve always been kind of wanting to do it’s very light and creamy the mixture should be stiff enough to retain the impression of the whisk for a few seconds does it.

I don’t know stick together the flour and cocoa powder what does that mean I add it Oh sieve so down here I’m mixing 75 grams of plain flour with 25 grams of cocoa powder I downloaded again Simmons. – I mean and you’ve just got to sit back and enjoy life a little bit it’s nice like not being rushed every single day to get up and just having that time.

colin the caterpillar cake m&s
colin the caterpillar cake m&s

colin the caterpillar cake m&s is very delicous cake recipe.

like a bit of you time to do exactly what you want to do so. do you know what let the haters hate because the Sims – it’s amazing and it’s so nice to kind of like experience a bit of my childhood again.

Because in London when you’re working like everyone is just so busy and they don’t take a bit of time up just to enjoy kind of the simple things in life and you know this recipe means boiling water or just hot.

I’m assuming it’s boiling I don’t know let’s give it a go now I’m adding 15 milliliters of hot water I think that’s what we need to do and then we let you just pour onto a baking tray that’s actually a really simple recipe. if this works then maybe I do again I’m gonna check I added the right amount of everything cuz that does not look like enough at all. I story the right amount I’m very confused do that trick let’s put that in the oven and just see what happens next up.

I basically need to take out the oven and do the rolling I need to get another sheet of baking put it down it says to personal sugar run I think maybe so it doesn’t stick or something and then you flip it on to that. and then kind of roll it up so we’ll see how that goes moment of truth oh my god not exactly how I think what we’ve got to do now we get it from.

I’m going up to watch a quick video on YouTube to see how to do it I mean that one looks like it’s just out the oven okay that’s what I was supposed to say on top of the cake not a piece of baking do this how the ichi expert side doesn’t look good Oh God but you know what half of its gonna taste nice at least that means I won’t eat the whole cake and get even good right I’m gonna put up to one side whilst I make the filling let me move this camera up so I’m not bending down like a hundred am NOT putting 75 grams of butter into a bowl.

colin the caterpillar cake m&s is moist recipe.

followed by 175 grams of icing sugar something else is really random that I’ve got into being a fellow yes I’m all videos like they are so soothing some people think I’m really really weird it’s basically like people just talking or really softly to come right or like making really relaxing noises should check it out of a couple of my favorite ones and the comments below but it’s like quite hard to sleep at night I’m not one of these people that can just like go to bed and then fall asleep ten minutes after like it takes me a long time.

and I’ve noticed what I’ve listened to these videos like it really does help I thought the Bern. and is gonna need a lot less icing to make it taste like I’m now adding a splash of double cream know what I’m just excited I won’t I’m fulfilling.

so I’m gonna unroll that that is not too bad for us I might just cut his bum off here because that’s where the bad stuff is that’s my the ganache no chocolate that’s right let’s just call it um do right 200 grams of dark chocolate you know what I don’t know if we need 200 grams.

Because that Colin is half the size of the Colin so I might just go half of this in its melting down nicely and then all we need to do is add a bit of double cream to that and also a little bit of sugar they should be good to go so I don’t have any one’s been listening to any podcasts at the moment. but I’ve started watching the Luana podcast and it is absolutely hilarious there’s like all these people that write in about the most ridiculous stories and things that have just happened to them and they have like runs of the week and things like that but oh my god these girls are so funny, and I’d highly recommend it anyone that just wants something to laugh at.

Because at the moment you’re not really able to meet up with your girlfriends or whatever like yeah you can speak to the monsoon it’s just not really the same and when you listen to it’s Louisa zisman and Anna I can’t think what her surname is but she’s from and celebs go dating and when they chat and stuff it’s just like you’re one of the girls with them and it’s just so nice so highly recommend I’m now simmering 200 milliliters of double cream and 2 tablespoons of sugar before adding it to the chocolate mixture the battery on my camera ran out.

When I was filming the last bit but I basically left this for about 10 minutes and it’s kind of got a bit thicker it’s still quite runny but I think I’m just going to go for it because waiting also Colin thanks Swiss Rama it’s looking okay moment of truth with Colin’s face it’s not great around the edges.

I’m not gonna lie I reckon we could stick it on and I had the best idea I forgot to tell you whilst my camera died I thought you know what instead of a Colin Makhachkala I’m gonna make a quarantine the caterpillar made him a super cute little face mask to wear oh my god I’ve just got chocolate all over as well this is not a good day I’m not having a good day maybe if I twist it that way I’ll be okay so yeah I just folded some toilet paper up and then stitched signs on it right I also thought as we couldn’t make the ears earlier I could use two little yellow M&Ms to make some ears so I’m gonna stick those on with some butter icing as well right that’s how he’s looking at the moment I think it’s time to decorate this guy’s back.


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