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Milkshake is a delicious liquid dessert.it is a shake blending the milk and the other items which are related to the milk such as banana, apple, strawberry MILKSHAKE, and all the fruits which are added in the milk.it is very beneficial for our body.specially the bodybuilders use it to enhance the power. especially the banana shake is very beneficial for it. for flavoring it we add some ice cream, caramel, butterscotch etc.or in a liquid such as chocolate syrup, fruit syrup, etc.the Calories in the milkshake are 112. total fat 3 g. Saturated fat 1.9 g Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g Monounsaturated fat 0.9 g Cholesterol 12 mg 4% Sodium 95 mg 3% Potassium 183 mg 5% Total Carbohydrate 18 g Dietary fiber 0 g Sugar 18 g Protein 3.9 g The milkshake recipe is very simple. for every milkshake, milk is mandatory.in the banana shake if we add the dates in the shake then it becomes more healthy and powerful especially for the weight gainer. bodybuilders also add some weight gainer products in the shake. banana, apple, strawberry, mango all the shakes are very healthy and beneficial for the body. drinking daily banana shake is very beneficial for the bones. adding dates in it.becomes more energy full. strawberry shake is best for the summer. Mango shake is also very beneficial for the body.it increases the red blood cells in the blood.all the shake contains the protein of 3.8g. very healthy proteins in it.and total carbohydrates are 18g.it is very healthy our body. make the perfect thick vanilla milkshake but you're not quite sure about the ice cream - milk ratio well. I feel your pain and I mean a lot and I have come up with a recipe for the ultimate milkshake with the perfect balance of milk and ice cream, and once you have that down the world is your oyster and you can pimp this milkshake up a million times over and I'm going to give you three ideas to get you going now before we get on with our crazy pimped up milkshakes. you're gonna need to start with the basics and I'm just going to do a basic vanilla milkshake but to start with I'm going to talk about the things that we need milk ice cream and the tool so milk is quite important. I always use whole milk things you're making a really naughty milkshake there isn't much point in using skimmed milk or fat-free milk. because well you've just put a load of ice cream in it so all these whole milk it's creamier and so it's just better the next thing is of course ice cream. you can't make a sick shake without it and of course there's thousands upon thousands or four different ice creams that you can use and you can get into flavored ice creams. If you really want to jazz things up but I'm gonna keep mine really simple and go for like a soft scoop or a soft-serve ice cream because that just melts a bit too quickly and it has a weird texture because of all their kind of emulsifiers in it and always try and look for the most natural ice cream possible and one that sets quite firm we'll just keep that in the freezer until we need it next thing to talk about is the tools now I'm going to be using a combination of a stick blender which is really good you get hold of these fairly inexpensively and they're really handy for loads of stuff including milkshakes. but if you do have a you know countertop blender that works really really well especially for things where you're like crushing biscuits and you know putting chunky things in that one is brilliant. but they'll both work really well you're whisk because by the time you've you know softened your ice cream ice cream is gonna be melting and it's all gonna be really messy just not going to be quick enough you need something with electricity. unfortunately, but these guys will do now before you get going you need to make sure you've got everything you need ready to go including putting your glasses in the fridge or the freezer just to make sure they're nice and cool so you minimize the melting danger but I'm gonna get on with it so I have my and and I'm going to be using the stick blender for this so getting my screen up I found that the perfect amount of ice cream is about 160 to 175 grams. you know how I like my scales I don't have an ice cream scoop so I've just measured it in on my scales so I'm going to put that straight into my jug and 1/3 of a cup of whole milk now at this point. if you do want to add a little bit more vanilla in then you can do that you won't need very much but I personally think there's enough vanilla in the ice cream as it is so now I'm going to get on with blending. I'm going to use my stick blender like I said before you can use whatever blender you have obviously this one is a bit of a beef because, I've got a professional kitchen we've got loads of fancy stuff like this but if you've just got a small countertop blender that will work just as well but since I'm only doing one for myself. I'm gonna use my stapler it goes now looking for all the ice cream in the milk to blend together until you get to a smooth consistency and once that's done is now you can pop it into your cold box let's just taste it to make sure little bit of effort required which is perfect so now that we've mastered the vanilla milkshake let's start pimping it first up I'm gonna make a multi zur malted milkshake and I'm gonna start with our basic recipe so I have my ice cream here into the blender I'm using the big guy this time cuz I've got. lots Maltesers to crush and my third of a cup of milk that's around about 80 milliliters in case you're wondering and next I'm going to put a heaped tablespoon of Horlicks or molted milk powder or Ovaltine or Milo depending on what country you live in and about 50 grams of Maltesers and then it's lid on and time to blend looks brilliant. so I'm gonna pull that into my chilled glass obviously you can leave it there but I'm just gonna make things a little bit more naughty and put some whipped cream on the top and some Maltesers so that's my malteaser milkshake done really simple and I think you'll agree delicious and now I'm going to show you how to make milkshake number two which is a chocolate fudge milkshake. And I'm going to start by putting my ice cream into my jug along with my third of a cup of milk onto the chocolaty bit and I'm going to be using chocolate sauce this is the Mars hot fudge sauce now and I'm going to be using about a sort of heaped tablespoon of it you can use chocolate sauce which you've bought from the shops that's absolutely fine. just make sure it's super chocolaty and now it's time to get blending and that is perfect. so before I pour into my glass. I'm just gonna do one extra thing with my chocolate sauce to make it extra chocolaty and I'm just gonna get a little bit of it on my spoon and smear it around the inside of the glass and pour your chocolate milkshake in and I'm going to finish this one off with whipped cream as well and a little bit more chocolate sauce so that is my chocolate milkshake and it looks delicious and now it's time for milkshake number three milkshake number three is the best flavor ever peanut butter and jelly so start with the ice cream again and as usual a third of a cup of whole milk. and I'm putting in 60 grams of peanut butter you can use crunchy or smooth if you like I'm going to use smooth for this one now. blend it and if you're wondering where that jelly comes into it I'm gonna put it in the glass now. So I'm just gonna pop some raspberry which I made earlier again you can use raspberry syrup or something you bought from the shop I just made this using frozen raspberries and castor sugar and just boiled it down until it was a nice kind of gooey jammy consistency and again just smear it around the inside of the glass I'm in with a milkshake and I'm gonna finish it off with a little drizzle of jam so there you go three ways to pimp up a delicious and thick vanilla milkshake and now that you know how to make all that I know you're going to come up with some really awesome flavors so don't forget to tag me in the pictures of them using the hashtag cupcake jammer thank you so much for watching I hope you've enjoyed it and don't forget I have actually got a vanilla ice cream recipe so if you want to you've homemade ice cream in your milkshake then click on the link now now I can't be trusted around these milkshakes so I'm gonna need to find three very good friends to help me out with them but I'll be back next week with another recipe in the meantim.e Find the best milkshakes near me means search the best place in your area where you live and find BEST milkshakes near me.

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