cake batter milkshake

Cake Batter Milkshake Recipe

We’d start in the kitchen because we wanted to make something really really delicious yes Cake batter milkshake and we find it over the top with this so we’re inspired by two different places one of them is this restaurant in New York I what it is black tap burgers they make these milkshakes right.

So I extra decadent absolutely insane now the place opens up at 5pm people line up at 4pm just so like this girl they can get their milkshakes first look at that razy yeah.


  • 1 cup milk or half and half
  • 5-7 large scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 1/4 cup yellow cake mix
  • sprinkles (if needed)


  • Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth.
  • add less milk to make it thick now when it smooth serve in to the glass.



Calories: 390kcal
cake batter milkshake

So we were inspired by that that’s one thing like I want that um and they have a ton of flavor so they have cotton candy they have chocolate chip and then they have like a peanut butter chocolate sort of oh it looks so good so that was one okay and then the other one you found on pin on pinterest it’s the just the birthday bash bad okay no it’s a decadent cake batter milkshake found it on pinterest and i think that it’s going to be awesome.

So we’re gonna combine these two yep why not right yes we’re gonna work bomb and look weird Queen preface to this not the best cook or creator no DIY person no but far can we go wrong with this yes alright so we’re gonna start with our ice cream you’re gonna put the little tub in there.

Okay Brittany I’m gonna put you to work I’m gonna have you put three cups can I measuring this out okay you know what I’m not even worried about just dump it in there all right okay going crabbing to that we are going to add this half a cup of funfetti dry cake mix.

So that’s gonna add the birthday cake flavor right okay so that’s gonna go in here as well so I’m gonna just dump that in there as you add the ice cream or ice cream do we need it and then one and have it up of whole milk.delicious cake batter milkshake.

Okay all right are you a whole milk drinker I am you are yes okay all right I think that’s enough ice cream or should we keep going I don’t know I think that needs a little bit more let’s keep going yeah there you go go crazy why not all right why not you saw the milkshakes that we’re trying to it’s exactly ha bleep that’s wonderful okay so Mary blender out all right.

cake batter milkshake

Here we go and we’re gonna just mix it up here she says to mix for about 30 seconds and that part is young folks okay so while you’re doing that I’m gonna throw as you saw in the picture that Natalie found on Pinterest there was a little bit of chocolate.

I’m gonna throw some chocolate drizzle in here I guess cuz why not and mine is gonna be caramel okay so as you can see also I put too much chocolate in this I think um we put some frosting on the outside of this that is so we can glue some stuff to the outside.

So I’m gonna throw some nerds down here and roll it around and what do you have and I’m gonna take this I found this at the grocery store this funfetti vanilla um I citizen frosting so I put that on my mic up here so that’s already done that caramel is drizzled in the inside beautiful of the cup.

I’m gonna take the little sprinkles here and then I’m gonna take it hows it how’s it working for you oh he rolled it in the video yeah.

cake batter milkshake

Yeah I rolled it yeah I tried the roll one no it’s not working nerds are not as good as the other people ah oh it’s working it’s working yes okay and then you take that push it down right there’s a tip for you smush it down we’re learning as we go yes.

So they’re not an then I know oh hold on that’s not mixed up okay all right all right great job here hey part of the fun there we go part of the fun is making it I agree somebody came downstairs and said this looks like an eight year olds dream yeah or a 29 year old yes uh-oh all right.

So basically what it should be less all right give me your cup well look at yours yours looks really yummy okay wonderful so then of course we have to throw on our toppings mm-hmm this is whipped cream even more fun there you go thank you uh-huh and then what are you gonna add one there.

I don’t know nerd correos nerds and oreos and Reese’s Pieces that’s right and here you go a birthday bomb we’re gonna offer the recipe on daytime Blue Ridge com Natalie’s birthday milkshake caloric bomb I think we did a good job we did an awesome joke at that this it’s beautiful cheers all right much more to come on daytime Blue Ridge we are checking out first and 10 with Alyssa ray needs high school football action all the big games that they’re covering tonight that’s right plus it is an epic theatre event on top of Mill Mountain we are talking all about stark raucous and what you can expect if you attend stay right there more daytime as a head.


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