Chocolate Milkshake

chocolate is a versatile ingredient with different forms and flavors today I’m going to show you this extravagant and lush chocolate shake sundae. now this stands as a dessert on its own with all this chocolaty goodness. I can’t wait to share this recipe with you so let’s get started and check out the recipe to the saucepan add 1/2 cup of fresh cream make sure you keep the flame on complete low til you make the ganache. you don’t want to burn the cream to this I’m adding 200 grams of semi-sweet dark chocolate so you need to wait till chocolate completely melts maintain the flame at a low.

portillos chocolate cake shake

so I’m using a whisk to mix so it will all mix nice and even there won’t be any lumps I think all the chocolate has melted beautifully turn off the stove and keep it aside. now I’m going to make the chocolate milkshake for this. take 1 cup of full-fat milk to this I’m going to pour a little bit of the prepared chocolate ganache I’m cutting a few pieces of the chocolate brownie. they’re very soft and very nice perfect for making desserts. you can see they’re so soft and so spongy and so tasty now. I’m going to assemble the chocolate shake sundae so take a nice tall glass I’m adding a few pieces of chocolate brownie.


chocolate shake Instructions

next I’m gonna add the chocolate ganache you can also have a chocolate syrup so next I’m gonna add the chopped nuts so I’ve taken some cashew nuts almonds and walnuts just add a few pieces of audio biscuits. so this being a very nice chocolate shake near me sundae and adding a lot of chocolate in this this is a definitely a chocolate lover’s delight. now I’m going to add the chocolate milkshake I’m gonna add a scoop of vanilla ice cream you can also add chocolate ice cream the ice cream is of your preference next I’m going to layer it with a few more.

chocolate milkshake ingredients


HERSHEY’S Chocolate MilkshakeHershey’s)Chocolate ice cream, Hershey’s syrup, milk,

brownie pieces now pour the chocolate ganache this is definitely a very rich and very dense dessert definitely a very filling in the dessert. it has a lot of layers to it and a lot of texture as well top it with a few more nuts top it off with another scoop of ice cream you can also have a combination of ice cream flavors. like one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla, it’s up to you so finally,

I’m going to finish off with some chocolate wafers. so there you go here is this absolutely decadent delicious chocolate shake sundae so there you go here is this absolutely gorgeous and luxurious chocolate extravaganza now this is a chocolate lover’s delight I’m sure everybody will love this dessert especially kids and it makes for a wonderful dessert during summer so do try this recipe and you can get a copy of the first edition of the home cooking book on 21.


Is a chocolate milkshake good for you?

no its not healthy for us becuase it may lead in to our blood vesseles that may cause to low blood pressure so its no healthy.


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