chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

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Chocolate Fudge Cake:

I’m going to share with you my recipe for the most decadent amazingly moist and utterly heavenly chocolate fudge cake so stay tuned I promise you won’t want to miss that I also do some cake tutorials and vlog about my cake decorating journey too but without further ado let’s start this recipe so I thought I’d start by showing you guys a really neat trick for how to line your choc fudge cake.


  • 130g / 4 oz dark chocolate chips 
  • 1 1/5 cups white sugar 
  • 100g / 7 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/5 cup oil (vegetable, canola)
  • 3 eggs 
  • 1/5 cup cocoa powder 
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup boiling hot water
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp coffee granules


pans fast so you get a fold your parchment paper over and keep folding to the middle as you can see in the video and then keep folding you can make it as small as you like and then you’re gonna line it up roughly with the center of your cake pan and then make a crease at the edge and then you can just snip along that crease and you should have a rough circle.

Now in this recipe you will see that I have made a double batch of the recipe because I had two cakes to make from it but for a standard 8-inch easy chocolate fudge cake.make whipped cream. you will need a hundred and sixty-five grams of butter 270 grams of caster sugar 225 grams of plain flour 60 grams of cocoa powder three large eggs 200 mils of whole milk with 2 tablespoons of strong coffee mixed into it 3 teaspoons of baking powder and a pinch of salt.

So to begin with you’re going to combine all of your dry ingredients so taking a large bowl you want to sift together your flour your cocoa powder and your baking powder and a pinch of salt and sift that all through and set aside next you’re going to sift your castor sugar into your butter into the bowl of your mixer and then you’re going to start your mixer initially on a low speed. just so the sugar doesn’t fly everywhere and then once it’s combined together then you’re going to increase the speed to high speed until light and fluffy next you’re going to add your eggs one at a time ensuring to mix well for about thirty seconds in between each addition don’t over mix though and if you’ve mixed up the look a bit curdled.

Then you can add a couple of tablespoons of your dry ingredients to this so now you’re going to start adding your dry ingredients followed by your wet ingredients. and then you’re going to alternate between the two until all your mix is used up I tend to do mine in thirds so a third of the dry mix followed by a third of the wet mix and then repeat until it’s all gone it’s

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

really key when you are adding the ingredients that you add them on the lowest setting possible this just helps to minimize everything flying around. but I find that even on the lowest setting and with the lid on my dry ingredients.

Still fly out through the chute so what I tend to do is to pulse my mixer slowly until the ingredients just start to combine and then I’ll let it freely mix on that note it’s also really important to make sure that you don’t over mix at this stage the purpose of what you’re doing here is just to combine so you’re not wanting to beat the mixture you just want to combine it.

All together and then you’re just going to let it mix for about 30 seconds to a minute on a low speed just to make sure it’s well combined and then when you take it off the mixer you want to scrape down your beater.

Because you certainly don’t want to waste any of that gorgeous mixed and then you want to scrape down your bowl and give it one final mix by hand just to make sure it’s fully combined next you’re going to divide your cake mix evenly between your cake pans I tend to do this using a set of weighing scales.

But you don’t need to do this and because it’s quite a liquid mix I find that you can just give it a shimmy round inside the cake pan and that makes it nice and level and you don’t need to level it off with a spatula and then pop them into an oven preheated to 170 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes or until a skewer placed into the middle comes out clean you will need a hundred and ten grams of butter 90 grams of dark chocolate 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder 425 grams of icing sugar 175 mils of whole milk and you can also add a dash of vanilla if you like so you can start by

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

melting together your chocolate. in your butter now you can do this on a double boiler I tend not to worry too much I just do it in a saucepan and just make sure that I don’t heat it to high and you want to stir it all together and to get a lovely smooth glossy mix take it off the heat and allow it to cool to room temperature and then you’re gonna pop it into your mixing bowl and add your icing sugar now.

I add mine directly to the mix you could mix your icing sugar with some of the milk to form a glass eye icing and then mix the glass a icing into your chocolate mixture but I find this just as easy then you’re gonna add your cocoa powder and then you’re gonna shuffle that or through your sieve then you’re going to whisk it together.

