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Today I make cheesecake ice cream okay so we will start off with the main ingredients now the one I recommend that you get is the spreadable type of cream cheese.

Now the reason I recommend that one is simply because it doesn’t get as hard as normal cream cheese which will be perfect for this recipe.

Especially when we’re mixing it it’ll just help prevent lumps from forming during the mixing process so using a hand mixer or a stand mixer.

Which is going to beat this until it comes up nice and smooth okay so once the cream cheese is nice and smooth.


250g spreadable cream cheese

2 cups whipping/thickened/double cream

1 cup milk

1 TBS Vanilla extract

4 cookies



We’re going to put in two cups of thickened cream or double cream then we’re going to whisk this through until it starts to form soft peaks okay so that’s cream done nicely.

So now we’re just going to put in one cup of milk and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and it’s going to mix that through okay so ineffectively nice and thick like this is ready okay.

So the two ways are doing this first of all you can put into a sealed container and you place that container into the freezer for a total of say for hours about every hour on the hour.

What you’re going to do is get a hand mixer just going to give it a good mix around what that will do is stop the agrees from separating and it also keeps it nice and fluffy or if you have an icrecream churner like.

I’m going to use basically it’s the same thing it just gets the job done a lot faster so you have an ice cream challenge should take about say 20 minutes to get into a nice soft serve consistency.blueberry ice cream is also very yummy and delicious.



Okay that’s diamond look at that it’s a lovely lovely soft-serve consistency there’s one final step just to make it a little bit closer to a cheesecake I’ve crushed up for chocolate cookies.

Now you have to use chocolate of course you can use any flavors that you like but yeah he doesn’t love a good chocolate base with a cheesecake.

let’s put that in and just mix it in just till it’s combined now you don’t have an icecream churner what you’re going to do is you put the crushed biscuit in at the last time that you’re planning to meet your icecream in the freezer.


Now if you choose you can have it as is and I’ll tell you what it’ll be a lovely soft sir but it really won’t tastes delish but if you choose not to have another soft-serve what we’re going to do is place it into a sealed container and place it into the fridge for about a good three to four hours to completely set to ice cream consistency.


Okay so just take them set of the freezer and let’s come out perfect now let’s give this a try okay that is really good the best way to describe it is a taste between ice cream and a cheesecake you have a lovely creamy.

Ice cream texture with a taste of the cheesecake and there’s bits of chocolate cookies and tell you what this tastes simply done leche putting together the cheesecake and ice cream really is a perfect combination and about all oh it’s simple and easy to make another delicious recipe-

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