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Cherry milkshake

This summer this time it is a vanilla cherry milkshake with salted dark chocolate my goodness here’s what you need to follow along with this recipe you need some freshly stoned cherries vanilla ice cream.

Some milk some whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate as well as flaky salt if you’ve got it randy my friend you had me at milkshake alone but add the salted dark chocolate i am in to borrow your phrase oh my stars oh my stars of course it is come on what more do you want in the middle of the summer than a frothy creamy vanilla based fresh fruit milkshake.


  • 3 cups Frozen Dark Cherries
  • 1.5 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 2 tbs truvia spoonable


  • place all the ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth.
  • serve it with some cherries or option chocolate chips and straw.


That’s just screaming yes please the adults if the kids aren’t watching you can slide something else extra in there but this is a perfect thing for everyone in the family and you know what once again my son he’s just gobbling ice cream every single day he wants rope he wants floats.

He wants milkshakes he wants it all right so a great way to get the family around the the kitchen and the island and mix it up so what you’re going to need is a really good blender i got the vitamix with me.

Today which is good but you can actually use an immersion blender you could use whirly wind whatever you need fresh cherries tracy have you seen these at the grocery store.

Oh they are so good and we get them we get tons of them at a time because the kids just whip through them do you uh do you ever shuck them or they just eating them like straight up oh we just eat them straight up.

Basically chew the cherry spit the pit out into a bowl chew the cherry it’s very it’s very elegant you know what if you’re making the milkshake yourself you could do that and spit the cherries back out but if you’re not i recommend you kind of take a knife and treat it like a peach and then take the pit out and then what you’re left with is some beautiful fleshy cherries like this.


We’re gonna go a little bit of two percent just milk because we’re gonna loosen it up right and then a big scoop of your favorite ice cream i prefer the vanilla bean.

So this is first cream first vanilla bean ice cream and if you want it thicker you put a little bit more ice cream in if you like it thinner then don’t worry just go a little bit less make sure you get the lid.

Because this is always important if not you’re gonna get a face full of it and then the fun stuff and then you can crank that baby up look at that but look at this color trace oh yeah and it’s done in no jiff and then you’re looking at something creamy and smooth and fresh and a chilled glass.

Here in it goes oh boy i’ve got like a bigger mason jar here but you can chill your sundae glasses you can do anything like that get your whipped cream out and you’re gonna top that off oh my gosh fresh whipped cream look at that floating on top of there.


Now we’ve got some action going on oh boy and i know you’re excited about the chocolate so i’ve got the your favorite kind and this is the dark one with the sea salt.

So i’m just gonna smash it down you can chop it with a knife if you need to but it’s probably easier just to kind of smash it beat it up everyone gets excited and i’m going to throw big chunks right on top like that it’s already got the salt in it take a sprig of mint do you remember that scene in pulp fiction.

When they said that you just ordered a nine dollar milkshake yeah that is what she ordered there you have it uh tis a thing of beauty and what’s smart is that you got the dark chocolate with the salt on it so you don’t even have to add anything to it you get a bit of the sweet a bit of the salt perfect summer treat randy thank you so much you do it so well


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