Now as you’re whisking you may finally get a bit hard to next don’t worry about that just add a few tablespoons of milk. into the next year and it should loosen it up a little bit now at this stage it might not look very appealing and you might be thinking to yourself that you’ve gone wrong somewhere but it’s perfectly normal what I do now is to pop it onto my stand mixer with the paddle attachment and a little bit of milk.

I beat it on high and then I just keep checking it periodically adding a little bit more milk until I get this lovely glassy consistency and you might not use once he kicks it out of the oven I tend to leave my limit in for about 10 minutes. and then I will pop them out onto a cooling rack and let them cool down once your cakes are completely cool then you want to pop them onto a turntable if you have one and level them now I tend to level by eye or you could use a chocolate fudge cake leveler if you have one next you’re going to fill your cakes with lovely chocolate fudge icing now if you don’t have an offset spatula again I

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

would highly recommend it get one because it does make icing so much easier and just to use like a really professional sort of finish to your cake one of the lovely things about this cake is that you don’t really need to level the tops of it because it tends to bake really flat.

So I haven’t had to lower any of these I’ve only slip them in half and then last of all for a really professional finish you want to give a crumb coat now what this is is a thin layer of icing that will look in all of those crumbs so that whatever you’re doing next whether you’re gonna cover it in fondant or another layer of icing you don’t have any sort of crumbs showing through once you’ve leveled the size of your cake you then want to move on to the top of your choco fudge cake.

So you’re going to take a big dollop of that chocolate fudge icing and taking your offset spatula I’ve switched to my mini offset spatula here just to give me a little bit more precision and whilst turning the turntable you’re going to use a back-and-forth motion with your spatula to really smooth out that icing and create a lovely smooth flat platform for the top of your cake and so we’re going to be doing a white chocolate drip cake so you want it fairly flat on the top of the chocolate fudge cake.

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

But if you were going to cover this in fondant then you normally want a nice flat top to lay your fondant on top of and then taking your bench scraper you’re just going to clean up the sides of your gooey chocolate fudge cake.

Again and then with the little lip that forms you just want to use your offset spatula to just pull that lip in like you can see me doing in the video here and then once you’re happy you’re just going to pop it in the freezer for about ten or fifteen minutes just to get really really cool so I just melted some white chocolate in the microwave very gently at 15-second intervals until it was just starting to melt.

So there was still some big thick bits in there and then I just kept stirring it for ages until it was fully melted I also kept back a few pieces of white chocolate to kind of temper it and then just using a spoon I would take a little bit of the white chocolate and pour it over the edge of the cake as you can see in the video just encouraging the little drips to go down the sides and there you can’t really see the side of the cake

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

because the view of the camera but I’ll show you what it looks like at the end. and then you just want to pour the rest of your white chocolate onto the top of your cake into the middle and then just spread it around obviously your cake is really cool.

Because it’s been in the freezer and so as you’re spreading it around it will probably start to harden and set quite quickly. so you want to do that as quickly as possible because you still want your chocolate to be a bit tacky so that you can add your chocolate pieces to it at the end and then for the final step of the process you just want to start adding your chocolate pieces.

So I just bought a load of different chocolates that I like from the store and cut them all up into little bits so we’ve got some curly wurly we’ve got some crunchy we’ve got some Kinder Bueno we’ve got some milk chocolate buttons and some crunchy bar and a few other bits and pieces well I think there was 12 in there and some chocolate fudges as well as Cadbury’s fudge bars after a while the white shop that did start to set.

chocolate fudge cake
chocolate fudge cake

Because the cake was very cold so how either Natak the little pieces of chocolate bar was to melt a little bit more white chocolate and just use it as kind of a glue once I’ve added all the chocolate bars at the top of the cake I then used the remaining white chocolates just go around the edge and make the edge that little bit tacky again.

So that I could put some chocolate sprinkles around the edge and then I also use the sprinkles to fill in some of the white gaps in between the chocolate so just a really super chocolaty and then my final touch was just to drizzle the top of the cake with the remaining white chocolate just to make this super chocolaty cake that little bit more decadent and here it was the cake all finished in all its chocolatey glory so that’s it folks I really hope that you have a go at making this uh turley delicious nigella chocolate fudge cake and if you do let me know in the comments below I would love to hear about your creations and even better.



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