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desserts are basically a french word desservir which means to clear the table.it is a meal in the culture of many countries.most in the western culture. people usually after eating asking for something in the sweet. some people eat the fruits.fruits is also found in the desserts. because it's a natural sweetened. different varieties of desserts.their are thousands and millions of dessert recipes. if glass of milk and a bag of cookies that's what you'll need to make this delicious chocolate cakes I recently saw this cake on a me made in Japan and Christina Randall's channel and I thought it would be really fun to share my version with you guys it's moist and chocolaty and it will be amazed how easy it is to make you'll need some crispy cookies of your choice I was using two different kinds it's what I had so use what you have I will say this though the more chocolaty and the more flavorful your cookies are obviously the more flavorful your cake will be however if you're using very basic cookies like I was I will give you some tips as we go along to make your cake more flavorful you're going to process these cookies until really fine now the reason this recipe works is because if you take a moment to think about it cookies contain all the basic ingredients you would need to make a cake so flour cocoa powder sugar so consider the cookies the dry ingredients. every week add the cookies to a large bowl along with some baking powder we really need that leavening agent to give rise and lift to this cake recipes otherwise it's just going to be dense and flat as a cookie give these ingredients a rough mix and you're going to add the warm milk. I found that using warm milk instead of cold milk really hydrates this mixture properly now as you can see of this batter we'll have some small lumps here and there what you can do is take an immersion blender and blend this batter this is optional I've tried to make the cake both ways with the immersion blender and without and as long as you've processed the cookies really fine in the beginning the cake comes out just fine both ways if you do have it though use it as the cakes will have better texture now this ladies and gentlemen is your three ingredients cake batter now I'm going to give you some tips if you're using very basic cookies what you can do to boost the flavor of this cake is add some chocolate chips. if you have those add some additional cocoa powder or Frost the cake-like. I did pour the cake batter into a greased pan lined with parchment paper make sure you grease the parchment paper as well and you're going to bake the cake and a preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius or 340 Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes do not over bake this cake allow the cakes  to cool in the pan for three minutes and then turn it over and take it out I was so shocked how soft this cake is it's incredible that you can make a cake with just the bag of cookies and a glass of milk now this is optional but really recommended especially if you're using basic cookies like I was for the cake sponge we're going to frost the cake I'm using good old with that lot it's easy it's delicious and it really gives you that chocolate kick I will leave in the description box though and alternative which is my 1-minute chocolate fudge frosting it's just as delicious and it's made with pantry staples that you probably already have laying around so we're going to immediately cut into this and we're going to evaluate the cake together first of all I was so amazed how soft this cake was it's a beautiful soft moist cakes and it was flavorful and delicious considering this was made with just cookies and milk now I would be lying to you if I said this substitutes a real chocolate cake no it doesn't nothing substitutes a delicious homemade chocolate cake from scratch however considering the times for living right now and considering that this was made with few ingredients this was great and good we made a cake without flour without eggs without sugar without butter I consider this a delicious success you