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milkshake is an energetic or simply a shake that is made by the blending milk and adds some ingredients which are related to milk.such as banana, apple, strawberries, and all the milk adding foods that are related to milk.milk is very healthy for our body.when we adding some fruits and energetic products in it.it becomes more energetic.specailly the banana shake is very healthy and very beneficial for us.for our bones milk is very necessary for us to .drinking daily milk moves the doctor away. we also add some sweeteners in it.such as butterscotch, chocolate syrup, fruit syrup in it.bsically the shake means to shake or blend the products and milkshake to blend the milk and add some product in it. milkshake term first used in 1885.it is alcoholic whisky drink that has been described for the healthy full eggnog type of drink.

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